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The Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council. Our Mission. MARBC’s mission is to enhance the position of U.S. Mid-Atlantic-based companies in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) while attracting Russian businesses to the Mid-Atlantic region.
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The Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council

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Our Mission MARBC\'s main goal is to upgrade the position of U.S. Mid-Atlantic-based organizations in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) while pulling in Russian organizations to the Mid-Atlantic locale. MARBC attempts to encourage business relations amongst Russia and the CIS and the U.S. Mid-Atlantic district and to develop contacts and collaboration among political, financial, social and instructive interests.

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MARBC Profile A noteworthy non-benefit association in the Mid-Atlantic Region that gives data and administrations identified with Russia and the CIS Established by Val Kogan in 1995 as the Pennsylvania - Russia Business Council Primarily works in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Delaware Organizes more than 25 Russian-American exchange occasions, courses, and assignments from Russia every year over the U.S.

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Why MARBC? The developing Russian and CIS market is ended up being testing yet productive for organizations in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region. MARBC gives U.S. organizations with the essential instruments and associations with prevail in this quickly growing business sector, and pushes Russian organizations to access and set up a nearness in the American market.

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Why MARBC? Since 1997, MARBC has been effectively required in creating collaboration with Russian locales. MARBC has created organizations with about twenty Russian and thirty American territorial Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and Trade Associations. MARBC, headquartered in Philadelphia, likewise has an office in Moscow, Russia.

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Achievements MARBC has displayed numerous class arrangement : From 2001 - 2003, MARBC, together with the U.S. Branch of State, sorted out thirteen course arrangement entitled "Russian Science and Technology Opportunities for U.S. Organizations." MARBC sorts out progressing arrangement entitled "The Changing Face of Russia" and "Business Opportunities in Russia" and acquires speakers from the U.S., Russia, and the CIS

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Achievements MARBC has been instrumental in bringing various prominent designations from Russia to the U.S. Some of these assignments go to the C3 EXPO, Russian-American Innovation Technology Weeks, the Mid-Atlantic Venture Conference, different classes, and the up and coming Russian Mayors\' Delegation round table in Philadelphia.

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Achievements Due to past victories, MARBC now composes the Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) twice per year to unite business visionaries, researchers, investors, and set up organizations inside the United States and Russian innovation groups. RANIT incorporates local innovation occasions, courses, board dialogs, roundtable gatherings, public exhibitions, meetings, and systems administration occasions. As of late, MARBC has sorted out RANIT-BIO weeks which incorporate investment in BIO presentations

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U.S.- Russia Biotechnology Cooperation Two conditions have as of late made biotechnology collaboration amongst Russia and the Mid-Atlantic states especially alluring: First, the Russian government has moved to make a "National Program for the Development of Biotechnology in Russia in 2006-2015." Second, governments in the Mid-Atlantic area have established great arrangements that have assist improved the locale\'s remaining as a pioneer in the field of biotechnology. It is inside this setting MARBC has made Russian-American logical and specialized participation in biotechnology one of its top needs.

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Major Events Organized by MARBC in the USA

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Major MARBC Events in the U.S. Russian-American Biotechnological Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO) Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) ITEC Conferences in New York, Washington D.C. what\'s more, Philadelphia Days of Russian-American Venture Industry Cooperation Mid-Atlantic BIO Conference Russian Mayors\' Delegation visit to the Mid-Atlantic district

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Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) RANIT has been built up and composed by MARBC since 2003 RANIT is presently held twice every year and incorporates a more noteworthy number of local innovation occasions RANIT is intended to unite business people, researchers, investors, and set up companies from the American and Russian innovation groups. RANIT is upheld by driving provincial organizations and legislative associations, including the organizations of the City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the States of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, and in addition Mid-Atlantic local associations concentrating on worldwide business and innovation advancement.

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Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) The 5 th RANIT included occasions held in festivity of the 300-year commemoration of the introduction of Benjamin Franklin – the 1 st individual from the Russian Academy of Sciences The 7 th RANIT, held in mid-November 2007, remembered the 200 th commemoration of the start of Russian-American political relations

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Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) Russian appointments speaking to the best Russian innovation organizations participate in the different local innovation occasions of the RANIT, including: Meetings with state authorities Seminars with individuals from investment reserves having some expertise in biotechnology Visits to the International Incubator at the Science Center Roundtable examinations with individuals from biotechnology relationship in the Mid-Atlantic area The third RANIT in November 2005

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Russian-American Biotechnological Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO) BIO, the world\'s biggest show and gathering for specialists in the field of biotechnology, is the key occasion held in the system of the RANIT-BIO. As it did in Philadelphia at BIO-2005, in Chicago at BIO-2006, in Boston at BIO-2007, and in San Diego at BIO-2008,MARBC will serve as the official coordinator of the Russian appointment to BIO-2009 in Atlanta. With regards to the RANIT-BIO, MARBC sorts out a Russian smaller than expected structure and the interest of the Russian appointment in different occasions at BIO.

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Russian-American Biotechnological Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO) Since BIO-2006, MARBC has sorted out a Country Seminar on Russia " Russia\'s Emerging Bio-economy: New Developments in Regional Bioclusters, Biofuels and Bionanotechnology ." including board dialogs and presentations from driving specialists on directing business in Russia. Opening of RANIT-BIO 2006 Russia Country Seminar at BIO 2006

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Russian-American Biotechnological Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO) Other real occasions of the RANIT-BIO: inviting service in the Mayor\'s Reception Room at Philadelphia City Hall; courses with individuals from biotechnology relationship in the Mid-Atlantic district and investment reserves gaining practical experience in biotechnology; Visit to the International Incubator at the Science Center. At RANIT-BIO 2006

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Russian-American Biotechnological Innovation Technology Week (RANIT-BIO) The Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council sorts out investment in the tenth Semi-Annual Biotechnological Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT – BIO), which will occur on May 13-22, 2009 in Atlanta, GA, and Philadelphia, PA. The key occasion of the tenth RANIT-BIO can\'t avoid being BIO 2009, held in Atlanta on May 18-21, 2009. At BIO 2009 in Atlanta, and at BIO 2008 in San Diego and BIO 2007 in Boston , MARBC will compose a Country Seminar on Russia and the Russian Technology scaled down structure.

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ITEC Conferences The ITEC Conferences are data innovation meetings offering access to the most recent leaps forward in the data advancements field, and also organizing openings with a portion of the biggest IT organizations in the business. The MARBC will partake in ITEC New York City Metro, ITEC Washington D.C. what\'s more, ITEC Philadelphia by empowering the investment of Russian organizations in the presentation and by facilitating a board examination entitled Thinking Globally in Today\'s Economic Environment and How to Expand Globally in an IT Market .

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Days of Russian-American Venture Industry Cooperation Since 2002, the Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council has been masterminding the Days of Russian-American Venture Industry Cooperation , which happens all through the Mid-Atlantic States. A Russian assignment of government and industry administrators takes an interest in various funding business occasions and increases priceless information about the U.S. investment industry. Days of Russian-American Venture Industry Cooperation Mid-Atlantic Venture Conference

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Russian-American Venture Industry Cooperation program As the most vital part of the Month, MARBC sorts out Russian interest in the Mid-Atlantic Capital Conference (MAC), of which MARBC is a supporting association. The chief occasions of the Days of Russian-American Venture Industry Cooperation are the Mid-Atlantic Capital Conference, a round table discourse with Russian innovation organizations, a voyage through the Science Center, the most seasoned urban advances stop in the U.S., and will finish up with the Russian appointment\'s interest in the Mid-Atlantic BIO Conference.

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Mid-Atlantic BIO The Mid-Atlantic BIO Conference in Washington D.C. is one of the biggest biotechnology public exhibitions in the locale. The MARBC is attempting to unite biotechnology organizations with financial speculators as a part of the Days of Russian-American Venture Capital Cooperation. As an official universal supporting association of Mid-Atlantic BIO, the MARBC will arrange a Russian show and presentation about the most recent biotechnology advancements in Russia.

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MARBC Seminar Series Throughout 2009 MARBC will p

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