The Italian Confirmation of Software engineering College Educational program.

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The Italian Certification of Computer Science University Curricula Agostino Cortesi, Università Ca\' Foscari - Venezia Enrico Nardelli, Università Tor Vergata - Roma GRIN - Italian Association of University Professors in Computer Science

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1. Inspirations 2. Degree Program Certification 3. Confirmation Process Management 4. Towards a CS Body of Knowledge 5. Conclusions

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Challenges for italian colleges… The independence conceded to italian Universities in the particular of their educational module constrains the resources to profoundly qualify their items regarding the plenty of courses that are offered in the instructive business sector. Likewise when focussing just on educational module offered by the University framework, it is extremely hard to assess the estimations of educational module that look fundamentally the same as. The same holds for undertakings and enrollment organizations, having hard time to order the diverse Universities concerning the nature of every undergrad and graduate degree program

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… and for CS specifically Each italian University conveying a degree program in Computer Science ought to be sufficiently reasonable to ensure that their educational module cover the fundamental range of experimental information in Computer Science, and that courses are given by qualified educators. Lamentably the second condition above is some of the time dismissed, as there are Universities degree programs where not in any case one employee has a PhD neither in Computer Science nor in Computer Engineering.

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1. Inspirations 2. Degree Program Certification 3. Affirmation Process Management 4. Towards a CS Body of Knowledge 5. Conclusions

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The GRIN confirmation mark GRIN, the Italian Association of Computer Science University Professors (around 750 individuals) advanced a typical exertion including the greater part of the Italian Universities towards the elicitation of the "item qualities" of college degree programs in Computer Science: it portrayed the imperatives to be satisfied with a specific end goal to acquire the GRIN quality affirmation. guidelines and consequences of this confirmation procedure are made open, in a site An outside expert affirmation power (AICA) ensures the decency of the accreditations procedure

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A possible approach The GRIN Association chose to embrace the accompanying criteria, so as to stay away from the need of substantial authoritative obligations: The amount of information to be dealt with ought to be entirely restricted; information ought to be anything but difficult to get and to check; information ought to be as of now accessible at every site, as a component of the standard open data gave to potential understudies.

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General Guidelines The GRIN quality affirmation depends on the check of the satisfaction of an arrangement of imperatives on the projects. The general rules to characterize the affirmation guidelines are as per the following: The rate of courses in Computer Science in the degree program must be huge. The fundamental zones of Computer Science ought to be legitimately secured The degree system ought not all that tremendously focussed on a solitary territory.

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Constraints Two affirmation levels were composed the first gone for college degree programs ( certificazione base ) the second one for graduate degree programs or for exceptionally requesting undergrad programs ( certificazione avanzata ). A rundown of 11 primary Computer Science ranges was distinguished, by the group, and a definite rundown of subtopics (subareas) were related to each of them.

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The 11 CS Areas Foundations Algorithms Programming Computer Languages Computer Architectures Operating Systems Data Base Management Systems Network Computing Software Engineering Human Computer Interaction – Graphics - Multimedia Knowledge Representation

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Basic Rules The accreditation standards are characterized as far as credits (cfu = 25 hours of learning exercises for the normal understudy). Keeping in mind the end goal to be qualified for the GRIN quality affirmation stamp, every University degree program in Computer Science must fulfill the accompanying 3 limitations: At minimum 78 cfu must be allocated to learning exercises in Computer Science or in Computer Engineering. No less than 60 cfu (out of the 78 above) must be doled out to learning exercises in the 11 regions recorded above At minimum 7 regions (out of the 11 recorded above) must be secured by no less than 6 cfu.

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Rules versus Guidelines The primary principle ensures that more than 1/3 of the project is particularly devoted to CS subjects; the rest may numerical and physical establishments, more specific themes, or corresponding viewpoints (e.g., lawful, prudent, and moral issues). The second administer ensures a decent scope of the principle zones of Computer Science; watch that credits alloted to the same zone can be spread among various courses. At long last, the third administer keeps from degree programs whose extension is excessively limited: in any event half of the 11 ranges must be appropriately secured, say by no less than 48 hours of class addresses.

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Additional Rule on Faculty The nature of the degree program intensely relies on upon Falculty capability The insignificant necessities: At slightest 8 educators on Computer Science or Computer Engineering for an undergrad program At minimum 6 teachers for extra degree programs

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Results Effort continuous since 2002-03 The site is open: 2004: 39 confirmed projects out of 57 (univ. 31/39) 2005: 42 guaranteed programs out of 54 (univ. 35/42) 2006: 44 guaranteed programs out of 54 (univ. 37/42) Each degree program pays a yearly charge of 150 Euros

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1. Inspirations 2. Degree Program Certification 3. Affirmation Process Management 4. Conclusioni 4.Towards a CS Body of Knowledge 5. Bibliografia 5. Conclusions

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Process administration Each year, the seat of every Computer Science degree project may apply for the GRIN quality affirmation by embeddings in the accreditation site the information concerning the enacted educational module, and the syllabus of every course instructed. For every course, the accompanying data must be given: complete number of credits, number of credits marked as "software engineering", and relating zone. An engineered portrayal of the substance of every credit in the 11 zones must be embedded too.

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course ranges syllabus

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Correspondence between educational module The framework permit to find semantic correspondences between various courses. Specifically, the site bolsters educational program recast when understudies exchange to an alternate college Based on sub-ranges A better segment of each of the 11 top-level regions "featured" sub-regions are "suggested" ones

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A – Foundations (Subareas) * ALF – Automata, Formal Languages * CAL - Calcolability * COM - Complexity * SLP – Programming Language Semantics TIC – Information Theory L - Logics SD – Dinamic Systems V - Varia

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B – Algorithms (subareas) * SDF – Fundamental Data Structures * TAPA – Basic Techniques for Analysis and Design of Algorithm * A – Fundamental Algorithms * ASC – Combinatoric Algorithms TAA – Advanced Algorithms SDA – Advanced Data Structures AD – Distrubuted Algorithms AP – Parallel Algorithms AN – Numerical Algorithms V - Varia

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1. Inspirations 2. Degree Program Certification 3. Accreditation Process Management 4.Towards a CS Body of Knowledge 5. Decisions

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There is an extraordinary worth in the measure of data that has been gathered along these lines in three years It is conceivable, truth be told, to develop in a base procedure a redesigned "guide of learning in Computer Science". This is object of current examination by the GRIN National Educational Committee, went for characterizing an Italian Curriculum in Computer Science. This will be especially valuable so as to keep up a correspondence between the University educational module and the necessities of the work market.

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1. Inspirations 2. Degree Program Certification 3. Confirmation Process Management 4. Towards a Book of Knowledge 5. Conclusions

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Conclusions The GRIN quality affirmation characteristic of University degree programs in Computer Science has a worth both for the entire Italian Computer Science people group, additionally for the european University framework, as it yields an arrangement of similar and straightforward educational module that encourages understudy versatility in a national or global setting. It can be the premise toward the outline of an Eurobachelor in Informatics

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