The Open Source IP PBX.

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Paid bolster alternatives from guardian organizations. Digium & Fonality both ... Utilizes merchandise PC equipment. Interfaces through existing switches and firewalls. This is the ...
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The Open Source IP PBX Niche Product or Disruptive Technology?

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Open Source in the SMB Are you as of now utilizing any open source programming? Linux servers File servers Web Servers Mail Servers Desktops Applications SugarCRM MySQL OpenOffice

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More Common OSS Projects GAIM/Pidgin Firefox Thunderbird Filezilla VNC Bugzilla ClamAV Putty IPCop/M0n0Wall/pfSense/Smoothwall

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Open Source Telephony Projects SIPx CallWeaver FreeSwitch Asterisk trixbox/Elastix FreePBX VoiceONE VICIDial

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Can you depend on OSS Telephony? Dependability/Reliability Hundreds of a huge number of organizations running today Support Hundreds of confirmed bolster specialists Digium & Fonality both have preparing programs Paid bolster alternatives from guardian organizations Digium & Fonality both have paid bolster choices Certified Hardware Heavy obligation testing guarantees interoperability Enterprise-prepared equipment Digium, Rhino, PIKA, Sangoma, Polycom, Aastra

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Is OSS Telephony only a trend? Are these only a specialty or prevailing fashion item? Gigantic speculations by enormous organizations Matrix Partners Intel Capital Companies are building business items on top of the open source segments Fonality PBXtra/trixbox Pro Digium Asterisk Business Edition Numerous apparatuses coming to market Fonality, Digium, 3Com, PIKA, Rhino, Xorcom

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Is it a problematic innovation? Conveys Fortune 500 PBX components to the SMB Enables propelled highlights already inaccessible Branch workplaces Telecommuters VoIP Service Providers Queues/Conference Rooms/Follow-Me Softphones Intra/Extra Company Connections Pricing is far not as much as legacy frameworks

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Allows new class of affiliates PBX frameworks have dependably been the space of legacy affiliates/VAR\'s IP PBX framework can now be introduced by IT Techs Systems are anything but difficult to introduce and design Runs on existing information system Utilizes TCP/IP Uses ware PC equipment Interfaces through existing switches and firewalls This is the area of the IT Consultant!

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OSS PBX Systems Evolve Systems are advancing at a fast pace New elements Greater unwavering quality Easier upkeep Easier to bolster VoIP quality is enhancing More organizations giving preparing

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All Roads Lead to OSS! Is OSS Telephony a good fit for the SMB? Evaluating is extraordinary Features are staggering Consultants are getting prepared Parent organizations offer bolster Parent organizations confirming equipment Systems are getting less demanding to utilize now is the ideal time right to consider an OSS communication stage!

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