The Gambia Guide to Accomplish 31.12.2010 RBM Targets.

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The Gambia. Nation. Guide COUNTRY SUMMARY. Reserves AVAILABLE (US ... Administration of the Gambia. These expense incorporate asset in national spending plan to bolster LLINs ...
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The Gambia Roadmap to Achieve 31.12.2010 RBM Targets September 2009 – December 2010

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LLIN assets accessible to accomplish the 2010 targets

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LLIN Ordering & Distribution to end 2010

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ACT assets accessible to accomplish the 2010 targets

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Case administration

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IRS assets accessible to accomplish the 2010 targets

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Indoor Residual Spraying

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Other center mediations to be conveyed throughout the following 17 months Reviewing jungle fever case mgt rules to incorporate parasitological finding for all ages before treatment Mass BCC crusades and social activation exercises on intestinal sickness control and counteractive action Conduct MIS studies and bolster MICs execution Expansion of research center administrations to reinforce parasitological determination Conducting mass LLIN battles to build scope and use

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Bottlenecks-Summary of rate-constraining elements throughout the following 17 months Availability of assets for implementaion Procurement bottle neck and accessibility of comodities(ACTs, RDTs, LLINs, Insecticides for IRS) Utilization of wares by the all inclusive community (constructive behavioral change/great medicinal services looking for conduct Weakness of the wellbeing framework (HMIS , logistical backing to encourage outreach administrations, accessibility of prepared personel and so on.)

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Summary of specialized help needs to end 2010

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