The Eventual fate of News.

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The Fate of News. Robert L. Stevenson. UNC-CH School of News-casting and Mass Correspondence. Correspondence Upset No. 1. Creation of composing Results: Correspondence crosswise over time and space Vast collection of information Adaptable, extending societies
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The Future of News Robert L. Stevenson UNC-CH School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Communication Revolution No. 1 Invention of composing Results: Communication crosswise over time and space Infinite amassing of information Flexible, growing societies Challenged power of tribal pioneers and watchmen of society

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Communication Revolution No. 2 Gutenberg’s development of printing Results: Cheap, quick multiplication of data News rose rapidly Modern culture got to be conceivable: dialects, administration, vote based system Traditional power tested

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Communication Revolution No. 3 Convergence of advances: Computers Satellites Digitization Result is ability to transmit boundless amounts of data from any point on earth to some other point in a flash

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The worldwide news framework A worldwide system of PCs, always upgrading time-touchy information bases Comprising… A modest bunch of Western data based associations working all inclusive Second-level national and territorial offices A modest bunch of tip top national media

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The worldwide news framework Pumps huge amounts of data to neighborhood guardians who permit a stream into nearby media Is commanded by Anglo-American associations Mixture of open and private Follows Anglo-American style of substance and arrangement

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The worldwide news framework News capital is likely London, not New York Information produced and conveyed generally in English Surprisingly very much joined with neighborhood and non-English media

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The players Global wholesalers Mixed suppliers

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A regular preview of the world One or two widespread blockbuster stories, frequently vicious One or two noteworthy occasions with national contribution or linkages A little yet relentless measurements of business, games, diversion

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Influences on the world depiction Global wholesalers and players set the motivation Characteristics of the framework: positioning of assets, financial, social ties Gatekeeper news values (nearness, unmistakable quality, abnormality, interruption) U.S. as special news superpower

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Alternative meanings of News is a cognizant (ideological?) translation of the world News is a non-fanatic outline of occasions and helpful information with a different discussion for conclusions News is currently something else:

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The unrest in News is information News is parts News is live or on-interest News is multi-media News is close to home News is intuitive

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Re-esteeming data Be conventional Give away the news, offer the olds Spread the expenses Give it away and offer advertisements

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Journalism later on Summarize occasions Assemble components of an intricate occasion Separate the most likely valid from the clearly false Monitor intense foundations Tell us what to consider

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The best and most noticeably awful of U.S. news

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