The financing of the professional instruction.

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The Primary and the Secondary training got in the professional schools and lyceum in ... 4 years after the essential instruction or a class from the auxiliary training ...
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The financing of the professional training

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The Primary and the Secondary instruction got in the professional schools and lyceum in Bulgaria are managed by the Law for the prevalent training, the Law for the level of training, the general instructive least and the school arranging and the state instructive requests and also by the Law for the professional instruction. The arrangement of the professional instruction incorporates the professional introduction and the professional training.

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The professional training points: the accepting of the expert Qualification, proficient limit, including managed callings, enhancing the expert capability, the formation of the inspiration framework for acknowledgment," the production of the general society on the premise of the National and all inclusive qualities… The expert introduction and the professional instruction are finished on various callings and specialities , incorporated into the List of the callings in the professional instruction.

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It is made on the premise of Frame Programs with a specific end goal to accomplish professional capability. For the understudies the projects are as taken after: 3 years after the 6-th class 4 years after the essential instruction or a class from the optional training 6 years after the 7-th class 4 year after the essential training in the schools of workmanship 1 year after the elementary school or a class from the auxiliary school For the understudies following 16 years 1 year after the 6 class 1 year after a class from the auxiliary school or auxiliary instruction finished 4-5 years after the essential 2 years after the optional instruction The base age of the understudies to enter the professional instruction is 13 when the studies are in a school and 16 when it is made in somewhere else.

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The general hypothetical instruction are trailed by a reasonable training and expert capability which must be no less than 40% of the entire instruction. The professional instruction is made in an instructive focus of practice in the schools, in places for professional training and in the undertakings.

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The National Agency for professional instruction: - expounds and affirms criteria and systems of permit - give and take away permit for professional training and introduction - partakes the instructive state measures for getting capabilities for various callings Participates in the elaboration of brought together benchmarks for the conditions, the association and the substance of the professional training for various callings - proposes changes in the Law for prominent instruction in the part for professional instruction - gives the commitment to establishments to make research and actualize them in professional training and introduction - explains procedure for creating and enhancing the professional training Creates and takes look after the Register of the communities for professional instruction and habitats for data and professional introduction - endorses programs for training which are out of the instructive state guidelines

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The assortments of the National Agency for professional instruction and introduction are: The Administrative board and its leader The Administrative board comprises of president and 24 individuals as taking after: 8 delegates from the services 8 agents of the businesses 8 agents of the associations of specialists and workers at the national level The Administrative board has an order of 4 years and the individuals and the president could be reelected for two terms of 4 years. The Administrative board accumulates at any rate once every tree months. The President of the Administrative board is the President of the Agency. The commissions of specialists, made on the proposition of the Administrative Board have 9 individuals: 1 delegate from the Ministry of training and science, one from the Ministry of work and parties and tree agents from business side and tree from the laborer\'s associations.

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The territorial inspectorates for education belonging to the Ministry of instruction and science make the state arrangement in the field of professional training in the locale. The Ministry of work and get-togethers characterizes the conditions for the improvement of the professional instruction regarding the advancement of the work market. The Ministry of wellbeing takes an interest really taking shape of the List of callings and characterizes the chronical deseases and physical inabilities which are not as per the professional instruction . It manages the conditions for the training and practice through the State Health control. The services in the diverse branches partake in the elaboration of the rundown of callings and the state measures for the distinctive callings.

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The districts take an interest in the elaboration of the arrangement in the field of the professional instruction in the locales concerning : faculty the professional introduction changes in the Register conveyance of the characterized budgetary assets and the control of their spendings enhancing the buildings,didactic materials,working conditions

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The Organizations of the specialists and workers: take an interest in the completion of the state measures in the progressions of the List of the callings characterize its delegates in the Administrative board and in the commissions of specialists of the National Agency for professional training The union branch associations; shield the interests of the understudies before the businesses in the work Relations and security conditions amid the practice take an interest in the association and amid the exams for accepting an expert capability characterize its agents in the commissions of master in the National Agency for professional training

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Financing of the professional training and introduction is done as takes after: The state and city schools and communities for professional training, places for data and expert introduction and habitats for capability of the understudies are financed by: - the State spending plan - the financial plan of the regions - supports - gifts - confirmation - own results - national and global project different sources

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The appropriations from the state spending plan and the financial plan of the regions guarantee the money related conceivable outcomes for: - upkeep of the professional training in the state and city schools - authoritative and monetary administrations of the state and civil places for data and expert introduction and additionally communities for expert capability - upkeep of the expert introduction in the state and metropolitan habitats for data and introduction - support of the capability of people, which are making livelihood instruction in habitats for capability

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The state and city foundations in the arrangement of the professional training make a different spending plan. The own assets are utilized for the support and the change of the material conditions..The endowments from the state spending plan and the city spending plan are not decreasing a direct result of the own assets. The professional schools and habitats for professional instruction accumulate charges For training of physical and juridical people. The state and city habitats for data and expert introduction are financed by a supplementary exercises, characterized by an exceptional Regulation tenets.

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The National office for professional instruction is financed with the assets from the state spending plan, by own resources,sponsors,donations,testaments and others.The National Agency for professional training assembles charges for giving licenses for the professional training and introduction, on the premise of controls given by the Council of pastors.

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The financing of the professional training out of the state, proficient models and in addition the practice composed in the state and metropolitan schools and places for professional instruction is finished with funds paid by physical people on the premise of agreements. Rehearse abroad is sorted out by state and civil schools and communities for financing by the school or the middle with an agreement with the remote foundation for professional instruction.

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The changes in our nation in this field are moderate and not generally in the great direction.We need a national civil argument for characterizing an entire system about the professional training and its better adjustment to the work market which is one of the principle destinations of this sort of instruction.

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