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Dominionism/Triumphalism LATTER DAY RAINNew Wine or Old Heresy?. . The Three Waves of the End Time The Pentecostal Movement
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THE GOSPEL OF And these [are] the names of the children of Aaron; Nadab the firstborn, and Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. 3 These [are] the names of the children of Aaron, the clerics which were blessed, whom he sanctified to serve in the minister\'s office. 4 And Nadab and Abihu kicked the bucket before the LORD, when they offered weird fire before the LORD… Numbers 3:2-4

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Dominionism/Triumphalism LATTER DAY RAIN New Wine or Old Heresy? The Three Waves of the End Time The Pentecostal Movement – 1914 The Charismatic Movement – 1960\'s The Signs and Wonder Movement – The Third Wave The Final Fourth Wave "Reclamation/Kingdom Dominion"

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Paul Cain Gerald Coates Rick Joyner Terry Virgo William Branham Deceased Bill Britton Deceased Marc Dupont Richard Riss The lessons of "Dominionism" through these men and several others are clearing the congregation for the sake of " God Doing a New Thing". The congregation better wake up! George Hawtin Deceased

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God\'s New Thing Behold, the previous things are happened, and new things do I pronounce : before they spring forward I let you know of them. Is 42:9 "Remember ye not the previous things, neither consider the things of old. See, I will do another thing; now it might spring forward; should ye not know it? I will even make a path in the wild and waterways in the desert." Is 43:18-19

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"However, the days are coming," proclaims the LORD, "when men will not state anymore, `As definitely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,\' 15 however they will state, `As without a doubt as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the place that is known for the north and out of the considerable number of nations where he had expelled them.\' For I will reestablish them to the land I gave their progenitors. Jer. 16:14-15 When did the Latter Day New Thing New Thing Begin?

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The three biggest impacts that hinted at the 1940\'s Latter Day Rain overflowing were: (a) Franklin Hall - fasting and petition for power and radiance, eternality (b) William Branham - laying on of hands and expressions of learning (c) George Warnock – Future Restoration

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NORTH BATTLEFORD MEETINGS It was a direct result of the lessons of Franklin Hall and the mending gatherings of William Branham that three men accumulated for recovery gatherings at North Battleford in Canada. They were GEORGE HAWTIN, PERCY HUNT and HERRICK HOLT. It was here the Latter Day Revival broke out. At that point, in February 1948, the power fell. Predictions were given that an incredible relentless new move of restoration was going to start, and would prompt to God\'s endtime collect. .

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Eventually the predictions were lifted up over the expression of God. Individuals\' lives, and services were wrecked as an aftereffect of tolerating these predictions. The Movement falling into notoriety and eventually being rejected by the Pentecostal groups. the great Pentecostal sections perceived the Latter Rain lessons as blasphemy and in the end in 1949 they authoritatively banned Latter Rain educators from their podiums .

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The Primary Teachings of Present Dominionism 1. THE DOMINION MANDATE Adam lost his domain over the earth in the Garden of Eden, and the Great Commission and assignment and fate of the Church is subsequently to recuperate territory, over wrongdoing, over ailment, over evil presences, over the entire made request, and even over death.

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2. Natural INHERITANCE Going to Heaven is not the objective of Latter Rain instructors! They scoff at individuals who have an eminent trust. Their domain of territory is the earth - the earth is to be reestablished, recharged, purified and cleansed, and they will convey paradise sensible. Paradise is on this planet! Paradise is the kingdom inside our souls

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3. Satisfaction DENIED: (Wicked Raptured) The Church is bound to be triumphant and successful and to administer over the earth, so the Rapture showing they accept is false - a fate and agony, defeatist state of mind. Restorationists trust it is the WICKED will\'s identity taken out, in judgment - that God will purge the earth by evacuating each one of the individuals who oppose this extraordinary arrangement of recovery.

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But a few people are expelled - the fiendish are taken in judgment. "It will be as in the times of Noah. How was it in Noah\'s day? The surge of judgment came and took all the evil away, and the upright were left to acquire the earth. The mischievous had been taken away - yet man has concocted a religious philosophy in which it is the polar opposite; they guarantee the honest will be taken away. The Bible, my companion does not instruct any such thing. Precepts 3:26 - for the Lord might be they certainty and should keep thy foot from being taken. - it is plain here that the honorable are not taken. All things considered, in the event that somebody is to be taken, who is it? Adages 11;6 says - the transgressors might be taken. Consider it - the transgressors might be taken. That is not what man has shown us, is it?" Bill Britton, "A Closer Look At the Rapture", 1986

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This thought, of the expulsion of the evil in an euphoria taking them to judgment, is one that is spreading among Toronto Blessing supporters. Richard Riss once more: "Often, the delight is thought to include a real expulsion of the holy people. Be that as it may, the Bible alludes to an expulsion, not of the holy people from among the fiendish, but rather of the insidious from among the holy people at the season of Christ\'s coming... "In Matthew 24:39 it says that "they did not comprehend until the surge came and took them all away." Who was taken away, the mischievous or the honorable? On the off chance that it was the insidious who were expelled in the surge, then it is the devilish and the rebellious will\'s identity evacuated at Christ\'s coming."

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4. THE CHURCH IS ISRAEL Following on from the above focuses, it is self-evident - since the congregation is to acquire the earth and rule with Christ - there is no part for Israel as a country. Rebuilding devotees by and large claim that the Church is otherworldly Israel, who will acquire the guarantees.

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5. Messengers AND PROPHETS RESTORED The Five-overlay Priesthood should rise in the endtimes to reestablish the Church to flawlessness; Apostles, Prophets and Teachers must set up the way, similar to John the Baptist, for another appearance of the Christ. The reclamation of the endowments and services to the Church is intended to bring it to "fullness". These dictator pioneers will judge and cleanse the Church until it is one unified Body in the earth.

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Zech 10:1-5 Ask rain from the LORD at the season of the spring precipitation (Latter Rain) - the LORD who makes the tempest mists; and He will give them showers of rain, vegetation in the field to {each} man. For the teraphim talk evildoing, and the soothsayers see lying dreams, and tell false dreams; they comfort futile. In this way {the people} meander like sheep, they are tormented, in light of the fact that there is no shepherd." My outrage is fueled against the shepherds, and I will rebuff the male goats; for the LORD of hosts has gone to His run, the place of Judah, and will make them like His magnificent steed in battle." From them will come the foundation, from them the tent peg, from them the bow of fight, from them each ruler, {all} of them together." And they will be as forceful men, treading down {the enemy} in the soil of the boulevards in fight; and they will battle, for the LORD {will be} with them; and the riders on stallions will be put to shame.(NAS)

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Terry Virgo says the CORNERSTONE is the Apostle, the TENT PEG is the Prophet, the BOW OF BATTLE is the Evangelist, and the RULERS are the shepherds. Terry Virgo then claims, from this entry, that these services are given to the Church so as to incorporate them up with the full stature of Christ - One Mature Man. He is talking about the Corporate Christ. Terry leads 300 chapels with messengers and prophets. He is a main voice today in Restoration Theology.

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The Fivefold Annointing Eph. 4:11 And he gave a few, missionaries; and a few, prophets; and a few, evangelists; and a few, ministers and instructors Apostles Prophets Evangelists Pastors Teachers Premise – Proper church government has been lost and in "the contemporary rain" the legislature will be reestablished.

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Definitions Apostles – "Sent One" Gr. Apostolos Dominionist say: They are for the requesting and heading of the congregation. They have the most astounding power. They have the force of ex-correspondence, and reviling. To conflict with them is to conflict with God. "Touch not the Lord\'s annointed… )

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Definitions Prophets – Gr. Prophetes { genius – phay – tace ) Combination of "Expert" before – "Phemi" – to make known or proclaim They are God\'s mouthpiece to state what they have gotten by motivation of the Holy Spirit, particularly those things relating to future occasions. Domionists say: They talk ex-cathedra on matters of regulation and practice. Their expressions are authoratative.

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Definitions Evangelists – Gr. euaggelistes {yoo-ang-ghel-is-tace} Messengers of happy greetings or uplifting news Pastors – Gr. poimen {poy-mane} Shepherds Teachers - Gr. didaskalos {did-as\'- kal-os} People who educate the expression of God Dominionists say: They are not to be addressed the length of they remain in the domain of the message of the messengers and prophets. They are to be rejected in the event that they conflict with higher power.

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Implications another structure of power is made that will talk with completeness which will incorporate "New Revelation". The educating of "sola scriptura" must be casted off. The holy people must put their trust under the control of the blessed translators. These blessed ones will be the last authorities in matters of confidence, precept, and practice.

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Where there more than Twelve missionaries? Yes Then the minister of

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