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The Incomparable Word versus Outline Face off regarding: Educating the Old Puppies New Traps Rock Journalists Union, 1/23/07 This evening's Objective It is not by any stretch of the imagination Word versus Outline, it is Word AND Casing. A great many people have Word. Some have Casing. Couple of just have Edge.
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The Great Word versus Edge Debate: Teaching the Old Dogs New Tricks Boulder Writers Alliance, 1/23/07

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Tonight’s Goal It is not by any means Word versus Outline, it is Word AND Frame. A great many people have Word. Some have Frame. Couple of just have Frame. Ya can’t work in PCs and not have Microsoft Word (or its identical) in 2007.

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Is the Most Famous the Best? Word’s omnipresence does not make it the BEST item, one and only that must be become friends with. Frame’s lack does not make it the most exceedingly awful item, one and only that must be found out as though you were on a desert island…

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A Common Situation You have been enlisted by a hot new startup, Desert Island Software . YOU are the new Documentation Department. Your grumpy manager, who abhors documentation, has contracted you on the grounds that: a) he knows your companion\'s auntie from chapel, and b) his board let him know he needed to have a doc individual He said you have the monetary allowance to purchase ONE documentation device: Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker. Which instrument do you purchase and why?

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Frame’s Strengths It truly permits you to process archives. (You can make reports that have restrictive content, for instance; they act one path for one reason, yet then with two or three summons you can inspire them to act an alternate way.) It can make Books, not only a progression of documents. You can without much of a stretch make Table of Contents and Indices crosswise over records with Frame. You can get into a file’s Underwear Drawer – you can make a .mif record that demonstrates to you a significant part of the underpinnings of a Frame doc. A .mif document is an unadulterated content form of the Frame doc. In the event that you like charge lines, a .mif record is for you.

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Frame’s Weaknesses It is hard to learn and more hard to instruct how to move. (It has a STEEP expectation to absorb information. It is a record preparing apparatus for expert essayists, not a word handling instrument for people.) You need to work at creating a snappy doc in Frame. (You need to settle on 3 choices before you get to a clear page; Word opens with one.) The last real upgrade of Frame (7.0) was numerous years prior; there have been overhauls from that point forward, yet they don’t address a portion of the niggly easily overlooked details that most 2007 programming does. “Dinosourish interface”.

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Word’s Strengths You can simply begin writing. (It has a level expectation to absorb information.) Everyone utilizes it. (My children have utilized it for homework since they were in fourth grade.) It is much, much less demanding to use than Frame. (The short and Full menus alternative is only one case of convenience.) It has the Outlining element. (This has long been my most loved component of Word, and one few individuals use.) It permits you to alter menus. You can without much of a stretch make TOCs per doc, both in Outlining and in the content, if to stay informed concerning what is going on – in that record.

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Word’s Weaknesses It can\'t make TOCs and Indices crosswise over records, regardless of what anybody claims. (‘Master Documents’ does not by any stretch of the imagination work.) I for the most part think Word maxes out at 1 mg records and 500 pages. I have made greater documents than those, yet I have had littler ones that smashed, as well. It has a numbering bug that pesters me a great deal in some cases. A considerable measure. Bookmarks in PDF don\'t hold the autonumbering in headings.

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Why You Might Buy Word Here are a few traps that I like, and individuals from BWA have suggested:

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Use the F4 Key (Ctrl-Y) Explanation Repeat your past activity. Utilize this device ALL THE TIME. Sample Change the text dimension from 12 to 11 point. Select another thing, press F4.

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Format Painter This instrument duplicates the designing from one chose thing and permits you to glue just the arranging onto another chose thing. Case 1. Select a bolded, emphasized thing. 2. Click on the Format Painter apparatus. 3. Select the thing you need to duplicate the organization to.

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Paste Special Allows you glue different components other than the whole replicated component into Word. Perfect for replicating and sticking material from the Web. Case 1. Copy a passage from a Web page. 2. In Word, pick File->Paste Special 3. Scroll to Unformatted Text, click OK.

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Customize Toolbars Create a custom Word toolbar that contains the summons you utilize regularly. Sample My custom toolbar contains orders like “Format Painter” and “Para Keep with Next”.

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Unlimited Undo Word permits various undos – not just would you be able to fix the last charge you attempted, yet back until the last spare. Illustration If you striking a passage, then focus it, then include a sentence before it, you can fix back to the bolding. All the more productively, you can duplicate the new sentence, then fix the distance to the bolding (Undo does not fix replicating) then glue the new sentence.

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Outlining Word has four perspective modes: Normal, Web design, Print, and Outline. You can take a gander at your report from any of these perspectives and it doesn\'t change the substance. Case If you utilize the implicit heading styles, you can show the whole doc progressively. See illustration.

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Previous Docs “Recently utilized files”. Go to Tools/Options/General and extend this number to 9 (the maximum)

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Previous Edit/Para Keep with Next Add the Previous Edit/Para Keep with Next/Go To TOC catch to your custom toolbar: 1. Click on the Down Arrow beside a Toolbar. 2. Choose Add or Remove Buttons. 3. Click “Customize”. 4. Find the summon either by picking the menu or picking “All Commands” from the Categories catch. 5. Click and drag the charge to the menu you need. 6. Click “keyboard” to include console easy routes.

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Why You Might Buy Frame Here are a few traps that I like, and individuals from BWA have suggested:

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Reference Graphics Ease of embeddings references to design records. This are not stuck in, but rather referenced…so in the event that you change the realistic, Frame makes sense of without anyone else\'s input that there is another variant.

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Lists Generating records. For instance, Imported Graphics, Fonts utilized Frame is a great deal more rundown neighborly, more Entire Book-Friendly. TOCs, Indexes crosswise over records are partitioned documents and much less demanding to keep up.

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Compatibility w/PDFs Bookmarks in PDF hold the autonumbering in headings.

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Conditional Text Frame takes into consideration genuine single sourcing. Capacity to shroud every one of my design so I can fabricate HTML assistance from the same source documents, yet without pictures.

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Linda G’s Frame Class Note that Linda Gallagher will be showing an introduction Frame class at Metro State this spring. I\'ll be showing a FrameMaker course at Metropolitan State College of Denver this Spring. This is a hands-on course where you\'ll get the chance to learn FrameMaker and make a task with it for credit. What: COM 390I Designing Documentation with Adobe FrameMaker 2 credit hours, $305. No Credit $200 (space accessible) When: Fridays, March 9-April 20 (March 23rd off for spring break) 8:30am-12:45pm

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How to Get Help Ask on the BWA site I truly question you concocted an issue nobody has experienced some time recently. Too bad.

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Discussion Notes from Mary H. Word Pros: Detailed Track Changes highlight encourages synergistic written work and altering (counting the capacity to  globally or specifically acknowledge or reject proposed changes) Extensive table control abilities, including Convert Text to Table and Convert Table to Text Recordable macros Document secret key insurance (question: does Frame have watchword security?) Integration with other application programming, for example, Excel and PowerPoint Frame Pros: Much better confinement highlight (effortlessly backings characters sets from different dialects) Much better inside drawing apparatuses (can use to do refined design)

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Discussion Notes: from Donna M. Outline qualities: Localization highlight extremely valuable Good line drawing apparatus Word qualities: Can bolt styles so clients are restricted to just certain styles. Can make an Edit style that lets content you alter emerge. For instance, blue text style, italics, outdented. You can sort on a style to find only that style. Try not to utilize auto numbering or auto list, however rather us the REF field in addition to a large scale for numbering. In the event that you send docs to another client and they handicap macros, the doc will at present seem as thoug

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