The Olympics, Worldwide Game Improvement and Nearby Legislative issues.

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The Olympics, Worldwide Game Improvement and Neighborhood Legislative issues Group Engagement through Society and Instruction? Points of this presentation: What signifies "group engagement"?
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The Olympics, Global Sport Development and Local Politics Community Engagement through Culture and Education?

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Aims of this presentation: What implies “community engagement”? Can the Olympic Ideals be utilized to influence group engagement in connection to London 2012 through society and instruction ? How?

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Community engagement \'Community engagement\' is in this way an arranged procedure with the particular reason for working with recognized gatherings of individuals , whether they are associated by geographic area, uncommon hobby, or connection or distinguish to address issues influencing their prosperity Cavaye 2001

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Theme 17 – Olympism and Culture

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The Olympic Ideals theory of life parity/concordance quality/tirelessness intensity support perfection body and brain ( mens sana in corpore sano ) Different layers: individual/singular aggregate society particular, British translations peace universalism understanding ‘brotherhood’ and ‘fraternity’ cosmopolitanism multiculturalism environmentalism cooperation youth multiculturalism/interculturalism pluralism/assorted qualities progression (past – present – future) inclusion of youth wellbeing and prosperity

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Britain: From Past to Present London as a worldwide capital From imperialistic and frontier energy to a pluralist, various and multicultural society Differing perspectives and epistemologies Forum of social trade Consensus around the estimations of Olympism

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Olympism in the British talk TODAY Multiculturalism/differences Involvement of youth Teamwork Physical movement for all Tradition and current Chatziefstathiou, 2008

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“London has gone for…the topics that are the conspicuous ones are multiculturalism, a Games for the youthful, catching the creative ability of the youthful, the connection between the convention and the modern… There is an unknowingly communicated arrangement of values…it is communicated unwittingly by having a gathering from a multicultural school which communicated youth, multi-social nature, collaboration and so forth [ ]…that is additionally communicated phonetically, London as a worldwide city has the biggest and the most assorted semantic examples of any city”. Ian Henry, Director of COS&R

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Multiculturalism/assorted qualities

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“London Games are on their way…Physical Education ought to be regenerated…it has been forgotten from the country’s needs for years” Don Anthony, Trustee of the Olympic Idea “Much Wenlock Society does not have the aspiration to wind up some piece of the Olympic Games…what we need is to urge youngsters to do games, to play and have some good times. …we might likewise want to see a trophy for a world class competitor who has accomplished by and by the most…and not as far as records”. Helen Cromatry, Press and PR Secretary, Much Wenlock Society

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Physical action for all

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Volunteering Site visits Urban tourism Health and Well-being Programs School training More…??? Worldwide and Cultural Networks Higher instruction Youth camps Street craftsmanship Live locales Festivals Training camps

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Tradition and advanced

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Olympic beliefs and group prosperity Olympic goals as a wellspring of motivation for: better wellbeing/way of life participation/

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