The Excellence of Seasons Third individual activity enterprise Dismal samurai in an inconceivable woods Battle, control,.

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The Beauty of. Up in the trees Combat. Swinging through the trees ... The Beauty of. The Forest. Powerfully evolving environment. Day and night cycle. Diverse ...
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The Beauty of Seasons Third individual activity enterprise Sad samurai in an immense woods Combat, control, camera, characters, story, and the timberland

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The Beauty of The Samurai Mysterious, basic man Adheres to Bushido Or appears to at any rate Audience will realize who he is, what is driving him However, drive of diversion will be sheer fun & magnificence of gameplay

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The Beauty of On the floor Combat Melancholy skirmish Hard, quick hits Many adversaries at once

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The Beauty of Up in the trees Combat Swinging through the trees Camera comes in OTS Battle with quickness & nimbleness Watch your equalization meter

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The Beauty of Canopy Combat Bit of a bouncing amusement Lock on to adversary Lose your parity less demanding

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The Beauty of The Controls Set camera or free camera Could outline & R catches to pivot camera Balance Gage in corner of screen Stop on tree, take hold of refill Could be smaller than normal recreations too

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The Beauty of The Weapons Katana Basic weapon Close battle Naginata Advanced weapon Longer achieve, slower swing

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The Beauty of The Camera Further away 3 rd individual On the floor & overhang battle

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The Beauty of The Camera Over the shoulder 3 rd individual Camera shut in as you swing through the trees

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The Beauty of The Gameplay Can contribute 20 minutes or 2 hours – you\'ll be great 20 minute gameplay session: Explore the backwoods, search for a mission Could be in a town, a meandering NPC, and so on. Longer missions have \'sub-missions\' with alternative to spare Have fun taking out Baddies desert stuff; likewise pick up EXP & points of reference Go ahead! Swing through those trees

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The Beauty of The Gameplay 2 hour gameplay session: Again, investigate the woods, search for a mission Prime time to do a more drawn out mission; for instance Defend a town from interlopers from various edges Be ready to finish a couple of missions, or 1 or 2 longer Don\'t neglect to have a ton of fun swinging or in battle

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The Beauty of The Story Simple story about adolescence honesty lost Entering gameplay, there\'s a stone passage with a white light toward the end and all of a sudden you\'re the samurai All you know through Act II End Act II: Reach the timberland\'s edge You\'re in a rural neighborhood; you\'re a 10 year old Fight your way to your home Try and backpedal to the woodland – last fight It\'s the demise of guiltlessness

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The Beauty of The Story Not numerous insights given Some exchange or occasions may appear to be strange Health goes down – edges of your perspective desaturate Never-finishing backwoods Forest begins acting abnormal Marketing practicality? If not, a samurai dislodged in China

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The Beauty of The Supporting Characters Mostly villagers scattered throughout the woods The Mentor The Love Interest Other partners

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The Beauty of The Enemies Mostly ethereal dark creatures Slowly begin to pervade the woodland Main supervisors will normally be human

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The Beauty of The Forest Dynamically changing environment Day and night cycle Different climate designs Use trees for battle, for spread, for the sake of entertainment Trees twist, take harm, can even be destroyed/slashed down Goes through the seasons Looking at Speedtree middleware

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The Beauty of The Architecture Traditional Japanese engineering spots the backwoods Villages/homes, sanctuaries/hallowed places, safehouses People at these spots likewise conventional Japanese Some areas haphazardly move around timberland

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The Beauty of The Visual Style A story of two visual styles Sumi-e affected/calligraphic Very moderate, "cartoony" Realistic Sells better, will flaunt illustrations Three Solutions Go with one style, stay with it through diversion Start reasonable, wind up sumi-e Gameplay is practical, front-finishes are sumi-e

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Yimou Zhang – executive The Beauty of The Talent Master Woo-Ping Yuen – wirework

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The Beauty of The Expandability Room for change Story – blamelessness lost or samurai in China Controls – more control over parity, camera Graphics – sumi-e, sensible, or both Multiplayer Ability to battle 1-on-1 online Sequel Samurai in various situations – the city?

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Contact Info Kookermonger Games Ryan Stancl – Designer 1160 Haro Street, Apt. 1705 Vancouver, BC V6E 1E2 cell: 604-328-8704 email:

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