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THE FLU ENDS WITH U. What is the Flu. Another name for influenza Contagious respiratory illness Attacks people of all ages Illness is mild to severe Complications can lead to death In the USA 5% to 20% of people get the flu every year About 200,000 are hospitalized a year
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What is the Flu Another name for flu Contagious respiratory ailment Attacks individuals of any age Illness is gentle to serious Complications can prompt passing In the USA 5% to 20% of individuals get this season\'s flu virus consistently About 200,000 are hospitalized a year About 36,000 bite the dust from influenza a year

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Complications of Flu Bacterial pneumonia Ear diseases Sinus contaminations Dehydration Worsening of ceaseless restorative conditions asthma, diabetes or congestive heart disappointment

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Signs and Symptoms Fever Cough Sore throat Headache Chills Muscle hurts Fatigue Vomiting/looseness of the bowels Occurs more in youngsters than grown-ups

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How Long Can the Flu Last Symptoms, for example, a fever , chills, sore throat, migraine, runny nose, loss of craving can last 3 to 7 days. Hack and weariness can last up to 2 weeks . Infectious 1 day before & up to 5-7 days after indications show up

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Cold versus Influenza Cold Milder than influenza Stuffy nose Runny nose Headache Sore throat Cough Flu more regrettable than a frosty Fever/nasal blockage Muscle or body hurts Extreme tiredness hack/sore throat Headache Vomiting/looseness of the bowels More normal in kids

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How Does Flu Spread Through beads when you hack, wheeze or talk By touching items tainted with the influenza infection then touching your eyes, nose or mouth poor hand cleanliness

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Why Receive the Vaccine Adults require it to ensure the kids. Kids require it to secure the elderly. We as a whole need it to ensure each other!

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You Can Catch & Spread Flu In School Water wellsprings Sharing beverages Kissing Close contact with others Sharing cigarettes Locker rooms

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You Can Take Home the Flu If you get the Flu in school, you can take it home to your family .

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You Can Spread it to Your Loved Ones Parents Brothers & sisters Grandparents Newborn infant Relatives Friends Even with a straightforward embrace or kiss

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You Can Spread Flu to Others Infected relatives can spread seasonal influenza wherever they go

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Let the Flu Stop With YOU Wash hands often with cleanser and water or utilize liquor based hand sanitizer Avoid close contact with debilitated individuals Stay home when you are wiped out

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Let The Flu Stop With You Cough into your sleeve Use tissues when wheezing. Toss utilized tissues as a part of the waste.

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The most ideal approach to keep this season\'s flu virus is to get VACCINATED!

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Who Should Get Vaccinated Everyone 6 months and more established

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Who Should Not Get Vaccinated Allergy to chicken eggs Severe response to past influenza immunization Developed Guillian-Barre disorder 6 weeks after influenza antibody Younger than 6 months Moderately or seriously sick with fever.....wait until your indications decrease

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When Should I Get The Flu Vaccine Every year Flu season can keep running from October to May . Normally crests in January As soon as it is accessible Never past the point of no return Vaccinate all through the season

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Two Ways to Vaccinate! Infusion Nasal Spray

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Injection "this season\'s cold virus shot" is an inactivated immunization, which implies it contains a murdered infection. It is given with a needle. Infusion site is in the upper arm.

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Nasal Spray An antibody managed through the nose. Authorized for a very long time 2-49 Cannot get if pregnant. It is a live infection antibody called " FluMist ."

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Risk Factors Associated With Both Vaccines Allergic responses are uncommon, and more often than not happen inside minutes to hours. These incorporate trouble breathing, dryness, hives, whiteness, shortcoming, quick heart beat or unsteadiness. Look for restorative consideration quickly

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This Video Tells How Seasonal Flu that incorporates H1N1 Can Impact Your Life double tap in focal point of dark screen underneath

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Where To Get The Flu Vaccine Allegheny County Health Department Health Care Provider Health Clinics Health Fairs Local Pharmacies Urgent Care Centers School Vaccination Clinics

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Interested in Learning More? Go to call 1-800-CDC-INFO Talk with your medicinal services supplier Talk to your school nurture Contact your nearby wellbeing office

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"Group Immunity" Art Poster Contest Sponsored by the Allegheny County Immunization Coalition (ACIC)

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Incentives Cash prizes Scholarship openings Resume developer Opportunity to show your craft in a display Publicity

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Entry Requirements See your school nurture for finish points of interest Deadline for accommodation November 11, 2010

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Created by Students of UPMC Mercy Hospital School of Nursing Elizabeth Blasi Bethany Conway Nicole Jordan Steve Klayko Kimberly Medina Sarah Reed Ann Shaughnessy Jen Vlahos Jaime Zurawsky Instructor Mrs. Patricia Robinson, RN, MN 1400 Locust Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219 with commitments from the Allegheny County Immunization Coalition

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