The mission for lower Data transfer capacity costs for African Colleges An instance of the African Virtual College PI's .

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The mission for lower Bandwidth costs for African Universities An instance of the African Virtual University PI\'s & Partnership Supported Universities By SANDRA ALUOCH

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Background The AVU was built up in 1997 as a World Bank task to drastically expand access to tertiary training by using ICTs. The AVU has gotten financing from the EU, NORAD, Ireland, US Gov., AusAID, DfID, CIDA & the World Bank. Right now gives training programs at undergrad and expert advancement programs. Gives access to online instructive materials with an online computerized library with more than 1,000 full content diaries Access to rapid Internet administrations Learning Centers with sight and sound PC\'s

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AVU locales

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Content conveyance: Past, Present and Future PROOF OF CONCEPT (1997-2001) 100% conveyance by satellite video broadcasting (synchronous and offbeat) Interaction 90% utilizing phone PRESENT (2002-2005) Video broadcasting (synchronous and nonconcurrent) On-line Learning (WebCT) Interaction by email, dialog gatherings, on-line visit (90%) and phone (10%) FUTURE (2006-) On-line learning coordinating video, voice and mixed media information VSAT for fast Internet access Major movement from video broadcasting just to blended mode conveyance

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Why Connectivity? Web Connectivity basic for Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) and utilized for: Communication (email) Collaboration (examination gatherings, visit) Course and substance conveyance (web learning) Academic administration of courses Access to instructive assets (e.g. computerized library)

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Challenges - Connectivity Poor, inconsistent and costly Few satellites covering entire of Africa Limited fiber access Typical University has 64 Kbps rented line at normal of $1,000 every month or $15 per kbps every month Almost never devoted Average for African Universities-about $10 per kbps Affects conveyance, association and access to learning assets e.g. advanced library

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Searching for arrangements AVU directed research and overviews Commissioned free experts (2002 and 2003) Determine plausibility of KU-band VSAT frameworks and ease VSAT options Review satellite scope over Africa Review innovation choices Determine achievability of AVU own center, area and cost Undertake transfer speed and equipment cost study Undertake permitting administration study Design and upgrade system Develop specialized detail for RFP Evaluate proposition Provide contribution to contract transactions

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VSAT was just suitable arrangement short to medium term C-Band more possible than Ku Band Higher accessibility, bigger single bar scope C-Band limit is negligible Upfront reservation/duty might be required Significant costs decrease acknowledged just when full transponder stacking accomplished Under $3 per kbps for ~100 MBPS Longer responsibility terms can lessen costs more than 5 years African Universities (and foundations for the most part) have poor notorieties for installment Providers liable to request expansive assurances Fiber exceptionally costly Costs over $4 per kbps without landing expenses VSAT authorizing can be an obstruction because of administrative issues in a few nations Lobby governments Issues of manageability basic Develop clear strategies for success, transmission capacity administration approaches and hones Important discoveries

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AVU VSAT Installations Phase 1 Kenya: AVU base camp 160K/256 Kbps Kenya: Kenyatta University 96K/384 Kbps Ghana: University of Cape Coast 96K/384 Kbps Ghana: Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration 128/512 Kbps Ethiopia: Addis Ababa University 32/128 Kbps

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AVU VSAT Installations Phase 2 Burundi - Université Lumiere Benin - Université d\' Abomey Calavi Mauritania - Université de Nouakchott Senegal - Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis Senegal-Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar Niger-Universite Abdou Moumouni Rwanda - Universite Nationale du Rwanda – Kigali Institute of Science & Tech Mali-Universite de Bamako Burkina Faso-Universite de Ouagadougou All accepting 64/128 Kbps

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Moves to date Contracted by Partnership for Higher Education in Africa How to get and profit by lower data transfer capacity costs AVU given order by VC to arrange for and get lower valuing With World Bank support began ATICS activity Survey of 83 colleges crosswise over Africa to date Database of African Universities and ICT and availability data

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AVU discoveries AVU created and skimmed delicate for the Partnership upheld Universities Consortium approach used University of Dar es Salaam Makerere University Eduardo Mondlane University of Ghana University of Education Ahmadu Bello University Obafemi Awolowo University Bayero University of Ibadan University of Jos University of Port Harcourt Association of African Universities KENET

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Consortium Approach Consolidating (accumulating) data transmission needs can accomplish economies of scale, more prominent bartering influence summon volume rebates

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Cost Trends

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Challenges of the VSAT system Payment of repeating charges Setup of the Local Area Networks (LAN) Cost of the administration Bandwidth administration Equipment costs

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Way forward AVU to keep arranging for lower transfer speed estimating and pass rebates to Universities in the system Maintenance and Sustainability Provide exhaustive specialized backing for every one of the focuses with VSAT Local Area Networks overhaul and usage Assist in the definition, suggestion and execution of ICT approaches that accommodate system setup, operations, data transfer capacity observing, control and administration.

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