The Olympics.

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The Olympics Facilitating and Legacy Canada's Defining moments Facilitating Legacy Federation Diversions, 1998 Container Am Recreations, 1999 Jeux de la Francophonie, 2001 Olympic Amusements, 1976, 1988 Olympic Amusements Offering and Facilitating: The Master plan Reason #1: Offering and facilitating is reliant on history and situation
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The Olympics Hosting and Legacy

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Canada’s Big Games Hosting Legacy Commonwealth Games, 1998 Pan Am Games, 1999 Jeux de la Francophonie, 2001 Olympic Games, 1976, 1988

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Olympic Games Bidding and Hosting: The Big Picture Premise #1: Bidding and facilitating is subject to history and condition Premise #2: History and Circumstances is made by … The International Franchise Holder The National Franchise Holder The Host City The Host Region (State/Province/Municipality) The Host Nation Economic/Political/Social/Cultural Climate

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What History and circumstances impacts Canada’s Olympic Games Hosting Ambitions? COA’s Position I nstitute an organized national way to deal with facilitating national and worldwide single and multi-sport rivalries Vancouver/Whistler 2010’s Position The Bid Corporation and the commonplace government are managing a region wide activity called " LegaciesNow ". It will upgrade and make new competitor, youth and game improvement projects amid the offer.

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History and Circumstances of Hosting Olympic Games in Canada Calgary, 1988 $249 million: Federal Government $133 million: Provincial Government $43 million: City of Calgary $145 million: TV, Marketing, Tickets, and so forth

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History and Circumstances impacting Hosting Olympic Games in Canada Government’s Central Tenet The government is keen on supporting a sensible number of worldwide game occasions, gave that various standards and conditions are met.

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History and Circumstances impacting Hosting Olympic Games in Canada Government’s Guiding Principles Fiscal reality No financial commitment Discretion of accessible subsidizing and bureau endorsement Potential to gather net advantages

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History and Circumstances affecting Hosting Olympic Games in Canada Government justifications: Sport Benefits: athletic, instructing, administrator., offices Social Benefits: preparing, volunteerism, wellbeing/wellness advancement Economic Benefits: employments, local improvement, tourism, charge income sends out Nationalism/Identity

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History and Circumstances impacting Hosting Olympic Games in Canada Governments Rationale: Arts and Heritage Activities incorporation and investment of people from the different social association s and usage of exercises some time recently, amid and after the occasion Exposure of Canadian Culture potential introduction of Canadian society to travelers and media some time recently, amid and after the occasion? particular exercises wanted to gain by potential tourism and media presentation all through the occasion co-operation and co-appointment between partners in the social, tourism and media divisions

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History and Circumstances impacting Hosting Olympic Games in Canada Government conditions: Proactive associations Provision of legacies No shortage ensures Compliance with elected guidelines Equitable Funding (max 35% aggregate, max half open financing) Demonstrable Community Support Sound Management

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Sport Canada 99-00

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Sport Canada Contributions, 2000-01

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Sport Canada and Hosting Games and Single Sport Hosting 270,000 in 1997-98 300,000 in 1996-97 Pan Am 1999 (Bid Committee) 2,060,000 in1996 Pan Am Organizing Committee 1999 10,250,000 in 1998-99 Pan Am Games Organizing Committee 1999 3,330,000 in 1999-2000

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Two Different Olympic Legacies Los Angeles Legacy AAFLA Calgary Legacy CODA

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LA 1984: Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles Mission: “The Amateur Athletic Foundation is blessed with surplus trusts from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Our main goal is to serve youth through game and to build information of game and its effect on people’s lives.” Endowment esteemed at $180 million Expended following 1985, $100 million Over 800 youth sports associations Paul Ziffren Sport Resource Center

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AAFLA: Youth Sport Programs Focused on under-overhauled populaces of Southern California Learn and Play Olympic Sports Summer Aquatics Run for Fun Beach Volleyball AAF Awards

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CODA: Calgary Olympic Development Association Endowment from OCO 88, $85 million IOC, USOC and universal NOCs shared $120 million

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CODA Mission: Committing the legacy of the 1988 XV Calgary Olympic Winter Games to the complete improvement of Canadian Olympic winter sport competitors. Vision: CODA will be a universally perceived pioneer in the improvement of Olympic winter sport competitors - a key accomplice upgrading Canada\'s best ever exhibitions at the Games. Our game preparing open doors and rivalry venues will be world class in unendingness.

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CODA: Priority State Holders Our first need is to the advancement of Canadian Olympic winter sport competitors and the associations that serve them. Our accentuation is both on formative projects for the submitted competitor and backing for the universal, abnormal state entertainer . CODA offices and preparing open doors are accessible to Canadian competitors included in Olympic summer sports. We recognize the significance of our offices and administrations to the remote competitor, to nearby recreational game members, and guests to Calgary.

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CODA: Activities Programming Fund Winter Sports: $2.7 million every year Create New facilities:4.1 million Ice House Olympic Oval (1.7 million) Bob Niven Training Center Canmore Nordic Center Canada Olympic Park National Sport School Event Hosting Business Operations

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Saddledome Foundation Through the establishment, Calgary Flames contribute $600,000 yearly to: Calgary Parks Foundation CODA Canadian Amateur Hockey Association

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CODA and AAFLA How are they distinctive? Why are they distinctive? Do legacy establishments hold Olympic standards and qualitie

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