The Enchantment PowerPoint.

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Erase all the Magic PowerPoint slides with the exception of this one. ... To make bits move like enchantment. Right-tap on the picture or content box you need to move around ...
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The Magic PowerPoint or How to make PowerPoint carry on like an Interactive Whiteboard.

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Before you begin: Open PowerPoint Click Tools Click Options Click Security Tag Click Macro Security Select Medium Close and re-open PowerPoint (you won\'t need to do any of that once more)

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Write your presentation Write the PowerPoint presentation as typical, or discover the PowerPoint you need to add the large scale to. Spare it.

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Open " The Magic PowerPoint " (Click empower macros if asked) Click Insert Click Slides from Files Click Browse and afterward on your picked ppt Tick Keep Source Formatting Click Insert All Click slide sorter view Delete all the Magic PowerPoint slides aside from this one. Click save as and rename your PowerPoint Instructions:

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To make bits move like enchantment Right-tap on the picture or content box you need to move around Click Action Settings Click Run Macro (\'draganddrop\' ought to be in the crate) Click OK

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How it works: You are including a "large scale" called \'DropandDrag\'. It was composed by Hans Werner Hofmann and Ute Simon and their names will show up in the "properties" of this ppt document. The full scale is installed in this presentation which is the reason you need to put your slides into it and after that spare it again with another name. Gracious you can erase any last slides now and the full scale will remain.

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Troubleshooting Check security settings are "medium" (suggested) or "low" (not prescribed) Make beyond any doubt you right-tap on the top line of a content box in the event that you need it to move – it will go straightforward if clicked in opportune spot.

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