The Heavenliness of Rome.

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The Wonderfulness of Rome Roman Society Review Today you will… Perceive how the Pax Romana prompted flourishing society in Rome. Depict Greco-Roman human advancement. Contrast Greek and Roman human advancement with today. Audit What are the three times of Roman history?
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The Glory of Rome Roman Culture

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Preview Today you will… See how the Pax Romana prompted flourishing society in Rome. Depict Greco-Roman human advancement. Contrast Greek and Roman human advancement with today.

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Review What are the three times of Roman history? How did the Roman\'s end Republic lead to a period of peace? Portray the association between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

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The Pax Romana Definition : The 200 year period where Roman guideline brought peace, request, and solidarity to the terrains that it controlled. Indications of Peace Increased exchange Ease of transportation Flourishing society

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A Greek Legacy Turn to p. 161 and read the two sections under “Romans Write Literature, History, and Philosophy”. Roman Practicality Greeks Lay the Foundation Romans Build the Building

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Roman Literature Greek Basis? Virgil Writer of the epic poem—The Aeneid.

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How did the Aeneid interface Greek and Roman society?

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Roman Literature Satires Definition : Poems used to ridicule the Roman lifestyle. Why?

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Popular Entertainment Greek Basis? The Colosseum Definition : A substantial stadium that served as the focal point of mainstream stimulation in Ancient Rome. The Circus Maximus Definition : An extensive race-track in Ancient Rome.

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The Colosseum

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The Roman Colosseum

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The Games “I went to the diversions one noontime seeking after a little mind and cleverness there. I was sharply disillusioned. It was truly insignificant butchery. The morning\'s show was benevolent contrasted with it. The men were tossed to lions and to bears: yet at noontime to the group of onlookers.

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The Games There was no departure for them. The slayer continued battling until he could be killed. "Kill him! beat him! blaze him alive," was the cry from the general population: "Why would he say he is such a defeatist? Is there any valid reason why he won\'t surge toward the sword? Why does he fall so compliantly?

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The Games ‘Why won\'t he pass on willingly?’ Unhappy that I am, how have I merited that I must look on such a scene as this? Don\'t , my Lucilius, go to the diversions, I beg you. It is possible that you will be tainted by the huge number, or, on the off chance that you show revulsion, be detested by them. So stay away.”

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The Circus Maximus

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Ben Hur Video Clip Why do you think Roman prevalent amusement was so fierce and vicious? Contrast the recreations of Ancient Rome with types of excitement discovered today.

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Roman Art (analyze)

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Roman Art Roman Art Realistic Emotional Mosaic Definition : A photo produced using chips of hued stone or glass.

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Modern Mosaic

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Roman Engineering Definition : The use of science and arithmetic to enhance life. Reservoir conduits Definition : Bridge-like stone structures that conveyed water in Roman urban areas.

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Roman Engineering Roads Benefits? “All Roads Lead to Rome”

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Roman Architecture Greek Roman Today

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Law and Justice Read the passages on p. 165 under “New Law Codes Protect the Empire”. In your notes, list three essential standards of Roman law that are still being used in the United States today.

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Review Activity With a partner… Scenario : You have been decided to assemble a display about Roman society for a historical center. You are to pick three curios that you would incorporate in your show, clarify what they are, and clarify why you would pick these things to symbolize who the Romans were as an i

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