The Lead Conversion Process .

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The Lead Conversion Process. Presented by: Philip Sperber. The Lead Conversion Process Step by Step. General Statistics Process Overview Lead Assignment Initial Quoting Process First Set of Calls Second Set of Calls Last Call Making Contact 5 Step Sales Process Outcome Follow Up
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The Lead Conversion Process Presented by: Philip Sperber

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The Lead Conversion Process Step by Step General Statistics Process Overview Lead Assignment Initial Quoting Process First Set of Calls Second Set of Calls Last Call Making Contact 5 Step Sales Process Outcome Follow Up Process Management

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General Statistics Currently using leads from 4 to 5 distinctive lead sources This takes into consideration a decent blend of Leads are from telemarketing organizations notwithstanding web Provides a steady stream of new leads Prevents "all investments tied up on one place" disorder Still simple to oversee 2 authorized staff work a normal of 165 new leads every month One Sales Associate working a normal of 125 every month One Service relate working a normal of 40 every month Agency has found the middle value of 60 new things every month since January 2007 This is near 36% things sold per leads bought

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Process Overview From the purpose of lead task, our office procedure has 10 stages including: Quoting 1 mail endeavor 1 email endeavor 6 call endeavors X-date or 6 month follow-up Each of the 10 stages is followed by the staff part appointed to the lead Excel spreadsheet tracks the date that every progression of the procedure is finished Spreadsheets are situated on "people in general drive" of my office for simple get to Spreadsheets can be effortlessly changed to track other fancied data

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Lead Assignment The leads are messaged specifically to me, I then allocate the prompt a maker as per the accompanying: Staff part\'s expected set of responsibilities Current work stack

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Initial Quoting Process Input client\'s data from the lead sheet. If not expressed, we expect 1 year earlier at state least risk If not expressed, we accept clean driving record We utilize the more "costly" auto models We utilize an IS score of 4 for the underlying quote We cite the "GOLD" bundle at first, yet process would function admirably to cite "PLATIMUM" first We then quote property utilizing the data gave joined district assessor Our auto cite incorporates the property markdown and tight clamp versa – our discussions will be about both strategies We cite as far as possible asked for on the lead sheet We prescribe no less than 100/300 for mortgage holders

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Initial Quoting Process (cont.) Before shutting the quote, endeavor to call the prospect See first contact Print two duplicates of every quote One duplicate gets sent to the prospect if not reached by telephone The other duplicate is stapled to the lead sheet for reference Email the quote if conceivable

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First Set of Calls Three call endeavors inside 3 days for the primary contact First summon endeavor Made right with quote still open in Alliance Leave a message if no contact Second call endeavor Often same day if the principal endeavor at a young hour in the day Second day if necessary Leave message Third call endeavor On third day Leave message The date of all call endeavors is signed on Lead Tracking spreadsheet Any discussion notes are logged specifically on the lead sheet/cite duplicate

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Second Set of Calls Typically take one day away from work between first arrangement of calls and the second arrangement of brings Two bring endeavors more than two days Fourth call endeavor On fifth day Leave message Fifth call endeavor On 6th day Message discretionary

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Last Call Typically take one free day between second arrangement of calls and the last call One call endeavor Sixth call endeavor On eighth day Leave "take-away" message

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Making Contact Insurance hypothesis of relativity S=D+C+Q Sales = Dials + Contacts + Quotes My Sales Associate spotlights on slowly and carefully 20-30 Dials every day will create 10-15 Contacts every day which will deliver 5-7 settled Quotes every day, which will deliver 1-3 things Sold every day

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Five Step Sales Process #1 Establish Rapport Always proficient and obliging – we position ourselves as protection experts, not telemarketers Use dynamic listening What makes them search for protection today? What are you searching for in your next insurance agency? Utilize answers to tailor deals presentation and "snare" Establish understandings – "me as well"

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Five Step Sales Process #2 Arouse interest/build up need Focus on esteem first! Scope audit Your Choice Auto highlights Your Choice Home elements Agency advantage 24 hour client benefit Claims benefit Compare starting cited value Additional reality discovering Gather data/consent to run reports Complete PQB We regularly get back to with the finished quote for both auto and property

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Five Step Sales Process #3 Present choices Maintain concentrate on esteem first Link components to advantages Use tie-downs

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Five Step Sales Process #4 Ask for activity Closing methods: Direct recommendation Assumptive suggestion Choice suggestion

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Five Step Sales Process #5 After deal Say "thank you" Outline the following strides in the process including a time allotment Obtain EFS arrangement Obtain referrals

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Outcome Sales relate documents the ultimate result of discussion for future reference Short depiction on Lead Tracking spreadsheet More nitty gritty notes specifically on lead/cite sheet

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Follow up Appropriate follow-up date is resolved Associate requests that authorization inquire in at a later date Very few say no Lead/cite sheet is recorded by month in our subsequent file organizer

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Process Management Measurement and following Each maker\'s day by day exercises can undoubtedly be followed and checked Each lead source\'s viability can be effectively followed The lead heap of every maker can be effortlessly followed Each lead can be followed for advance

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Process Management Flexibility Location on "P" drive permits simple get to Excel spreadsheets take into account simple information section Excel spreadsheets take into consideration changes to what is followed and how Easy to overhaul or chronicle data

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Process Management Accountability Provides instrument to consider staff responsible to the lead transformation prepare Timeliness of steps Dials Contacts Allows for a simple approach to keep lead sources responsible Number of leads gave versus number charged Duplicate leads

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Successful Sales Techniques Webinar Series Sperber 10 stage Lead Conversion and Tracking Process The 10 stage Quote to Close contact prepare The 5 stage Sales handle Process Measurement and Management Presented 9/20/07 and 9/25/07 Recording accessible on ?? 9/26/07 Attendance: Agents and Staff - 159 Regional Employees - 8 Field Distribution Leaders - 5 What Agents are stating: We\'re extremely awed with Phil\'s presentation and we plan to receive much/the majority of this procedure

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