THE Organization FOR Advancement THROUGH Associations (Application) MCA-MOROCCO Undertakings AND Accomplishments.

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The Minister of Tourism and Artisan Craft or his delegate ; ... The Secretary of State in charge of the Craft Industry (SECA) ; The Agency for the Dedesnification and ...
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CREATION The Agency for Progress through Partnerships is a Moroccan open undertaking, made by the announcement n° 1-08-12 of 18 safar 1429 (February 26, 2008) . The Agency is set up as a legitimate body with monetary self-governance. B.0. n° 5610 of March 6, 2008. It is in charge of the usage and execution of projects as indicated by the "Thousand years Challenge Compact" Agreement, finished up August 31, 2007 between the Governments of Morocco and the United States, by mean of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, on the premise of guidelines of good administration and criteria of immediacy and thoroughness.

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ADMINISTRATION The Agency is directed by a Strategic Orientation Council managed by the Prime Minister. The voting individuals from the Council are: The Prime Minister; The Minister of the Interior or his delegate; The Minister of the Economy or his representative ; The Minister of Agriculture and Fishing or his representative ; The Minister of Tourism and Artisan Craft or his representative ; The Secretary of State in charge of the Environment or his agent ; The General Confederation of Businesses in Morocco (CGEM) illustrative of the private sector ; The National Federation of Microcredit Associations (FNAM) illustrative of microcredit associations ; The Moroccan Association for the Promotion of Female-claimed Businesses (ESPOD) illustrative of ladies\' affiliations. The non-voting individuals from the Council are : The Director General of the Partnership for Progress Agency. The Resident Director of the MCC in Morocco.

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ORGANIZATION The Agency is overseen by a Director General and an Assistant Director General. The APP is made out of 11 Management Centers, bolstered by a multidisciplinary group in charge of guaranteeing that undertakings built up by MCA Program function legitimately:

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PROJECTS The important target of the Millennium Challenge Corporation is to lessen destitution through monetary development. Five tasks were chosen: Project "Natural product Tree Productivity" (US $300.90 million) Project "Little Scale Fisheries" (US $116.71 million) Project "Artisan and Fez Medina" (US $111 millions) Project "Money related Services" ( US $46.2 million) Project "Endeavor Support" (US $33.9 million)

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PARTNERS The accompanying associations are the Execution Entities in charge of the usage of the previously mentioned ventures. The Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing (MAPM) ; The National Office of Fisheries (ONP) ; The Secretary of State in charge of the Craft Industry (SECA) ; The Agency for the Dedesnification and Rehabilitation of the Fez Medina (ADER) ; The Office of Professional Training and Job Promotion (OFPPT) ; The National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Businesses (ANPME) ; The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH). This project likewise includes common society, and financial administrators and additionally nearby and territorial chose delegates, so as to ensure honest to goodness cooperation of the populaces worried by the usage and checking of the system.

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EXPECTED RESULTS It is evaluated that the system will build the GDP of Morocco by US $118 million yearly and will specifically profit roughly 600, 000 families who speak to the standard focus of work embraced by the APP through these 5 ventures: " Fruit Tree Productivity ": 136, 000 country family recipients . Making of 11, 000 occupations on 217, 000 hectares. " Small-Scale Fisheries ": 25, 000 recipients ( little scale anglers, wholesalers, portable fish mongers ). Advancement of gathering offices, Transformation of 20 ports for emptying fish and development of offices committed to artisanal completing on the size of 13 angling ports. Development of 6 wholesale markets. " Artisan and Fez Medina ": 1, 000 educators et 50, 000 artisan recipients . Recovery and/or Construction of 5 refers to (vacationer courses in the Fez Medina). Planning the Makina. Remaking of the Lalla Ydouna Square . Redesign of three foundouks (inns) from the 14 th and 15 th century in the Medina and planning a foundouk at Aïn Nokbi. " Financial Services ": 174, 000 customer recipients including little borrowers or miniaturized scale ventures working in Morocco. " Enterprise Support ": around 6, 000 business recipients of preparing and specialized right hand, 600 of which will profit amid a pilot period of 2 years.

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THE PRINCIPES OF PROCUREMENT Transparent Procedure Open Procedure Competitive Procedure ( no national inclinations) Method of Payment The honor is excluded in the general spending plan, Two Modalities of Payment: CPS : Common Payment System Authorized Account: not exactly or equivalent to $ 500.000

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PROVISIONAL PURCHASE PROGRAM Planning buys through an acquisition arrangement Launching of statistical surveying practicality ponders beginning in 2007; various contracts have been marked in this structure (arboriculture venture, angling venture, artisan venture) ; 1 st Semester 2009 Plan incorporates the primary part of work markets; Programmed Actions will decrease to their temperament and by undertaking.

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ACTIONS RELATING TO FUNDS FOR CONSULTING OR NON-CONSULTING SERVICES Project "Natural product Tree Productivity" TC-2 elaboration and acknowledgment of a preparation plan to profit substances intrigued by the organic product arboriculture venture. TC-4A Contracts for the bearing of an investigative examination program connected in the focused on areas by the project.  TC-5A et TC-5B Contracts of help, specialized supervision, and limit working of makers and other field performing artists inspired by the venture. Venture " Small-Scale Fisheries " AF-5 Elaboration and acknowledgment of a preparation plan to profit portable fish mongers. AF-6 Preliminary study for the acknowledgment of a movement to redesign portable fish mongers, foundation of a conclusion of this action in districts worried by the undertaking and ID of preparing needs.

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ACTIONS RELATING TO FUNDS FOR CONSULTING SERVICES Projet "Venture Support" ES-2 Training and specialized help of 400 organizations made in the system of the Moukawalati program and of 200 income creating exercises. ES-5 Accompaniment of execution elements for the association of correspondence crusades in backing of Moukawalati undertakings & the National Human Development Initiative. Projet "Artisan and Fez Medina" AFM-1 Contract for counseling administrations for the execution of a sub-venture "Artisan Production" AFM-3 Study of Needs as far as advertising of artisan items, advancement of the Morocco mark et the formation of a local name; AFM-7B.1 Contract with an undertaking observing office to be acknowledged after the investigation of the recovery of specific destinations in Fez. AFM-11 Contract for counseling administrations for the administration of a universal compositional configuration rivalry for the locales of the Makina and Lalla Yddouna (Fez Medina)

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ACTIONS RELATING TO FUNDS FOR CONSULTING SERVICES (CONTINUATION AND END) Monitoring and Evaluation Contract ME-1 Realization of an examination for the confirmation of information with respect to the circumstance of reference. (agrarian, angling, and artisan areas) ME-2 Impact assessment for the recovery part of the olive tree in the downpour encouraged zone. ME-13 Realization of assets for representative preparing coming about because of checking and assessment units of various elements of execution. Program Administration ADM-2-1 Translation Services ADM-16 Legal Counsel

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ACTIONS AIMED AT THE EXECUTION OF WORKS PROJECTS TC-3A (stages 1 to 4) Execution of Development Work and Planting of Olive Trees (downpour nourished zone) TC-3B (stage 1) Execution of Development Work identifying with hydro-horticulture TC-6A Execution of recovery and development of palm forests, supplying of upkeep hardware, and of vitro plants and waste.

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PURCHASE OF ASSETS Project "Little Scale Fisheries" AF-4 Mobile Fish Monger Equipment (500 tricycles furnished with refrigerated cases) Project " Artisan and Fez Medina " AFM.2 BIS Acquisition of 20 gas ovens (pilot stage) Program Administration ADM-7 Purchase of vehicles ADM-4 Purchase of PC gear ADM-5 Acquisition of office furniture

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