The old wild bear couldn t run quick. .

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The old black bear couldn’t run very fast. I love to ride over the bump on that bridge. Let’s build a tree house near the nest. My mother told me to drink my milk. Does your father have flowers in the yard?. Trot straight down that street. He couldn’t write with the blue ink.
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The old wild bear couldn\'t run quick.

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I want to ride over the knock on that extension.

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Let\'s assemble a tree house close to the home.

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My mom instructed me to drink my drain.

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Does your dad have blooms in the yard?

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Trot straight down that road.

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He couldn\'t compose with the blue ink.

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Tom loves to swim and bounce in the water.

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Brad will construct a green doghouse.

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My mom drives a major truck.

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My dad got a blue shirt from my mom.

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The bear went straight to the enormous tree.

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Kent couldn\'t stop himself as he drifted down the slope.

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I cherish spring when the blossoms sprout and look new and consummate.

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It wasn\'t my father\'s blame that he couldn\'t begin to manufacture my tree house that day.

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My mom kept every one of my drawings from first grade.

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Your dad has my granddad\'s old belt tied around his abdomen.

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To get to Big Bear Camp, head straight down Spring Street.

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