The Digital book: Today and Tomorrow.

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EBX of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) met with the Open eBook Forum (12 ... Jolting the Book, Library Journal Supplement Net Connect: section 1, October ...
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The E-book: Today and Tomorrow Hope N. Tillman, Babson College Walt Howe, Delphi Forums Monday, November 5, 2001

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Topics to be secured digital book equipment digital book programming changing over e-distributers and book retailers computerized course books library group items principles rights administration copyright/security issues future patterns

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Hardware -November 2001 Dedicated digital book gadgets RCA REB1100 and REB1200 Rocket and Softbook (no more made) Cybook goReader MyFriend Tablet PCs that can be utilized to peruse ebooks AlphaBook HPW-630ETR (ePlate) Microsoft tablet pc (still concept) Qbe Original & Vivo Sharp RW-A230 Voyager by Monec Web Pad WebPad WebPAD WebTablet Xerox Gyricon E-Ink

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Example: RCA REB1200

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Example: Microsoft Tablet PC (idea)

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E-Paper Xerox Gyricon E-Ink

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Hardware -November 2001 Handheld/Pocket Aero 1550 IPAQ H3600 Cassiopeia E-115, EM-500 Datamyte 4000 eBookMan by Franklin HP Jornada Hiebook Palm SIMpad TouchPC Voyager Visor Phone SAGEM WA 3050 a full double band GSM telephone

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Hardware – Nov. 2000 Softbook Reader from Softbook Press (Gemstar) Rocket digital book from NuvoMedia (Gemstar) RCA REB1100 and REB1200 (Thomson Multimedia) Palm Pilot/Windows CE gadgets, incl. Handspring Visor Pocket PC Devices: Hewlett-Packard\'s Jornada 545 EB Dedicated Reader Glassbook Reader Device

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Software Readers For Palm OS Adobe Acrobat Aportis Iambic Isilo MobiPocket Palm Reader Primer PDF Qvadis Express

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Software Readers For Franklin OS -Franklin OEB Echyon Reader Flip Browser PC Ebrary Info Tools HieBook Reader Microsoft Reader MobiPocket NetLibrary TK3 Adobe Windows CE MobiPocket

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Software Readers - particular Bookwormie – multilingual (diverse character sets) BrailleNote Smart Reader – math/sci/designing SVG Viewer TK3 Reader – sight and sound WAX - for KM ventures

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Display highlights Typeface Linked list of chapters Linked list Search Bookmarking Annotations and Highlighter Dictionary Scrolling

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Converting The accompanying are a specimen of what is as of now accessible as converters and distributers: Acrobat 5.0 and Capture Activ E-Book Compiler Memoware (iSolo) – see their transformation table Microsoft Reader include for Microsoft Word Overdrive Rocket Writer X-it (Quark to XML)

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Example: Rocket Writer

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Publishers are taking a gander at assortment of decisions to make their items accessible electronically while securing their rights See (Barnes & Noble), Powells, GemStar and (NetLibrary) rundown of distributers McGraw-Hill Random House Simon & Schuster Time Warner

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Vanity Publishers Minimal obstructions to passage into distributed ebooks 1 st Books BiblioBytes Book Locker Buy Books on the Web FatBrain – Mighty Words (eMatter) NightKitchen Online Originals Spirit Virtual Books TK3 by Night Kitchen Universal Publishers Xlibris

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Lightning Source Lightning Source Inc., an auxiliary of Ingram Industries Inc. is "The Digital Content Connection" SM Print-on-interest Vanity distributed

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The Morphing of Book Sellers (Vanity Publishing Plus) Alex Catalog of Etexts BookonWeb - – shut for this present month Fictionwise – – The Library Place (

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eBooks on Demand There are negligible hindrances to passage into distributed electronic books instead of turning into a print distributer Mightywords St. Barthelemy Press

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Audio eBooks Audible

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Digital Textbooks (K-12 and past) Digital reading material, offer a learning domain for another era of understudies by joining the quality of awesome scholarly substance with the energizing abilities of the PC and the Internet! Computerized reading material support incorporation, inventive investigation, and dynamic examination Wizeup – Addison-Wesley – Metatext - Thomson eLearning ( Jones Blackboard, and so forth

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Sampling Textbook Publishing Web destinations for supplementary materials, exercise manuals, works out, contextual analyses, exams, instructors manuals, preludes, and catalogs Easy overhauling A couple of players Addison Wesley – measurements Allyn & Bacon/Longman (Pearson) Publishing Learning

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Companies Focusing on Library Community Going to the distributer world and changing over yield to advanced organization those things that started life as print NetLibrary Questia Ebrary MeansBusiness

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Open eBook Forum (open digital book production structure) is a nonproprietary, open configuration. Arrangement is for organizations creating devices to change over exclusive configurations into OEB Subset of HTML labels Leverage the current introduced base of information in html, instruments, creation apparatuses, and so forth. Falling template subset Use Dublin center An objective is XML legitimacy (coveted, not required)

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Common Coding Standards .OEB/.HTML/.XML – open .PDF – Adobe .LIT – Microsoft .PDB – Palm .RB - Rocket/REB .TXT – ASCII, content .TK3 – Night Kitchen

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Standards: Digital Rights Management XrML – open InterTrust – Reciprocal – Rights Market –

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Digital Rights Management Issues Restructuring of possession connections amongst perusers and distributers Migration issues Will proprietorship be backwardly perfect? - relocate to next peruser? Change in assumption around a book\'s perseverance Impact on Publishers

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Standards: Security/Copyright Protection EBX – of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) met with the Open eBook Forum (12/2000) and arrangements to consolidate as a point of convergence for benchmarks exercises identified with electronic distributed.

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Intellectual Property Issues Ebook gadgets as a protected innovation control framework Viewing stages and IP control frameworks Ebook gadgets today as shut licensed innovation control frameworks Content bolted into computerized books –can\'t impart to other individuals Issues with security

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Genres which fled print early or created online persona Encyclopedias, numerous word references Databases in print, i.e. Science Citation Index Redesigned content gateways: MeansBusiness Primary hotspots for American history: Making of America Scholarly sites – Perseus website at Tufts, Romantic Circles work

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The Making of America

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The Tufts Perseus Project

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Devices versus Computers Devices/apparatuses can be substitutable for books Some items can oblige to digital book gadgets while others require the full force of desktop figuring Nonlinear work does not do well on today\'s gadgets Devices/machines and PCs are merging

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Portable Library as opposed to Portable Book? What will be effect of much bigger, less expensive storage room? Capacity will get less expensive – will have object that holds whole library, not only 10-20 books What happens when the substance of assets more significant than gadget? Shouldn\'t something be said about versatility to the people to come?

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Where will the future take us? Where will the capability of print on interest lead? Will anything ever be no longer available? What will electronic paper/ink be utilized for: supplant, make new or live nearby? Shouldn\'t something be said about norms? Shouldn\'t something be said about remote? Shouldn\'t something be said about union?

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Library Use of E-Books Chris Rippel - Online notes for digital book preconference at Kansas Triconference 2000 See singular sites: Babson College Carolina State University and Mecklenberg County Ohio County Library District

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References Hawkins, Donald T. Electronic Books. Online : section 1, July/August 2000, and section 2, September/October 2000 Lynch, Clifford. Zapping the Book, Library Journal Supplement Net Connect: section 1, October 15, 1999, and section 2, January 2000 Ohler, Jason. Taming the Technological Beast: The Case of the E-Book. The Futurist , January-February 2001, pp. 16-21 Randolph, Susan E. Are ebooks in Your Future? Data Outlook , February 2001, pp. 22-28. Rheingold, Howard. The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier. Perusing, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1993

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Web Sites They distribute the week by week E-book Informer that cautions to new titles accessible for the most famous digital book groups

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Contacts Hope Tillman Babson College Horn Library Babson Park MA 02457 Walt Howe Delphi Forums 6 Saw Mill Brook Way Woburn MA 01801

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