The Life Cycle of Caterpillars.

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At the point when the caterpillar rises up out of the chrysalis, it is a grown-up butterfly. ... A few butterflies live for a couple of days while others live for a couple ...
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The Life Cycle of Caterpillars By: Julia Peterson

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Hypothesis A theory is an informed conjecture about something. I need you to make a theory about what will happen to the caterpillars in our science focus . Compose or draw your speculation on a bit of paper in your scratch pad and spare it for the end of this action. Back to menu

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Life Cycle Caterpillars experience numerous adjustments in their lives. There are 4 organizes that the caterpillar experiences. The names of the stages are the egg , the caterpillar , the chrysalis , and the butterfly . Click on the photo to see genuine photos of these stages.

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Eggs The main stage is the egg stage. The caterpillar begins it\'s life as an egg . The eggs are laid on a leaf which will later serve as nourishment for the caterpillar. Caterpillar eggs are a wide range of hues and shapes .

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Caterpillar The second stage is a caterpillar . Caterpillars are in this stage for 2 weeks to 1 month . Amid this stage caterpillars eat continually and become rapidly. Caterpillars eat leaves off of blooming plants and trees.

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Chrysalis The third stage is the chrysalis stage. The chrysalis stage endures anyplace from a couple days to numerous months . The caterpillar doesn\'t eat amid this stage. Amid this time the caterpillar experiences changes called transformation .

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The last stage is the butterfly . Butterfly When the caterpillar rises up out of the chrysalis, it is a grown-up butterfly . Butterflies can just eat fluids through their straw-like mouth called a proboscis . Some butterflies live for a couple days while others live for a couple of months .

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Class Activity Pick an accomplice that you might want to be with for the accompanying action. After you watch every stage that the caterpillars in our classroom experienced, please draw the stages on a graph in your scratch pad.

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Now that you know a smidgen about caterpillars I need one accomplice to watch the caterpillars in the science focus. I need you to take notes (either composing or drawing them) in your note pad . I need the other accomplice to investigate the web and books in the classroom and find fascinating data about caterpillars . It would be ideal if you compose or draw no less than 10 likenesses and contrasts from the caterpillars in the book to the ones in our classroom. Back to menu

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Activities Here are a few exercises and amusements that you can use to help you find out about the caterpillars life cycle. Caterpillars Coloring pages: Chrysalis You can print off the shading pages and the butterfly stages and shading or paint them. Butterflies Butterfly: Put the stages all together Games: Butterfly Fun Back to Menu

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Assessment With your accomplice discover one other gathering to work with. Talk about the life cycle of the caterpillar. At that point Individually print out the following slide and put the progressions of the caterpillar\'s life all together . When you are done, contrast it and your accomplice and afterward place it in your scratch pad and spare it .

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Put these all together Click here after you have finished this evaluation to check your work. Back to menu

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Life Cycle Answer Back to menu

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Video Clip Click the photo to view Then tap on Don\'t Tell Me 56K Real Video Back to menu

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Bibliography fun.html crawlies/buttermoth.html The Little Golden Book Encyclopedia

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The End!!

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