The Laborie Experience .

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. Don\'t Know what is Climate ChangeBUTHappy to live in a lovely nation . Laborie Girls Primary School Students. .
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The Laborie Experience

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Laborie Girls Primary School Students Don\'t Know what is Climate Change BUT Happy to live in a delightful nation

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Jenny Chicot, 16-year-old understudy "I think everyone merits a shot and they ought to be dealt with similarly. So in the event that you see some person accomplishing something incorrectly you ought to let them know, and they will gain from it, regardless of the possibility that they don\'t indicate it. I will urge the general population to find out about environmental change and its consequences for the general public, and it begins with the family."

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Alisha Carasco, 16-year-old understudy "Above all else, I can spread the data on environmental change around. On the off chance that you can\'t spread it around on an expansive gathering, in case you\'re an understudy you have preference so you tell individuals at school. On the off chance that you can\'t achieve everyone by talking, there are plays and melodies, which could be an extraordinary instrument."

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Cyril Serieux, director, Laborie Village Council One of the things I think we can do is to empower water asset administration. At the end of the day, we can attempt to tend to our new water assets. Something else we can do is plant more trees.

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Lydia Charlemaigne Climate Change will have more effect on our young male populace than on females. There are more young ladies in school getting a decent training than are young fellows.

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Augustine Dominique "We realize that adjustments in our group is not a limited show. It requires the association of everybody, especially the support and assets from our legislature

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Errol George "Environmental Change is happening a direct result of the malevolence of man. It\'s in the book of scriptures. The apocalypse is close."

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The Laborie Production

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