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THE DUTCH "Handout" AND THE Utilization OF THE CEFR. College OF LEUVEN. Piet Van Avermaet and Veerle Depauw. Kransjka Gora, May 2004 . Outline. The Flyer of the Dutch Dialect Union Abuse and effect of the CEFR? The CEFR as a perspective or as a prescriptive instrument?
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THE DUTCH "Handout" AND THE USE OF THE CEFR UNIVERSITY OF LEUVEN Piet Van Avermaet & Veerle Depauw Kransjka Gora, May 2004

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OVERVIEW The Pamphlet of the Dutch Language Union Misuse and effect of the CEFR? The CEFR as a perspective or as a prescriptive apparatus? Case of how VDAB utilizes the CEFR The CEFR giving a meta dialect to correspondence

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The Pamphlet of the Dutch Language Union 1 Objectives for testing must be set socially and instructively. 2 These goals for testing can in this manner be identified with local (Flemish), national (Dutch) or universal (e.g. CEFR) structures or accumulations of targets. Local or national systems are ideally identified with the Common European Framework of Reference. 3 The Common European Framework of Reference ought to accordingly be utilized as a casing of reference and not as a prescriptive instrument. 4 Linguistic skill ought to be tried practically in a client setting. 5 When portraying and surveying etymological skill, differentiation with respect to substance is required; contrasts as to social, instructive and proficient parts (settings of dialect utilize) should be unmistakable in tests and in dialect items to be evaluated.

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Why this flyer? Worry that CEFR would turn out to be increasingly a prescriptive instrument? Based perception, correspondence Is concern honest to goodness/reasonable? A couple of illustrations

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Misuse of the CEFR? CEFR a non prescriptive instrument misuse Do we as a whole observe the CEFR as a perspective rather than a regularizing instrument? Clashing talks or confuse amongst talk and conduct talk conduct purpose of reference … a reason for… not prescriptive thing bank compendium layouts What is a format? An exceptional shape or example used to make indistinguishable ...

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Mismatch amongst talk and conduct? How comes that there is this befuddle? We need to stay steadfast to fundamental standards and objectives of CEFR But we additionally expect/guarantee that everyone knows about the CEFR, utilizes it as a reason for test advancement, syllabus outline, and so forth… I.e. use as a somewhat standardizing instrument However, who are the general population who utilize it in that capacity? A similar who express that the CEFR is a perspective?

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The CEFR and justifications What about the others? The not us, strategy creators, instructors, educational modules designers, dialect organizers, and so on… Why do they utilize it? Why have they chose to utilize the scales? Rationalisations? The fascination of the prevailing talk, of force subversive component

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IMPACT of CEFR We don\'t currently! What is the real effect (political, instructive, societal)? What is present conduct in Europe in connection to CEFR? What are individuals\' view of the CEFR? How do these recognitions identify with their conduct? What made individuals choose to utilize it? How do individuals utilize it? How would they decipher it? How might they utilize on the off chance that they knew it top to bottom?

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CEFR as prescriptive instrument To what degree is it satisfactory, alluring to force a standard? Would we like to change the CEFR from a perspective to a more prescriptive instrument? Be that as it may, we would prefer not to! We need to stay reliable to its fundamental standards Wait, how about we observe a couple of things that are going on now in Europe: thought of European things (decontextualised?, crosswise over dialects?) determinations crosswise over dialects one build basic the CEFR formats for improvement of test things CEFR scales as reason for and a thing bank for Barcelona markers extend

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How would I realize that my B1 is your B1? How would we need to translate this question in connection to what I just said? How would I realize that my mojito is your mojito? Diverse rums how much rum lemon or lime how many drops of lime/lemon syrup of sugar stick, genuine sugar stick, white sugar, vanilla sugar distinctive mints how many leaves what is communication impact of these distinctive fixings on a mojito? Do all elements of a mojito must be precisely like call it a mojito? Will they vary as indicated by the fixings accessible, to the nearby setting?

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How would I realize that my B1 is your B1? Assume you assert your exam is at B1 reasonable question What is basis behind having an exam at B1? impact of CEFR? Who needs to know what individuals need to do at B1? Who needs to know whether a man is at B1? Or, on the other hand would we like to know what individuals need to do with dialect in a given circumstance? Assume you begin from a necessities examination and grow genuine undertakings: distinctive elements are at various levels. What claim would it be advisable for one to make? How might one answer the question how would I realize that my B1 is your B1? Do all things need to be at B1? Do all testtasks need to be at B1? Do all segments of an examination must be at B1?

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How would I realize that my B1 is your B1? Could we answer the B1 address for examination/things/testtasks from a substance and significant point of view, from a practical viewpoint? setting legitimacy highlights (Weir 2004) for each component particulars along the CEFR scales. Is this conceivable? What is impact of connection of components on level? Imagine a scenario in which a thing/test assignment comprises of various levels for various objectives and additionally includes. B1 A2 1 A2 A1 PROFILING B1 B1 2 B2 A2

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How would I realize that my B1 is your B1? Noting this question is significantly more tricky if CEFR is reason for test improvement. All things considered peril is that we wind up with things/test assignments that are flawless at a level, however have low genuine legitimacy. A sort of simulated test assignments in view of an approach of advancement through division. All things considered, circumstances individuals frequently need to perform in a more incorporated manner regularly with elements at various levels. How far can a test be from genuine living?

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Who are we? VDAB: one of the primary suppliers of professional preparing for grown-ups in Flanders A critical test: we meet a considerable measure of non-local grown-ups (DSL) who need to go to a professional instructional class The advancement of a (dialect) educational modules with (dialect) appraisal systems at vital stages in the learning procedure (professional & dialect)

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The dialect educational modules in Flanders BASIC LEVEL ( richtniveau 1.1) Provided by another provider

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CEFR NATIONAL FRAMEWORK SHORT DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDED LANGUAGE TRAINING DURATION C2 In absolute: 1200 hours 15 hours seven days = one and a half year! C1 Richtniveau 4 240 h B2 Richtniveau 3 240 h B1 Richtniveau 2 480 h A2 Richtniveau 1.2. 1.1. + 1.2. : 240 h A1 Richtniveau 1.1. (=basic capability)

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A couple of imperative qualities of our dialect learners They are going for a vocation, at the earliest opportunity They have a budgetary need to locate a reasonable employment Language learning is not an objective all things considered, but instead a methods

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No authority level before entering the professional courses Due to the learners\' profile Due to our view on dialect learning: performing assignments in an indigenous habitat rather than solely taking in the dialect in the classroom

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The dialect educational modules in Flanders (an expert viewpoint ) TRAINING FLOOR VDAB-student Example: evaluation \'The Springboard\' SPECIFIC LANGUAGE VDAB-learner Example: the Elevator Provided by another provider BASIC LEVEL

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A specimen of the worldwide scale B2 Can comprehend the primary thoughts of complex content on both concrete and unique themes, incorporating specialized exchanges in his/her field of specialization … B1 Can comprehend the principle purposes of clear standard contribution on natural matters consistently experienced in work, school, recreation , and so forth. Can manage most circumstances liable to emerge while going in a range where the dialect is talked.

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The CEFR is an extremely helpful instrument A meta dialect for correspondence A perspective for contrasting and profiling But over each of the an abridgment for more than just testing and appraisal Some, in any case, have questions and say that the head has no garments. Be that as it may, in the light of the above (ie the threat of turning out to be increasingly prescriptive) does the sovereign truly require garments? Or, then again perhaps he needs extraordinary arrangements of garments for various events. A similar question for the need of a basic build. Does the CEFR require one fundamental build? Imagine a scenario in which individuals begin from another develop. What we require in any case is a reasonable method of reasoning and clear test details for various examination settings (for each test) which can be contrasted with each other utilizing the CEFR as a perspective and can be utilized for profiling tests.

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The CEFR is an extremely helpful instrument We much ask ourselves how far we need to go in utilizing the CEFR as a prescriptive instrument and in the improvement of instruments along this line. How far does Europe need to go? How far do national training sheets need to go? How far do schools, educators, managers, understudies, competitors need to go?

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The CEFR is an exceptionally valuable instrument Tests and systems are effective apparatuses and have tremendous effect. Instruments like formats, itembanks, details and so on, increment their energy. An European thing bank looks incredible. Furthermore, may be alright (in spite of the fact that: decontextualised things crosswise over dialects) the length of it capacities as a perspective like the CEFR. In any case, we realize that the CEFR is turning out to be increasingly utilized as a medicine. We don\'t need to make our own mojito any longer. We get it (blended, shaken and mixed). The best. Quality found out. Also, dependable: the same for everyone and all over the place HOWEVER

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Languages and individuals = coca cola

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