The Jungle .

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The "Wilderness". A manual for U.S. Naval force positions. Gazelles = Ensigns. Albeit effortlessly panicked, they have been known not relax on display of the "lions" Keeps running at high speeds, with no reason or bearing The moderate and feeble are much of the time killed. Cheetah = LTjg. Recluse, feisty
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The "Wilderness" A manual for U.S. Naval force positions

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Gazelles = Ensigns Although effectively startled, they have been known to moronically relax on display of the "lions" Runs at high speeds, with no reason or course The moderate and feeble are much of the time killed

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Cheetah = LTjg Loner, feisty Makes the incidental kill on a weaker creature

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Lions = Lieutenants Hunts in packs Can cut down a bigger creature with coordination Easily kills the "cheetah"

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Water Buffalo = Lieutenant Commanders Aging, slower brute, yet Cannot be brought around a solitary "Lion"

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Hippopotamus = Commanders Slow and awkward ashore Safe in claim condition Lays low to keep away from adversaries

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Elephants = Captains Rules the "Wilderness" Impossible to bring down aside from by his associates

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Hyena = The Chief Laughs persistently at the "Cheetahs" and "Gazelles" Helps the "Lions" finish the kill on bigger creatures however is known to change its normal senses and help "Elephants", "Hippopotamuses", "Water Buffaloes" and "Sloths"

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Sloth = Chief Warrant Officer Skilled in one range just Comes around just to nourish and deal with real capacities

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Dung Beetle = Sailor Forced to manage the "poo" made by alternate creatures

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Sand Crab = GS Employee Side-strides duty Has a hard shell which can\'t be split, even by "Elephants" Immune to "Excrement Beetles"

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Ant = Contract Employee Lowest on the evolved way of life Extremely beneficial, yet can be disposed of by even a "Cheetah" "Fertilizer Beetles" and "Sand Crabs" appreciate tormenting them

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Master Chief King of the sea Very tuff skin and sharp teeth alternate animals get eaten alive on the off chance that they venture into his reality

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