The Human Rights Point of view in Wellbeing Social Work.

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The Human Rights Point of view in Wellbeing Social Work Prof. Vimla V. Nadkarni, Ph.D. Senior member, School of Social Work Tata Foundation of Sociologies India
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The Human Rights Perspective in Health Social Work Prof. Vimla V. Nadkarni, Ph.D. Senior member, School of Social Work Tata Institute of Social Sciences India Presented at Panel on Social, Emotional and Mental Health, World Conference of the International Federation of Social Workers 2006 ``A World Out Of Balance – Working For A New Social Equilibrium’’

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The United Nations (1987) characterized human rights as `` rights which are inalienable in our temperament and without which we can\'t live as individuals. Human rights and principal flexibilities permit us to completely create and utilize our human qualities, our knowledge, our abilities and our still, small voice and to fulfill our otherworldly and other needs’’.

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Universality and Indivisibility Rights cover all people and countries and thus are widespread (Reichert 2003). Rights are resolute – consequently all are vital. There is no chain of importance of rights.

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Human Rights are Discursive Evolve out of association and ceaseless dialog on what constitutes a typical mankind (Howard 1995). Need to comprehend them in varying political and social settings (Ife 2001)

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Human Rights Instruments Universal Declaration of Human Rights The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights The International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women The Convention on the Child\'s Rights Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (ILO tradition 169) (perceived by IFSW and IASSW)

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Human Rights and Social Work Policy on Human Rights by IFSW (1996) The social work calling, through authentic and observational proof, is persuaded that the accomplishment of human rights for all individuals is an essential for a minding world and the human\'s survival race.

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Integration with Social Work Practice The UDHR - set of principles for the expert social specialist Unique bits of knowledge and rules for practice Apply to issue recognizable proof, examination and intercessions

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Foundation for Human Rights Practice in Social Work Participatory vote based system Cultural ability and ethnic-touchy practice Feminist work on Challenging brutal structures and procedures

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Social Work Strategies and Tools Anti-harsh practice Empowerment Strengths point of view

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Challenging Dualisms (Ife 2001) individual and political private and open social relativism small scale and large scale hone worldwide and nearby

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Health Rights Health rights have been seen as auxiliary to common and political rights False dichotomy Right to wellbeing fundamentally connected to different rights to improvement, value and social equity.

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International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 7 addresses the privilege against torment, or barbarous, cruel or corrupting treatment or discipline. Additionally, without free assent, nobody ought to be subjected to medicinal or exploratory experimentation.

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International Covenant on Economic, Social and Civil Rights Article 25 unmistakably diagrams the privilege to wellbeing and additionally concentrate on exceptional tend to parenthood and adolescence (UDHR)

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Article 12 Reduction of still-conception rate and newborn child mortality Environmental and modern cleanliness Prevention, treatment, and control of ailments (scourge, endemic, word related, and so on.) Medical administrations and therapeutic consideration in occasion of affliction

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Integration: Initiatives from the field Issues of wellbeing disparities influencing poor people, minimized and impeded individuals Work inside of the clinical settings irreconcilable situation ? Accessibility, access, investment in choice making in general wellbeing, psychological wellness, HIV/AIDS frameworks

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Other Illustrations Lobbying and Public premium prosecutions: sex determination and female feticide Consumer Protection Act Accreditation and responsibility of the private area People’s and NGO systems in HIV/AIDS, Disability Ethics and human rights in clinical trials and exploration

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Conclusion Passion and anger Respecting indigenous conventions Reflect, dialog and act from a political and ideological position

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Human rights viewpoint in social work instruction Collaborating and joining the people’s wellbeing developments "It is my yearning that wellbeing will at long last be seen not as a gift to be longed for; but rather as a human right to be battled for." (United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan)

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Millennium Development Goals Reduce considerably the extent of individuals living in amazing neediness and craving by 2015. • Achieve Universal Primary Education by 2015. • Make progress towards sex equity and eliminating so as to enable ladies sexual orientation differences in essential and optional training by 2005. • Reduce baby and youngster death rates by 66% by 2015. • Reduce maternal mortality proportions by 75% by 2015. • Halt and start to turn around the spread of HIV/AIDS, jungle fever and other real ailments. • Implement national techniques for reasonable advancement by 2005, in order to turn around the loss of natural assets by 2015. • Develop a worldwide organization for improvement, with focuses for help, exchange and obligation alleviation. • Reduce considerably the extent of individuals without feasible access to safe drinking water and essential sanitation.

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Thanks Paul IFSW coordinators My associates Brinelle and Lata

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Dhooper Surjit Singh (1997). Social Work in Health Care in the 21st Century. California: Sage Publications. Morals in Social Work, Statement of Principles. 2004 International Federation of Social Workers and International Association of Schools of Social Work, Bern, Switzerland Ife Jim (2001). Human Rights and Social Work. Towards Rights-based Practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Worldwide Policy on Human Rights. Sanction at the IFSW General Meeting, Hong Kong, July 21 - 23, 1996 PDHRE The People\'s Movement for Human Rights Education (PDHRE)/NY Office References

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Maitra Shubhada (2003). Status of Women in Mental Hospitals in Maharashtra (A Report). Arranged for Maharashtra State Commission for Women. Tata Institute of Social Sciences: Mumbai. Mill operator, Rosalind S. also, Rehr, Helen (1983). Social Work Issues in Health Care. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. Reichert Elizabeth (2003). Social Work and Human Rights. A Foundation for Policy and Practice. Jaipur: Rawat Publications. Iyer, Aditi, Jesani Amar and Karmarkar Santosh (1996). Enhancing Public Health System: Patient Satisfaction in a Public Hospital in Mumbai. Working Towards Right to Health and Health Care . Nine Years of Anusudhan Trust (February 1991-March 2000). Six Years of the Center for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (April 1994-Mar

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