The McKinney-Vento Destitute Training Act.

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The McKinney-Vento Destitute Training Act. Successful Training for Destitute Youngsters and Youth in Vermont Branch of Instruction August 2008. This PowerPoint Presentation can be utilized as:. A self instructional exercise for Destitute Training Contacts in Vermont schools
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The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act Effective Education for Homeless Children and Youth in Vermont Department of Education August 2008

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This PowerPoint Presentation can be utilized as: A self instructional exercise for Homeless Education Liaisons in Vermont schools A preparation device for people and little gatherings An online asset for training and group administration suppliers serving destitute understudies and their families

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The McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act… Maintains instructive progression amid a period of move Requires schools to distinguish and select understudies who meet the meaning of destitute Is approved under the “No Child Left Behind Act”

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What is the meaning of a Homeless Student? A destitute understudy is a person who does not have a settled, general , and sufficient evening time living arrangement.

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An understudy may be destitute as an aftereffect of ousting, monetary hardship, separation, ailment, characteristic catastrophe, aggressive behavior at home or different reasons and may be living in: Shared lodging (bent over) Motels, inns, camp grounds Shelters or crisis lodging Cars, parks, or other open places that are not intended for or customarily utilized as standard resting housing

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What is the meaning of an Unaccompanied Youth? An Unaccompanied Youth who is viewed as destitute would someone say someone is who is not in the physical authority of a guardian or gatekeeper and who meets the criteria for vagrancy in the definition

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How are schools needed to serve destitute understudies? Each supervisory union must assign a destitute training contact to the Vermont Department of Education Identify and promptly enlist destitute understudies in light of the best enthusiasm of the tyke and the guardian\'s inclination or unaccompanied youth Transport understudy to class of starting point (if proper)

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What are Homeless Education Liaisons needed to do? Encourage recognizable proof and enlistment by knowing the law, train school staff and show guardian/youth blurbs in every school Make beyond any doubt that destitute understudies get transportation (if proper), free dinners, Title I and early instruction services…and every other administration accessible to non-destitute understudies Link destitute understudies to suitable administrations in both the school and the group

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How would we “Get It Right” with respect to distinguishing proof and enlistment?

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How would we distinguish and select destitute understudies? Guarantee that school work force know how to recognize and allude understudies to the Homeless Education Liaison by utilizing the “ Referral Form ”

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How would we distinguish and enlist destitute understudies? Utilize the “ Homeless Liaison Worksheet ” to focus destitute status and school enlistment

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How would we recognize and enlist destitute understudies? Verify school enrollment structures demand data on “housing issues” and that “ Homeless Information Posters ” for folks and youth are noticeably shown

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Resources to bolster your work with destitute understudies in Vermont The Vermont Homeless Children and Youth Project (VHCYP) staff gives preparing and specialized help to schools and group administration suppliers. The VHCYP leaflet is accessible on the Vermont Department of Education Homeless Education site at:

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Additional Resources to bolster your work with destitute understudies in Vermont The McKinney Vento “Red Informational Packet” is disseminated to all Homeless Education Liaisons in September of every year and is accessible upon solicitation by reaching Lisa Champney at the Vermont Department of Education at (802) 828-6574 or

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This PowerPoint Presentation, a rundown of all Vermont Homeless Education Liaisons and every instructive material can be found on the Vermont DOE Homeless Education site at:

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