The Dragon .

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Presentation arranged by Professor Edilberto Pineda June 21st, 2008. Story composed by . Beam Bradbury. Presentation arranged by Professor Edilberto Pineda June 21st, 2008. The Dragon. Presentation arranged by Professor Edilberto Pineda June 21st, 2008. . . . What a place where there is bad dreams.. Everything happenshere..
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The Dragon

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Story composed by Ray Bradbury

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The Dragon

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What a place that is known for bad dreams. This winged serpent they say his eyes are fire, his breath a white gas. You can see him smolder Across the dull land Everything occurs here. Sheep frenzy and bite the dust crazy. Ladies convey forward creatures. At dawn, the casualties are strewn here thither on the slopes.

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what number knights have gone For this creature and fail,and even as we might come up short? Enough of that!

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On this field there is no time, there is just Forever. Be you anxious, then brace on your protection. Furthermore, here We sit, alone in The place where there is The fire monster.

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The wind was a thousand souls biting the dust and unequaled befuddled and in travel. It was haze within a fog within a dimness.

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There… Oh, ruler, out yonder.

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Quick! This is the place it passes They grabbed their spears with sent clench hand, and asked their stallions forward.

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The winged serpent adjusted a slope with an unpleasant moaning cry and a pounding surge it flung itself fordward.

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Lord Have Mercy! The spear struck the unlidded yellow eye, clasped, hurled the man through the air.

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As you stated, a knight in reinforcement and we hit him. Is it true that you will stop? Did you see it? Much the same as I let you know! Did once. Discovered nothing. Try not to get a kick out of the chance to stop on this Moor. It gives me the creeps.

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But we hit something! Gave him a lot of shrieks chap wouldn\'t move.

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The End

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