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The Issue Government Interchanges Commission wishes to manage web get to and set costs for ISPs Court administering against FCC's case and opportunity in Congress Current promotion and media battle for "non competition‐enabling" "firm‐restricting" 'internet fairness'. Vision
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The Issue Federal Communications Commission wishes to control web get to and set costs for ISPs Court administering against FCC’s case and opportunity in Congress Current backing and media battle for “non competition‐enabling” “firm‐restricting” ‘net neutrality’.

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Vision People’s capacity to give and access unregulated web substance stream and network speed in the U.S. also, whatever is left of the world.

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Mission Maintain free and unregulated web access for substance stream and network speed by impacting the present arrangement banter on ‘net neutrality’.

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Target Image International non-fanatic grassroots crusade Launched by concerned residents from 6 nations Our motivation is to prevent the administration from assuming control over the web

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Goal Stop ‘Net Neutrality’ development by making mindfulness amongst American web clients on the negative impacts of this proposition Influence the arrangement civil argument to make FCC, Congress, and online networking consider ‘net neutrality’ as NET BRUTALITY. Bring all supporters of our reason together under one normal flag. Appeal the FCC and the Government

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Target Groups Libertarian similar web clients and feature gamers Fiscal and Social Conservative Activists, Campaigners and Think Tanks Internet Service Providers and Communications organizations Policy producers (Legislators, Regulators, Public authorities)

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Key Messages Net Neutrality = Net BRUTALITY! Government directed web is wasteful Internet regulation will prompt substance restriction and unreasonable levy The Internet is not invulnerable from monetary standards and powers

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Our Strategy Online Media Campaign Webpage Social Media: Facebook Group Chinese Blog Twitter Messaging Advocacy Efforts ATR Wednesday Meeting Informational and Take Action Pamphlet

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Our Products and Activities ATR Wednesday Meeting

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Our Outcome Webpage Traffic: 200 Visitors in 3 days Facebook Figures: About 200 supporters in two days Twitter Figures: Following 293 individuals, 22 adherent, 1 list Organizational Support: ATR CATO Among

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