The Impact Study A joint endeavor of NAA, ASNE, Readership Institute .

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Readership Trends. The Moment Is Unique. ABC changes open major opportunities:Report readershipEstablish a variable-evaluated strategyCount mass salesGrow pass alongLook at USA Today\'s experience. This Time Is Also Unique Because of 9-11. For the occasion, customers have a more profound and closer association with their daily paper in light of 9-11History says the association won't lastBacksliding can be halted
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The Power To Grow Readership The Impact Study A joint wander of NAA, ASNE, Readership Institute

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% Newspaper Readership Among The Adult Population Source: Newspaper Association of America Readership Trends

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The Moment Is Unique ABC changes open real open doors: Report readership Establish a variable-evaluated procedure Count mass deals Grow go along Look at USA Today\'s experience

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This Time Is Also Unique Because of 9-11 For the occasion, shoppers have a more profound and nearer association with their daily paper due to 9-11 History says the association won\'t last Backsliding can be halted in the event that you give perusers new motivations to remain with your paper RI (Readership Institute) gives bits of knowledge & apparatuses to build up that association

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Measuring Readership RI measured perusers\' use of their daily paper on weekdays and ends of the week Readership is: Time spent Frequency Completeness RI rolled those measurements into a solitary Reader Behavior Score (RBS) for every customer

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Measuring Readership, cont. Daily papers can undoubtedly add RBS to their present peruser review measures Follow RI guidelines (See paper at ) Track the achievement of substance, administration and brand activities Compare your daily paper to industry standards, comparative markets and so forth

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4 Cornerstones and Imperatives The Impact study yielded "Eight Imperatives" for developing readership Each basic fits into one of the "4 Cornerstones" of readership development

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4 Cornerstones of Readership Newspapers have huge chances to develop readership through enhancements in the 4 foundations of: - Content -Brand - Service -Culture 4 are connected to each other 4 must be handled together

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Readership Growth 4 Cornerstones Content 9 sorts of substance develop readership So does a specific sort of neighborhood news Content that is "anything but difficult to peruse" & traversable Content that is advanced Advertising content Service magnificence Brand pertinence Constructive culture

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The Four Cornerstones of Readership Content Service Brand Culture

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Content That Grows RBS Topics with most prominent potential to develop readership News about customary individuals, group declaration, eulogies 2. Wellbeing, home, nourishment, form & travel Politics, government, global 4. Normal debacles & mischances 5. Films, TV & climate 6. Business and individual fund 7. Science, innovation, environment 8. Police & wrongdoing 9. Sports

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Content & Increased Satisfaction

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Content & Increased Satisfaction

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Content & Increased Satisfaction

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Post 9-11 Within the 9 subjects, these three have the best potential: News about normal individuals, obits and group declarations Health, home, sustenance, form & travel Politics, government, worldwide They exemplify a blend of hard & delicate news that perusers look for #1 and #3 are what made daily papers post 9-11 exceptional Interest in remote news has dependably been available – the length of daily papers made it significant

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Post 9-11 Hard-hitting, moving stories about conventional individuals made daily papers wake up Unfortunately, those reports are vanishing, supplanted by "institutional" stories There is reestablished accentuation by buyers on family, home, "settling" and wellbeing These sorts of stories are imperative to developing readership

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About Obituaries RI recognized numerous regular practices among daily papers with high fulfillment evaluations Full report at:

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Change Writing Style It isn\'t sufficient to have the correct story themes Many perusers are killed by the altered pyramid composing style that is utilized as a part of 70% of your paper\'s stories

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What Are Some Writing Styles That Work? Include style Beginning, center, end Characters recount the story Engages, associates Commentary Author\'s voice (Reviews, sections, first-individual)

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Create a \'Simple to Read\' Newspaper "Simple to peruse" implies: The daily paper is unwinding to peruse (This does not mean mind treat) "It\'s anything but difficult to discover what I\'m searching for"

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\'Simple to Read\', cont. More "go-and-do" data More stories about wellbeing, home, design, sustenance More component style stories More in-paper content advancement

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Advertising Content Better advertisement content drives general daily paper readership Required Actions: Learn which advertisements drive your readership Get those advertisements Make readership an obligation of the promotion office

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Advertising Content Ad content has the third-most noteworthy potential to develop readership It is much more critical for Readers under 35 Hispanics & African-Americans

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Example: A Strategy Targeting Young Women (25-34) Get more advertisements that interest to them Special valuing Ads ought to be model Best area Active advancement of the advertisements Make publicizing, showcasing, & news in charge of organizing endeavors

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In-paper Content Promotion Create a forceful arrangement for in-paper content advancement Required Actions: Concentrate first on forthcoming substance; then same-day content Make one individual responsible

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Heavy Skimmer Selective Sunday substantial Light Sunday overwhelming just Weekday just Sunday light Nonreader 9 Types of Readers

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#2 #1 Average Daily In-Paper Promotion Focus on these & in a specific order

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Execution In winter 2002 check the Readership Institute site for a preparatory give an account of what works

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The Four Cornerstones of Readership Content Service Brand Culture

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The Service Cornerstone Newspapers that convey what their clients consider benefit magnificence have higher RBS, yet the bar is high

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6 Service Factors that Drive RBS Condition/fulfillment of conveyed paper Quality of paper, ink, sort estimate When, how paper is conveyed Accuracy of bill Cost of home conveyance Overall client benefit

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Over-the-top administration yields huge prizes RBS Industry normal 4.25 Service Achieve Service Excellence

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For Further Study Close connection amongst administration and substance Older perusers more vulnerable to administration issues than more youthful perusers "No frills" versus inventive model Importance of superb administration recuperation Importance of distributer\'s part and demeanor

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The Four Cornerstones of Readership Content Service Brand Culture

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The Brand Cornerstone Develop a solid daily paper mark Drives RBS as much as substance Brand is a solid, positive picture that is significant to the peruser Required Actions: Understand & characterize your image Enhance and reinforce it

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Relevance Content: News & Adv. Mark Perception Service Excellence Readership Brand Model RBS

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Some Key Brand Ideas Build a brand in the brains of your perusers that: depends on a couple of solid, positive and applicable qualities Differentiates your daily paper from the opposition In RI test we discovered just six daily papers that have a solid Brand isn\'t a paper\'s slogan or banner It is the thing that customers think it is and not what the daily paper says it is

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Brand Perceptions that Drive RBS

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The Four Cornerstones of Readership Content Service Brand Culture

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The Culture Cornerstone To develop RBS: Tear down cautious culture and supplant it with a helpful one Required Action: Begin to develop readership as a sustained activity Promote the individuals who will lead initiative & include staff cross-departmentally

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Who Are Newspapers Like?

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Who Are Newspapers Like?

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Adaptive Change-safe Group achievers Individual increase Collaborative Insular Outward-looking Internal concentration Not a wrongdoing to fall flat Don\'t come up short Constructive versus Cautious

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Department Over-all Culture Primary style Secondary style Advertising Marketing Circulation News-Editorial Top Execs Passive/Defensive Passive/Defensive Aggressive/Defensive Aggressive/Defensive Constructive Perfectionistic Avoidance Oppositional Perfectionistic Humanistic Conventional Perfectionistic Oppositional Achievement Culture by Newspaper Departments

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Defensive Cultures Departments work independently in storehouses There\'s little collaboration or participation inside or between orders Employees are not glad for the general nature of the daily paper and its administrations

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Constructive Cultures Departments and people are accomplishment arranged "We cooperate (crosswise over storehouses) for the benefit of the paper" A more fulfilled staff Higher RBS

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Moving to a Constructive Culture It\'s an authority issue Leaders must model, energize and remunerate these styles Requires pioneers to venture outside the present culture See plainly what must change Assess whether the ideal individuals are in correct place to do it Be set up to focus on it long haul

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How to Implement

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Action Step #1 Measure and utilize readership to develop it and to serve your clients RBS is the key measure of how perusers act It is the thing that sponsors require Major contenders utilize: Eyeballs/Ears/Minds/Wallets Teach publicists that RBS/readership is a superior measure than eyes or ears

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Action Step #2 Build the 4 foundations desperately and now Other media are as yet dividing, however that will change soon When it does, daily papers must meet contenders\' merged news and promoting quality

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Action Step #3 Use readership in each office It\'s a cause all divisions can rally around Puts the emphasis on facades (the client) rather than interior issues Share the objectives transparently Encourage dialog Enlist the greatest number of staff as you can in the actio

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