The Delphic Stadium: Pythian Amusements.

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The Delphic Stadium: Pythian Recreations Marmaria Tholos Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia Gym Stadium [P]OLUZALOS Mama nETHÊK[EN] ...]ON AES EUONUM APOLL[ON], Polyzalos devoted me. ... Make him succeed, respected Apollo. Cleobis and Biton Polymedes the Argive made me. 6 th century B.C.
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The Delphic Stadium: Pythian Games

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Marmaria Tholos Temple of Athena Pronaia

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[P]OLUZALOS MA nETHÊK[EN] ...]ON AES EUONUM APOLL[ON], Polyzalos devoted me. ... Make him flourish, regarded Apollo.

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Cleobis and Biton Polymedes the Argive made me. 6 th century B.C.

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Cleobis and Biton Herodotus I.31: Thus did Solon reprimand Croesus by the case of Tellus, specifying the complex particulars of his bliss. When he had finished, Croesus asked a second time, who after Tellus appeared to him the happiest, expecting that at any rate, he would be given the second place. "Cleobis and Biton," Solon replied; "they were of Argive race; their fortune was sufficient for their needs, and they were other than supplied with so much substantial quality that they had both picked up prizes at the Games. Likewise this story is recounted them:- There was an incredible celebration to pay tribute to the goddess Juno at Argos, to which their mom (Cydippe) must needs be taken in an auto. Presently the bulls did not get back home from the field in time: so the adolescents, dreadful of being past the point of no return, put the yoke all alone necks, and themselves attracted the auto which their mom rode. Five and forty furlongs [5.1 miles] did they draw her, and ceased before the sanctuary. This deed of theirs was seen by the entire get together of admirers, and afterward their life shut in the best conceivable way. In this, as well, God demonstrated forward most clearly, how much better a thing for man passing is than life. For the Argive men, who remained around the auto, lauded the immeasurable quality of the young people; and the Argive ladies praised the mother who was honored with such a couple of children; and the mother herself, excited at the deed and at the adulates it had won, standing straight before the picture, besought the goddess to present on Cleobis and Biton, the children who had so forcefully regarded her, the most elevated gift which mortals can accomplish. Her supplication to God finished, they offered penance and shared of the heavenly dinner, after which the two young people nodded off in the sanctuary. They never woke all the more, yet so went from the earth. The Argives, looking on them as among the best of men, created statues of them to be made, which they provided for the holy place at Delphi."

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Cleobis and Biton

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The Discovery of Cleobis in 1893

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Cleobis and Biton Nicolas Loir (1624-1670)

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The Omphalos

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