The NAIGT Agreement Innovation Guide.

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The NAIGT Agreement Innovation Guide. Jerry Hardcastle VP – Vehicle Plan and Advancement NISSAN 21 st July 2009. NAIGT Association and Members.
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The NAIGT Consensus Technology Roadmap Jerry Hardcastle Vice President – Vehicle Design & Development NISSAN 21 st July 2009

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NAIGT Organization and Participants Cambridge Business School, BMW, Retail Motor Strategy Group, National Skills Academy for Manufacturing, Bosch, GKN, Ricardo, JCB, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan

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NAIGT Aim “To create techniques for the future intensity of the car business in the UK throughout the following 15 years” “We need to guarantee our auto industry can expand on it’s qualities and remain competitive” - Business Minister - Shriti Vadera

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Overarching ‘Big Ideas’ An Automotive Council A synergistic industry and Government vital controlling association to assemble a more grounded UK auto area Industry Consensus Technology Roadmap To drive Collaborative R&D endeavors and bridle Government speculation all the more successfully Test Bed UK A striking low carbon vehicle framework pilot to go about as an effective impetus for UK venture Supplier Help Establish a UK inventory network committee to enhance cooperation and add to a sourcing guide Establish a Manufacturing Institute to help influence R&D and Manufacturing innovation

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Low Carbon Vehicle Development Road Maps Consensus Product Technology Road Map Created by the Automotive OEMs who do R&D in the UK in relationship with Ricardo Validated through broad counsel Shared with all NAIGT/TSB and ETI Members Published by NAIGT/BERR May’09 National R&D Agenda a work in progress – supported by TSB, anticipated that would be conveyed to prescribed Automotive Steering Council upon arrangement

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EU Fleet Average CO 2 Targets (g/km) 130 95 TBD Demonstrators Fuel Cell Vehicle Fuel Cell & H 2 Supply/Storage Breakthrough H 2 Infrastructure Niche EVs Mass Market EV Technology Charging Infrastructure Energy Storage Breakthrough Plug-In Hybrid Demonstrators Energy Storage Breakthrough Full Hybrid Micro/Mild Hybrid IC Engine and Transmission advancements (gas/diesel/gas/renewables) Vehicle Weight and Drag Reduction 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 Technology Road Map The Consensus Product Roadmap depicts the future heading to grow Low Carbon innovation items

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Technology Road Map (Message) OEMs offer a typical item innovation guide and perceive the same specialized and business boundaries. Singular producers will actualize innovations which best address their own image values and business sector divisions. In the close to medium term, change of traditional powertrains and transmissions can have a huge effect on armada normal CO2 by giving moderate advantages to a huge extent of the armada. In the medium to longer term it is foreseen that an innovation movement to elective powertrains and transmissions will be obliged to accomplish the CO2 diminishment focuses from transport. Bolstered by option fuel conveyance including matrix power and hydrogen. Both jolt and power device vehicle advances depend on the simultaneous improvement of a “clean and sustainable” supply of vitality

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Research Road Map

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Test Bed UK Automotive OEMs Government – Local and focal Academic & Technical Institutions Finance area Infrastructure Providers Suppliers Consumers Test Bed UK would be in charge of dealing with the significant exercises inside NAIGT guides. Projects, for example, Electrification of Transport would be created inside of the brand.

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To make a formal association system between car makers, framework suppliers, controllers and buyers Business model development is at any rate as imperative as innovation advancement Need to lead the improvement of new client/client practices to get best out of new advances Gives UK Ltd a voice in cutting edge innovation advancement e.g. norms, regulations Potential to wind up aptitudes focus Outlet for examination establishments to show capacity to industry UK transport business sector is particular and separate from other European markets thus can possibly lead Europe being developed of new transport models Allows UK to team up with other worldwide "demonstrator" tasks Promotes associations that don\'t as of now exist Test Bed UK - Message .:tslidesep.

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