The National Computerized Daily paper Program (NDNP).

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Enhance access to results of United States Newspaper Program (USNP) utilizing current advancements ... Daily papers: an extraordinary asset for comprehension the basics of history ...
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The National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) A NEH/LC Collaborative Program Enhancing access to authentic daily papers Release: September 2006

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NDNP Mission Enhance access to every single American daily paper Improve access to results of United States Newspaper Program (USNP) utilizing momentum innovations Establish measures and "best practices" for daily paper advanced reformatting and access Use multi-staged methodology for exploration and scaled advancement Develop geologically various system that advantages all US people group

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Why Newspapers? Daily papers: a one of a kind asset for comprehension the basics of history Democracy, free press, different geographic perspectives at the group level Enormous corpus of daily papers displays a chronicled challenge Text-concentrated format is work escalated to seek without reference instruments Digitization of microfilmed corpus monetarily attainable

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Why a National Effort? Voluminous, disseminated accumulations No one foundation holds the "expert gathering" Broad client base for daily paper material Think broadly, select locally Comprehensive ordered scope, in the end Need for administration to expand on past national endeavors (USNP)

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LC\'s Historical Newspaper Activities 20-year NEH/LC joint effort of USNP Existing national system of agreeable projects Standards built up for safeguarding microfilm Standards set up for graphic metadata/listing American Memory\'s "Stars and Stripes" Proof-of-idea for recorded daily paper configuration and depiction

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What will NDNP Produce? Web access to National registry of US daily paper possessions (what, when, where) – in light of USNP legacy information More than 30 million page pictures of authentic daily papers digitized fundamentally from microfilm, with full-message Historical setting of daily paper, printing tech, and so forth Depository of copy digitized microfilm at LC

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How? Multi-accomplice program NEH: Funds the project ("We the People" activity) LC: Aggregates, jelly and serves Awardees: Selects and changes over Phase I – FY04-FY06 (Test bed) NEH awardees (up to 10) with existing advanced accumulations foundation and expert microfilm negatives 100,000 pages each + 100,000 LC pages by 2007 (from 1900-1910) Microfilm reel investigation for examination

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Phase I Timeline 2004 July – NEH helpful assention rules issued, LC specialized design being worked on October – Application due date; 15 applications got 2005 April – NEH Awards declared May – Award meeting held at LC 2006 September – NDNP application openly accessible through Web

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NDNP, September 2006 Web access - American Chronicle Newspaper Title Directory, 1693-show Full-content of substance w/in visual daily paper design (page-level access) Contextual authentic material (Encyclopedia) Converted substance from all awardees Initial era secured: 1900-1910

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Newspaper Title Directory Re-utilization of CONSER and Newspaper Union List, made under USNP (kept up by OCLC) 147,000 daily paper titles 900,000 property records Searchable, Web access to all USNP-gathered information, attached to digitized issues when accessible, and additionally outer daily paper Web locales

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Full Text with Page-level Access Preserves trustworthiness of essential verifiable substance, content in setting Minimal metadata required to accomplish sensible list items Economics of expansive scale, huge arrangement digitization Allows making of considerable substance base for innovative work on extra inquiry methodologies and advances

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Digital Asset Specifications Page Image - grayscale, 400 dpi, from microfilm TIFF 6.0; JPEG 2000 (.jp2); PDF with Hidden Text OCR XML – NDNP/ALTO Schema Page-level, uncorrected, segment zones with "jumping box" mapping organizes Metadata XML in METS/MODS for computerized objects

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Historical Context An Encyclopedia of Newspaper History Brief articles for every title digitized Publisher, topography, noteworthy occasions secured, group of onlookers/group, legislative issues History of each taking part state and the part of daily papers in its history Presentations for innovation advancements, critical individuals, places, and so on

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Future Phases: 2007-2024 Addition of new accomplices (continuation of Phase I test bed, to speak to each of the 54 states and regions) Increased productivity in work processes, instruments, innovation, supportable assets Additional entrance capacities, enhanced innovation Aggregate ~ Preserve ~ Serve

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For more data, contact Georgia Higley Head, Newspaper Section Serials and Government Publications Division Library of Congress

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