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The 10,000 foot view The Wellbeing and Wellbeing Venture Wellbeing and Wellbeing Venture - " Working with school groups to upgrade the wellbeing and wellbeing of understudies and the individuals who work with them' Educational programs Who? Prepared Facilitators: Instruction Office Catholic Training Autonomous Schools
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The BIG picture The Health and Wellbeing Project

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Health and Wellbeing Project - ‘ Working with school groups to upgrade the wellbeing and wellbeing of understudies and the individuals who work with them’ Curriculum Who? Prepared Facilitators: Education Department Catholic Education Independent Schools Health Providers: - DEN - Family Planning - Drug & Alcohol Services - Sexual Health Branch - Others? School atmosphere: Ethos & Environment What? 4 Commonwealth Health Strategies: National School Drug Education Strategy National Mental Health Strategy National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy National Sexual Health Strategy Partnerships Health Promoting Schools: An entire school way to deal with psychological well-being Mind Matters: Why What To fabricate and improve strength and connectedness How

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School atmosphere Caring connections Welfare/peaceful consideration Discipline arrangement & practice Support amid move Opportunities for investment Partnerships With families, group & administrations Curriculum Broad & comprehensive Interactive & agreeable classroom work in light of elevated requirements Teachers bolstered by expert advancement Personal & social qualities improvement Comprehensive wellbeing training Support for proficiency & numeracy Health Promoting Schools Framework

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Mental Health an all encompassing feeling of wellbeing Enjoy life Cope with change and test Survive agony, frustration and misery Believe in one’s own value Believe in others’ pride and worth

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Why psychological well-being advancement ought to be a piece of center school business Social & passionate prosperity influences Schooling results Social advancement Capacity to add to workforce/group Reduction in rate of youth suicide Mental wellbeing issues are connected with higher rates of truancy, suspension, rejection, school distance

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Why emotional well-being advancement ought to be a piece of center school business A feeling of connectedness or connection to class is a defensive component for youngsters Schools can take part in conscious procedures to create & keep up a strong situation Child & juvenile emotional well-being issues are much of the time initially recognized at school Families are liable to counsel educators & other understudy administrations as their initial phase in looking for assist

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With coring points of Mental Health To create Resilience: the ability to adapt and skip back amid troublesome times To have the capacity to Cope: the contemplations, sentiments & moves one makes to manage change or test To have the capacity to Connect or Belong: to associate and include yourself with others (Mind Matters, 2000)

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Connectedness. Schools/families/groups improve connectedness when they … Build minding associations with youngsters, offering bolster, empathy, comprehension, trust Have high and achievable desires, offering admiration, direction, assertion and affirmation, expanding on qualities Provide open doors for investment and commitment Benard (1997) A Framework for Practice: Tapping Innate Resilience, Resiliency in real life

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Unstimulating substance Unrelated to the understudy Small scope of decision Lack of understudy support in choices about educational programs substance, process & appraisal Passive instructing learning methodologies Minimal communication with educator & companions Lack of helpful action based & free learning Competitive exam commanded evaluation One off as opposed to dynamic evaluation Risk elements – school educational programs

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Unsupportive school society unchallenging Uncaring, fierce Negative instructor/understudy connections Lack of appreciation, reasonableness or acknowledgment Lack of collaboration Negative companion connections Bullying, disengagement Sexist or bigot badgering Presence of withdrawn companion gatherings or posses Absence of school advocates Difficulty in getting to backing of school advisors Risk components – school atmosphere

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Lack of understudy interest In choice making structures or school association Students not seen as equipped for profitable inclusion Poor school/home connections Inadequate procurement of expert advancement Inability of staff to adjust to societal & instructive change or to changing needs & practices of understudies Risk elements – school atmosphere

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Youth healthy – what do you think? 66% of youngsters rate their wellbeing as incredible or great Death rates down Teenage pregnancy up Syphilis down HIV disease rate down Mental issue up School consistency standards to year 12 down Australia’s Young People – Their Health & Wellbeing 1999. Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.

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Young People & Mental Illness Over 20% of 12-16 year olds have an emotional wellness issue (23% of guys, 18% of females) 27% of 18-24 year olds have a psychological wellness issue Depression is one of the commonest conditions 24% of youngsters will encounter wretchedness by 18 Females will probably encounter sadness & dietary issues Males will probably encounter substance misuse issue Australia’s Young People – Their Health & Wellbeing 1999. Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.

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Drug Use Smoking 25% of 14-19 year olds smoke Substance utilization issue in 18-24 year olds 20% guys (12% liquor, 9% cannabis) 10% females Australia’s Young People – Their Health & Wellbeing 1999. Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.

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Non-investment in game/exercise 32% of 12-14 year olds 44% of 15-19 year olds 59% of 20-24 year olds don\'t effectively partake in game or physical movement So what\'s happening with they to communicate, contribute, take an interest, have a great time? Australia’s Young People – Their Health & Wellbeing 1999. Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.

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Sexual Activity Before 15 years old just 11% of guys & 9% of females have started sex At age 17 its pretty nearly 40% By age 18 around half Australia’s Young People – Their Health & Wellbeing 1999. Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.

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Sexual Health Alcohol and other medication utilization are significant indicators of perilous sexual practices 18% of sexually dynamic year 12 young ladies depend on withdrawal for contraception Ignorance of safe sex hones other than condoms 13% of sexually dynamic year 10 and 12 understudies Binge drink week by week Have intercourse with easygoing accomplices Use condoms conflictingly or not in the slightest degree Talking Sexual Health 1999 C/W Dept Health & Aged Care

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Homophobia 8-11% of senior optional understudies don\'t distinguish as only hetero 46% of same-sex pulled in y/p have been manhandled – 70% of that mishandle happened at school, 3% by instructors Teachers think that its hard to challenge homophobic dispositions Talking Sexual Health 1999 C/W Dept Health & Aged Care

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Bullying Around 1 in 7 youngsters are harassed Bullying influences learning results Bullying tops in lower auxiliary years Boys are all the more regularly culprits and casualties Bullies can give off an impression of being prominent (high status), however are frequently disdained

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Loneliness 40% of year 8 understudies trust nobody knows them well Nearly a quarter of understudies have No-one to converse with if they’re disturbed No-one to trust No-one to rely on upon Glover et al 1998

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SEWB = LO`s A great deal of exploration now perceives that there exists an immediate and basic connection in the middle of social and passionate prosperity, and learning results The suggestions for schools and educators is self-evident: showing and learning must be understudy concentrated, not substance driven

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Caring & strong instructors High desires on learning process Clearly expressed tenets Opportunities to take an interest & be capable Positive fortification for support Belief in estimations of school Connectedness (feeling piece of the school & near individuals there) Availability of guiding from educators & understudy welfare staff So what can the school do? Help understudies to create defensive components

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YOU CAN DO IT! System Achieve An educational programs of lessons for showing understudies how to make progress & create social-enthusiastic prosperity 6 volumes (grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, & 11-12)

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Program Achieve Based around 5 units: Getting started (5 lessons) Confidence (6 lessons) Persistence (6 lessons) Organization (6 lessons) Getting along (6 lessons) Requires more or less 50 minutes for each lesson

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ACTIVITIES Grade 1-2: Successful understudies are….. It’s taken care of Introducing the 4 keys of progress

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Mind Matters A psychological well-being advancement asset for auxiliary schools This asset is best utilized as a component of an entire school way to deal with the advancement of emotional well-being

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Mind Matters: 3 larger booklets School Matters Educating for Life Community Matters

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School Matters: Mapping and Managing Mental Health in Schools This report gives schools a system and arranging apparatuses to help them with conceivable structures, techniques, associations and educational modules projects to advance and secure the psychological well-being of all individuals from the school group

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School Matters: Audit Activity Fill out the sheet identified with “curriculum showing & learning”

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Educating forever: A Guide for School-based Responses to Preventing Self-damage and Suicide This aide plots the arrangements, procedures and practices that add to a thorough way to deal with suicide

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Educating forever: Answer questions in a little gathering What if an instructor is considering instructing about suicide as a H\'s feature or self-awareness educational programs? Imagine a s

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