The Following 5 weeks: An Excursion into sound. In no specific request Introduction to sound Altering, multitracking, pr.

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Streak motion pictures. Executive motion pictures. Coding snares. Python. Javascript/Java ... Passionate impacts (tension, pity, vitality) Covers over visual breaks. Voice ...
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The Next 5 weeks: A Journey into sound. In no specific request Intro to sound Editing, multitracking, preparing sound Making a podcast (how to) Digital combination Streaming video/sound substance from the helix server (how to) Bluescreen/Chromakey In camera impacts

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Designing with sound. Benyon – pages 394 - 402 Elements of sound Hardware, programming and record sorts Human listening to Compression

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Content Creation Bitmap pictures Vector pictures Text Vector liveliness 3D movement Midi music Design and writing Web pages Flash films Director motion pictures Production and dissemination CDRom Burning Stream to web Downloadable substance Content Capture Digital sound Digital video Digital photos Coding snares Python Javascript/Java ASP/PHP and element information Diagram demonstrating the greater part of the segments of an interactive media generation –content creation, collection and circulation

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Traditionally solid has been utilized blandly as a part of PC interface (except for PC diversions) Most regularly bleep and boings Reason was the because of the uncommonness of soundcards in early PC\'s and the cost of RAM expected to store sounds – no more an issue.

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Music Sets place and time Emotional impacts (anticipation, trouble, vitality) Covers over visual breaks Voice Informational "substance of words" Personality (funny, genuine, refined) Connects to audience in ways content doesn\'t Spot impacts Information (birdsong, entryway shutting) Punctuation (gives input – Alert sound in Windows) Ambient impacts Location state of mind Communicative impacts of sound

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Auditory channel Sound impacts Music Voice track Ambient sound Time Visual Channel Images Video Text Image and content Diagram indicating "parallel" nature of sound data in contrast with "direct" video data

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Informational utilization of sound: Sound conveys a considerable measure of data. Boisterous/delicate – separation Reverberation – feeling of space or room size Stereo – position in space Combined sound – sound impacts/music/discourse Music – passionate impacts

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Psychoacoustics Continuous recognition We know about sound notwithstanding when not \'considering it\' Primacy impact Focussing on essential sound Masking Ignoring immaterial sound

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Copyright issues Because its simple to disseminate "duplicated" music over the web does not make it legitimate! Both Napster and were arraigned. Arrangements? Compose and record it yourself – if its all the same to you\'re adequate and giving your abilities away for nothing! Use sovereignty free clasps (however check the real rights on offer) permit what you can\'t deliver yourself – either the melody, the recording or both

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Elements of sound Loudness > Measured in ? 0db as total maximum breaking point Pitch (recurrence) > Measured in ? Timbre – not measured, but rather is the "quality" of sound – why a piano and violin playing at the same pitch and tumult sound diverse.

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Elements of sound Drum Envelopes Loudness Time violin Diagram demonstrating a graphical representation of two sound envelopes – one with a quick assault (drum) and one with a moderate assault (violin) Time

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Hardware Sound Soundcard with mic/line information Soundsource/amplifier Large HD (1 min of CD sound = 10 Mb) Music Soundcard with midi instrument bank Keyboard and leads

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Software Wav manager Audacity Vegas/Soundforge Wavelab Multitrack recorder Cubase Sonar Logic Audio FruityLoops Processors (reverberation, EQ, reverb, bending) Native instruments Sonic foundry

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Screenshots of computerized recording applications – Soundforge and Sonar

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File sorts/soundsources Midi (simply musical information) Wav MP3 Aiff Digital amalgamation Digital recordings

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MIDI – an uncommon case Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) the principal attachment and play interactive media organizing convention, presented in the mid eighties. Musical instruments were utilized to send messages to each other along the lines of "Give me an uproarious center C on the piano for two seconds". Control information is sent to synthesizers on the PC\'s sound card An entire tune can be transmitted in a couple of hundred bytes No vocals – just musical sounds! Challenge: Play with the piano come in Fruityloops in AS125.

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Screenshot of a \'piano move\' editorial manager for midi music

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Human listening to 40 hz – 20 Khz during childbirth 40 hz – 15 Khz at age 18 Downhill from that point (Ipod clients please note!)

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Nyquist rate Scientist called Nyquist suggested that for people not to hear advanced "strides" in recorded sound - it would should be examined at twice human listening to recurrence 22Khz X 2 = 44 Khz CD quality sound is inspected at a rate of 44100 times each second

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Amplitude Analog Time Diagram demonstrating a "smooth" simple waveform contrasted with a "ventured" computerized waveform. Tests Amplitude Digital

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Problem with advanced sound 1 moment of computerized sound takes around 10 Mb of plate space. How would we get round this to convey sound on the web?

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Problem with computerized sound Solution 1 – lower test rate 44 Khz = 10 Mb minute 22 Khz = 5 Mb minuter 11 Khz = 2.5 Mb minute

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Problem with advanced sound Solution 2 – Compression MP3 = .5 Mb for every moment or less

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MP3 Compression: How it works When we tune in: Important information High recurrence sounds Short length sounds Rapid changes in tone Non-essential information Lower recurrence sound Continuous sound (murmurs and murmur)

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Compression Works by "discarding" the non vital information E.g. – there is no requirement for 2 channels of "bass" when we can\'t spatially find low frequencies (e.g. sub woofer) Finding "comparable" parts of an example and supplanting with 1 event. (only GIF in picture pressure) Challenge: Render the same sound record from Vegas in AS127 – first as a .wav document, then as a .mp3 record – look at document sizes.

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Digital Synthesis Google: VSTi, Native Instruments, virtual synthesizers. "Old" – equipment synthesizers – utilized oscillators (sound sources), channels (sound modifiers) and envelopes (sound shapers) – to create sound. Computerized synthesizers "copy" this equipment in software– by displaying the "genuine" equipment (with rationale doors, channels, and so on) Challenge: Play with the virtual synthesizers that accompany fruity circles in AS125.

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Using sound innovatively There is no motivation behind why you can\'t utilize sound as a device for correspondence in web plan. Keep in mind a voice can "customize" data and \'fabricate a relationship\' with an audience in ways that plain content can\'t. Music can give a feeling of \'spot and time\' – a touch of activist scrap-house or D\'n\'B may make pages appear to be more significant to an understudy group of onlookers – it might likewise chafe them… . Keep in mind heuristic guidelines however – permit clients to kill sounds, or explore through long stable records.

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