The New Registering: Finishing Client Dissatisfaction.

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The old figuring speaks the truth. what PCs can do, The New Computing speaks the truth. what individuals ... Family & Friends. Partners & Neighbors. Citizenry & Markets ...
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The New Computing: Ending User Frustration Ben Shneiderman & Irina Ceaparu, Jonathan Lazar*, Katie Bessiere, John Robinson May 2002 University of Maryland Human Computer Interaction Laboratory & *Towson University

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A Systematic Approach to Change The old processing is about what PCs can do, The New Computing is about what individuals can do

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An Inspirational Muse: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Renaissance Man Combined science & craftsmanship Integrated designing & style Balanced innovation progression & human qualities Merged visionary & functional

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Leonardo\'s Laptop HCIL Symposium paying participants will get a duplicate around September 15. MIT Press October 2002

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Goals for The New Computing 1) Usable: Reliable & intelligible 2) Universal: Diverse clients & changed gear 3) Useful: In concordance with human needs

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1) Usable: Ending User Frustration Goal - make PC utilization less baffling Identify main ten dissatisfactions Measure seriousness & recurrence in lost time Determine if the circumstance is enhancing Related territories Errors Time delays Emotional responses

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1) Frequent disappointing encounters Networking & Web

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1) Frequent disappointing encounters Application & System Crashes

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1) Time journal study Self reports & perceptions (64 UMD & 47 Towson) Pre-session study: demographic data PC experience and mentalities level of PC nervousness, state of mind Users burned through 1 hour & report their disappointing encounters Post-session overview: evaluate disposition after the session general disappointment level loss of time Florida Institute of Technology ( )

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1) Results UMD Towson Frustrating encounters: 228 145 Top issue sources: web perusing email framework (OS) word handling other web use video/sound programming talk and texting Top 3 approaches knew how to comprehend not able to tackle made sense of document programs programming devices spreadsheet programs visual depiction programs presentation programming database programs equipment Bottom 3 approaches counseled manual/book counseled online help restarted the project

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Internet Applications Operating System planned out/dropped/rejected associations (32) mistake messages (35) crashes (16) long download time (23) solidifies (24) wrong reaction (10) site page/webpage not discovered (17) missing/hard to discover highlights (23) moderate reaction (8) email (15) crashes (13) surprising message boxes (6) 1) Results

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Email OS Web skimming Other minutes lost Productive minutes 1) Minutes lost – UMD & Towson Total minutes lost: 4250 Total minutes: 9485 UMD 902 877 568 3652 7968 294 1513 Towson 353

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1) Next Steps Validate comes about with different clients proficient elderly amateur Develop more exact checking programming e.g. Explore approaches to enhance: Online help & help work areas Customer administration & online groups Education & preparing Software & interface re-plan

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Percent of Internet Use by Educational Attainment 2) Universal: Digital Divide Remains Troubling U.S. Bureau of Commerce,

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2) Universal Usability in Practice

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3) Useful: Generative Theories Predictive & logical hypotheses are helpful, however the huge stride forward will be  generative speculations Theories of human needs to control our development of new advancements

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3) Theories of Human Needs Jefferson: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness Roosevelt: Freedom of discourse & expression, religion, from need, from apprehension Maslow: Hierarchy of human needs Physiological Safety Love Esteem Self-Actualization Covey: Living, Loving, Learning & Leaving a legacy

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3) Human Needs for Relationships Self (chipping away at your own) Family & Friends (2-50 close underwear) Colleagues & Neighbors (50-5000 consistent experiences) Citizens & Markets (5000 and that\'s just the beginning)

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3) Human Needs for Activities Collect: Information Relate: Communication Create: Innovation Donate: Dissemination

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3) Activities and Relationship Table (ART) Activities Collect Relate Create Donate Relationships Self Family & Friends Colleagues & Neighbors Citizenry & Markets

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3) Future Directions E-taking in: The new training E-business: The new trade E-social insurance: The new pharmaceutical E-government: The new legislative issues Mega-imagination Grander Goals & The Next Leonardo

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