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Debuted: August 5, 2003, on FOX. Premise: An Orange County attorney (Sandy) takes in a harried adolescent (Ryan), who finds the problem area as shady as his L.A. days. ...
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The O.C. Fox Thursdays 8pm Linda\'s Homepage

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The Characters Starring Benjamin McKenzie as Ryan Atwood Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts Adam Brody as Seth Cohen Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cohen Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen

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The Background Premiered : August 5, 2003, on FOX Premise : An Orange County attorney (Sandy) takes in a disturbed teenager (Ryan), who finds the problem area as shady as his L.A. days. From the executives of Go and Charlie\'s Angels .

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Ryan Atwood Was an untouchable when he first came to Newport Lives with Seth\'s family Became Seth\'s closest companion Hooked up with Marissa on and off Had to leave Newport toward the end of the 1 st season for Chico

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Marissa Cooper Daughter of Jimmy and Julie Went out with Ryan till he got Teresa pregnant Overdosed on painkillers toward the start of the season Is a heavy drinker

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Seth Cohen Son of Sandy and Kirsten Rich kid however has moderately no companions Likes comic books REALLY enjoys Summer Roberts Kind of a washout Talks a lot of

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Summer Roberts Marissa\'s closest companion Seth Cohen\'s long-term love Narcissist, ruined and brash on account of her folks separate

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Who Hooked Up With Who? Hierarchical Chart

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Who do you like most?

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Website for the O.C FOX Broadcasting Company: The O.C.

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