The GTAS Webinar will start in the blink of an eye. Kindly put your telephone on quiet. .

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The GTAS Webinar will begin shortly. Please put your phone on mute. GTAS G overnmentwide T reasury Account Symbol A djusted Trial Balance S ystem. Rita Cronley & Nikcola Yorkshire May 24, 2011. Agenda Topics. Webinar Rules FMS Standardization (f.k.a CGAC) TAS Level Attributes
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The GTAS Webinar will start in the blink of an eye. It would be ideal if you put your telephone on quiet.

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GTAS G overnmentwide T reasury Account Symbol A djusted Trial Balance S ystem Rita Cronley & Nikcola Yorkshire May 24, 2011

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Agenda Topics Webinar Rules FMS Standardization (f.k.a CGAC) TAS Level Attributes Trading Partner Reporting Data Validations & Verifications New Edits Miscellaneous Receipts Year End Transaction Processing Proprietary Balances in a Canceled TAS User Roles Testing Minimum System Requirements GTAS Training

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Rules for Webinar Please quiet your telephone Ask addresses through the live visit just – kindly don\'t take your telephone off quiet Most inquiries will be replied toward the end of the presentation OR by means of the intelligent (live) talk If your question is not replied amid the Webinar, a GTAS agent will react to your question by means of email before the end of the following business day

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FMS Standardization (FADS) and the CFO Letter (f.k.a CGAC) January 14 CFO Letter … "with a specific end goal to accomplish governmentwide advantages and efficiencies, all Federal offices will be required by October 1, 2014 to submit TAS/BETC data on all exchange sorts (IPAC, Payments, Collections)." How does this effect my GTAS reporting in 2013? GTAS will just acknowledge the FADS (CGAC) TAS, per the FMS Standardization (CGAC) rules There is no "stage in" time period for GTAS. GTAS will just acknowledge a 6-digit USSGL account All other information components gathered on the mass record must be agreeable with all GTAS documentation How would I know what my new TAS is?

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Super Master Account File (SMAF) Includes TAS level properties and parities for every TAS. Given by Treasury Available to offices by means of GTAS regularly Changes made in the Central Accounting and Reporting System CARS (f. k. a. GWAMP) will be reflected in the SMAF after the every day upgrade from CARS. Data will be utilized to approve and alter trial equalizations. 6

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NEW TAS Attributes!!! Contract Authority: Indicates the kind of agreement power allocated to a TAS, if appropriate. Contract power is a type of spending power gave in approving laws that allows a TAS to bring about commitments ahead of time of apportionments, balancing accumulations or receipts that will be utilized to exchange commitments. Clear (D) Indefinite (I) No contract power (N) Backdated Transaction: Indicates whether or n0t an exchange has been antedated to a past financial year in Treasury\'s Central Accounting System/GWA Yes (Y) No (N)

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SMAF Expanded TAS Attributes Borrowing from the Public – included M (blended) for TAS that have both unmistakable and inconclusive obtaining power from the general population. Different qualities are D (distinct), I (Indefinite) and N (no obtaining power). Acquiring from Treasury – included M (blended) for TAS that have both clear and inconclusive getting from Treasury. Different qualities are D (positive), I (Indefinite) and N (no obtaining power). Assignment Flag – included M (blended) for appointments that are a mix of inconclusive and distinct. Different qualities are Null and I (Indefinite). Account Type – included DEPST (Deposit Fund) as a different record sort. Different qualities are CXPND (clearing accounts), EXPND (use), UAPPR (unappropriated receipt) and URCPT (inaccessible receipt). Subsidize Type – added qualities to recognize receipt TAS from consumption TAS.

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Trading Partner Reporting Federal/Non Federal Code – Attribute that consolidates the Transaction Partner (FACTS II ) with the Federal/Non Federal code (FACTS I) Federal (F) Non-Federal (N) Non-Federal Exception (E) General Fund (G) {NEW} If Fed/NFed is G, utilize office ID 099 and primary record 0000 for the exchanging accomplice reporting. New!: USSGL 101000 requires G See the GTAS characteristic table for the USSGL accounts that require G.

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Trading Partner Reporting Trading Partners will be 3-digit office identifier codes (see new codes for 95 and 48) Trading accomplice primary record is required wherever the exchanging accomplice is required (New Requirement for FACTS I clients) More nitty gritty data from organizations will resolve intra-legislative contrasts and serve as an instrument for compromise Changes and Exceptions: Domain Value "Government" (F) required on the mass document for budgetary exchange USSGL accounts (determined in FACTS II today) Trading accomplice office identifier and fundamental record are not required for budgetary unfilled client requests and repayments earned USSGL accounts TP Main record for exclusive USSGL accounts discretionary in 2013, required in 2014.

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Upload Data Verification The accompanying "checks" are done on every column of the mass record before approvals and alters are run: Is it a legitimate TAS? ( TAS must exist in CARS or be a crossed out TAS) Is the Fiscal Year and Period adjust (and indistinguishable) on every line? Is the TAS doled out to the client who is transferring the information? Is the mass document design adjust? (content record with 88 characters crosswise over – See Bulk File Format report on GTAS site) Are there copy lines? (2 or more lines on the record are indistinguishable) Is the information predictable with the Program Reporting Category and Apportionment Category B Program rules?

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New Validations in GTAS PYA Domain Value "P" was added to a few USSGL accounts that effect the Outlay lines of the SF-133 If there is not an antedated archive handled in CARS, the area estimation of "B" can\'t be utilized

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More Fatal Edits in FACTS II AND GTAS New Fatal Edits in F2 2012 Quarter 1 SF 133 line 1700 (accumulations) must be more noteworthy than or equivalent to zero. SF 133 line 1800 (accumulations) must be more noteworthy than or equivalent to zero. The aggregate of SF 133 lines 2004 and 2104 must be more prominent than or equivalent to zero. 4201 starting = 4201 consummation around the same time 4139 starting = 4139 completion around the same time 4149 starting = 4149 closure around the same time Prior year modification area esteem B charges = credits (budgetary) Prior year alteration space esteem P charges = credits (budgetary)

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New Edits in GTAS NEW Edits! Non-Fatal Fiduciary Edits-Replacing the current Intragovernmental Fiduciary Confirmation System (IFCS) Bureau of Public Debt (BPD) Edits BPD Investments BPD Payables = Agency Receivables BPD Liabilities = Agency Assets BPD Expenses = Agency Revenue BPD Loans BPD Receivables = Agency Payables BPD Assets = Agency Liabilities BPD Revenues = Agency Expenses

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New Edits in GTAS NEW Edits! Non-Fatal Fiduciary Edits-Replacing the current Intragovernmental Fiduciary Confirmation System (IFCS) Federal Financing Bank (FFB) Edits FFB Receivables = Agency Payables FFB Assets = Agency Liabilities FFB Revenue = Agency Expenses

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Reports from GTAS Intra-legislative reports will be accessible to help organizations in determining intra-administrative contrasts GTAS will deliver A-136 and Reclassification monetary proclamations, 2108 and SF-133 budgetary articulations, downloads of trial adjust reporting and SMAF

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Miscellaneous Receipts FMS will clear broad store various receipt account adjusts as a pre shutting section. The breadth exchange will show up on the CARS account proclamation. Offices are to record the range as a pre shutting section. Offices will report trial parities for general store different receipt accounts despite the fact that the record adjust has been cleared. 17

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Year End Transaction Processing Cancelations and adjust modification identified with uncertain allocation power will be started and finished by the organization in the CARS Authority Transaction Module (ATM). Does exclude cancelation of equalizations for TAS with the X accessibility sort, incomplete cancelations, or TAS with augmented dispensing power CARS ATM will be accessible for year end exchanges for financial 2013 in October 2013. The window will open after the 224 reporting for September has been finished. On the off chance that the year end exchanges are not finished before the GTAS ATB is presented, the GTAS ATB will come up short alters. 18

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Proprietary Balances in a Canceled TAS GTAS will make a crossed out TAS for reporting resources identified with scratched off records. The GTAS SMAF will contain a crossed out TAS for each reserve family the principal year GTAS is underway. After the primary year, a wiped out TAS will be made for every store family in view of the restrictive USSGL accounts reported in the ATB at the season of cancelation and check that a wiped out TAS does not as of now exist at the reserve family level. Ask and End POA are expelled. FBWT is $0. Every other Ta qualities stay unaltered. 19

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User Roles Agency Roles Preparer - Submits mass records Certifier-Reviews and approves TAS Executive - Viewing rights just Each client can have one and only office part TAS can be doled out to more than one client

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Reporting Windows Proposed OMB Circular A-11 Update: Recommendation that the recurrence of reporting FACTS II \ SF 133 data increment from four times each year to seven times each year compelling FY 2012 . The extra reporting would happen for the months finishing November, July, and August. Organizations would utilize FACTS II to present the extra data similar way they now present their quarterly data. How can this influence GTAS reporting for FY 2013? GTAS reporting will be expected seven times each year if the OMB suggestion is affirmed. GTAS will go live in December 2012!!!

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Testing Several organizations have as of now began submitting GTAS mass records for testing GTAS can give input to offices or suppliers on the nature of information in the trial adjusts inside one business day Agencies can begin utilizing the framework to pilot test mass documents May, 2012 ... Be that as it may, don\'t hold up! Begin TESTING EARLY!!!

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Minimum System Requirements Internet Access

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