The Eventual fate of EA.

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The Eventual fate of EA. Bing Gordon May 2004. EA was the 136 th diversion organization. The enormous thought: "programming craftsman" Association: "When the going gets strange, the peculiar turn master." Business: Conveyance + brand advertising Improvement: "Craftsman workstation" + Makers. The learning association.
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The Future of EA Bing Gordon May 2004

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EA was the 136 th amusement organization The enormous thought: “software artist” Organization: “When the going gets bizarre, the abnormal turn pro.” Business: Distribution + brand showcasing Development: “Artist workstation” + Producers

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The learning association 5-6 year innovation cycles Written destinations “Transition is our friend” A.C.T.I.O.N. qualities Invent neighborhood, offer worldwide

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Generations of EA 1982-88: Company business visionaries “Great intelligent depression” 1989-93: Sega organizers Bet the organization! 1994-00: Content originators EA Sports, Sims, Sequels 2000-2006: Reinventors Organization, on the web, guerrilla 2007-2012: Transition New pioneers, new plans of action

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Powers of 10 1981 Atari VCS 128 bytes 1986 NES 2K + 2K 1989 Sega Genesis 64K+64K 1994 Sony Playstation 2 MB + 512K 2001 Playstation 2 32MB +4MB 2006? PSX3 256MB 2012? PS4? 2G?

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Chasing Snow Crash Atari VCS 2 sprites, 8 hues NES 16 sprites, 128 hues Genesis 80 sprites, 512 hues Playstation 500 Polygons, genuine nature Playstation 2 5000 Polygons PSX3 30,000 Polygons Rendered film 5M polygons

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Future clients IM era Multiple media Multi-ported Peer to companion downloaders Social ganging Virtual worlding as a soul changing experience Older, female, worldwide

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Future plans 100x material science and AI “Emergent” practices, impacts, physical Co-opetition Customization Portable symbols, tireless resources Communities Economies and cash Camera POV drives gameplay control Star Trek client administration

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100x material science and AI Everything is displayed Pushing tech envelope here Water, fire, gravity, wind, explosives Awareness, memory, complex thought processes New investigation of emanant examples and practices Doom 3; Half Life; Madden; GTA

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Win-win and make-make From “you are not ready” to “let’s beat the world together” More open-finished approaches to win Everything is adjustable It will take amusement planners 10 years to realize what Maxis is as of now attempting to do

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Avatars and resources Your “secret friend” Your “treasure room” He who bites the dust with the most toys wins. Shoppers will pay for route, information honesty, participation Housing in PSW’s; weapons in D2

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Join Hands Builders and senior citizens “Built to Last” Value of substantial clients versus programs Reputations; Everquest; Madden fraternity parties; ebay

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Ka-ching More motivations to play and construct Prizes EQ time esteemed at $3/hour site “amateur” has

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Everyone has a vidcam From intelligent TV to cinematographer and supervisor Close up cam for anticipation, combo moves Medium cam for connections, moving Long shot for cooperation, spatial strategies Unusual cam for replay, enhancements User-controlled speed and pacing Street + Live + Sim City in one amusement

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What Gene Roddenberry Knew Initial season: 4 activity, 1 relationship plot Men: Kirk is an issue solver Women: Kirk is Spock’s closest companion, yet they’re altogether different Second season: 80% activity, 20% connections in every story half female fans

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You are so Killer (application) Atari VCS: Pacman- - home arcade IBM PC: King’s Quest, Flight Simulator NES: Mario, Zelda- - experiences Genesis: EA Sports, Mortal Kombat—two player Playstation: Gran Turismo- - hustling PC-CD: Wing Commander- - intuitive motion pictures Internet PC: Doom, Everquest—multiplayer, server PS2: Grand Theft Auto—emergent environs

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New classes (of da future) Movie co-dispatches w/new diversion IP RPW (pretending universes) Real-world reenactments Reinvented character mascot recreations Server based technique amusements Dating/matchmaking Searchable gaming Blogging amusements Your thought here

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Today is excessively mind boggling Engineers compose 15x lines of code than industry normal! Craftsmen, planners 1x yield, yet more terrible instruments , and realtime. Makers oversee ¼ creation spending plan however changing pipelines and association models Alpha-beta 1month!!

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Future “rationalizes” Fewer lines of code/day Runtime modules Digital film level workmanship and liveliness devices Proven pipelines Alpha-beta 2-3 months

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More of what works… Design unit organization structure Tools gatherings and tech administration Multiple groups per establishment Cross-prepared pioneers More focal masters (music, lighting, written work) + character, +movie WW useful companion initiative gatherings (tech, craftsmanship, sound) + plan, generation, ladies Great grounds show signs of improvement

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Organization innovations… coming soon Intern registration program (I.M.P.) Producer/originator quick track Prototyping abilities group Polish group

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The best employments in Vidgaming Executive maker Designer Lead Studio GM Chief Creative Officer Intern

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Jobs at EA - 2003 910 item advancement 241 architects and mgrs 350 specialists 103 makers and planners 21 sound 2 studio executives 110 summer understudies! (25% FT employment offers)

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2012 Internal ability advancement 35 new executive makers 20 new lead architects 10 new workmanship dirs 10 new dev/engrg mgrs 3 new GMs 1 new CCO

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How to Succeed “Lights and flashers”, “nerd poetry” Think vast, pull the canal boat 4+ = compose your own ticket Plagiarize! Groundhog day Idea of the month club Napster vocation improvement Live the EA values

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Next Gen Game producers Pattern of accomplishment Love of media and gaming Experience or training Computer science Visual building and craftsmanship Design

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My bookshelf Confessions of an Advertising Man , Ogilvy Positioning , Ries and Trout The Learning Organization , Senge How Hits Happen , Farrell Net Gain , Hagel & Armstrong Snow Crash , Stephenson Replay , Grimwood

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Why join a defining moment organization? Best associates in the business Work on Top 10’s “#1 individuals company” in amusement Teamwork Practices Internal advancement Learning, sharing, accomplishing

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Join us. We see more remote.

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The hit recipe Sales/( dev cost+mkt spending plan ) 1980: $2.5M/($50k + $100K

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