The Guarantee of eHealth in the Creating Scene: The Difficulties of Interoperability.

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The Guarantee of eHealth in the Creating Scene: The Difficulties of Interoperability Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD President, Wellbeing Level 7 Wellbeing Issues Washington February 16, 2010 - Subside Drucker "There is nothing so pointless as doing effectively that which ought not be done by any stretch of the imagination."
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The Promise of eHealth in the Developing World: The Challenges of Interoperability Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD CEO, Health Level 7 Health Affairs Washington February 16, 2010

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- Peter Drucker “There is nothing so futile as doing productively that which ought not be done at all.”

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What is Interoperability? Sharing and (re)use information, crosswise over numerous sites, without the loss of data Exchanging data without ambiguity of substance, setting or meaning Maintaining significance for both the human peruser and the computer

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- Unknown, with a statement of regret to Rudyard Kipling “If you can keep your head while about are losing theirs and pointing the finger at it on you - maybe you have thought little of the earnestness of the situation.”

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Why is Interoperability so hard? Dialect is intricate, however medicinal language is considerably all the more so Legacy innovation is not effortlessly discarded Policy supervenes innovation Privacy and security quite often contravene straightforward exchange Data without setting corrupts information

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- Benjamin Disraeli “ How much less demanding it is to be basic than to be correct.”

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What we have to make Interoperability simpler? Personality of the proprietor. Whose information is it? Significance of the wording. Who agreed to say it that way? Comprehension of the vehicle mechanism. How could you have been able to you get it there? Plans for sharing (and reusing). What can you do with it? Trust

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Samuel Johnson "Nothing will ever be endeavored, if every single conceivable protest must first be overcome."

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Standards drive Interoperability. Which ones do we require? One of a kind individual identifier Enduring phrasings: ICD, LOINC, SNOMED, and a few others Robust center information sets Effective exchange models: HL7, Clinical Document Architecture, and maybe a few others Reliable quality measures Appropriate protection & security specs

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Charles Kettering “If you’re doing something the same path for a long time, the chances are you are doing it wrong.”

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Standards drive Interoperability. Which ones do we need…and more? Stable imaging standard: DICOM Profiles, Master Patient Index, and Record Locator Registries: IHE Common phrasing administrations: HL7 Decision bolster particulars Clinical information distribution center specs: ISO Meaningful Archetypes: openEHR, CEN, HL7 Architecture: ? Frameworks building design

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- Unknown, yet no less verifiable “If you can\'t be a decent illustration, then you\'ll simply need to serve as a repulsive warning.”

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Lessons gained from the Developed World There is no such thing as a free lunch…and “open source” doesn’t mean free either. The plural of account is not information (Chris Chute). End product: improvement by consensus is hard…and moderate. Measuring achievement is business discriminating. The unintended outcomes may have more practical effect than the primary destinations.

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Milton Friedman "If you put the central government responsible for the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there\'d be a lack of sand."

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Lessons that the Developing World taught us It’s simpler to do it right the first run through. The most extravagant arrangement may not be the best one. Winning has distinctive intending to different individuals. The best need can be met by the greatest great. Stand-alone arrangements quite often stand alone. Training trumps verging on everything else..

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Unknown, yet not Billy Crystal “If you can\'t snicker at yourself, you may be feeling the loss of the joke of the century.” .:t

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