The Organization in 2003.

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The Organization in 2003 Anton Berlin Head of Business sector Examination and Advancement Norilsk Nickel Bunch One of the worldwide pioneers in metals mining area Utilizes more than 80,000 Income over US$5 billion in 2003 Center exercises: prospecting, mining, purifying and refining base and valuable metals
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The Company in 2003 Anton Berlin Head of Market Analysis & Development

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Norilsk Nickel Group One of the worldwide pioneers in metals mining segment Employs more than 80,000 Revenue over US$5 billion in 2003 Core exercises: prospecting, mining, purifying and refining base and valuable metals Core items: Nickel, Copper, Palladium, Platinum, Gold By-items: Cobalt, Silver, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Selenium,Tellurium

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Global Presence Norilsk Nickel Europe London KOLA DIVISION , Murmansk Norimet Ltd. London HEADQUARTERS Moscow Norilsk Nickel USA Pittsburg MATROSOV MINE, Magadan GIPRONIKEL, St-Petersburg LENZOLOTO, Irkutsk STILLWATER MINING COMPANY , Montana USA Market Share ZAO POLYUS Krasnoyarsk POLAR DIVISION, Norilsk GOLDFIELDS, South Africa Norilsk Nickel Asia

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A Global Leader In Metals Market Share 13% 18% 3% Metal > 4 0% 14% 1.5%

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Market Position in 2003 10 8.9 12 10 7 8 6.7 6.4 8 6.5 6 4.6 5.2 5.1 4.7 6 3.6 3.5 4 3.2 3 2.9 4 1.3 2 0 KGHM Codelco Barrick Rio Tinto Rio Tinto AngloGold Newmont Gold Fields BHP Billiton Norilsk Nickel Grupo Mexico Placer Dome Phelps Dodge Norilsk Nickel Harmony Gold Norddeutsche Aff Largest Nickel Producers (% offer of world generation) Largest Palladium Producers (% offer of world creation) Largest Platinum Producers (% offer of world creation) Largest Gold Producers (in a huge number of ounces, proforma for NN) Largest Copper Producers (% offer of world generation) (*) Based upon assessments by \HSBC

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Marketing approach Consumer - arranged deals strategy W ide scope of administrations to every single customer Priority to long haul connections Flexibility in business terms

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Norilsk-Stillwater Deal On June 23, 2003, Norilsk Nickel finished the interest in the Stillwater Mining Company of Montana Norilsk Nickel paid Stillwater US$132 million in real money and 877 thousand ounces of palladium metal for those shares

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Norilsk Winnings Demonstration to the world market that we trust the incidents of palladium to be a makeshift occasion Restore trust in the palladium showcase A high-review resource

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Stillwater Winnings Financial obligation determined Additional metals to supply to US buyers Independent chiefs for the benefit of Norilsk Nickel and Stillwater stay free makers and world rivals in the mining and promoting of metals

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Stillwater Winnings Norilsk Nickel finishes the interest in Stillwater Mining

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Palladium Supply Fundamentals Primary supply South African extensions Developments somewhere else Secondary supply Recoveries from converters introduced in mid 90s will crest in 2007

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Palladium Demand Fundamentals Automotive area Stockpile exhaustion Diesel innovation improvements Jewelry White gold Palladium adornments Electronics Stockpile consumption Hydrogen Economy

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Palladium Market Development On November 10, 2003 Norilsk Nickel consented to an arrangement on hydrogen economy advancement with the Russian Academy of Science - a National body for principal and application exploration uniting many organizations and examination focuses. The project is set to proceed for no less than 3 years with financing up to US$40 million for each annum

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Hydrogen Economy Development

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The Markets in 2003 Denis Lepetukha Managing Director

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Demand in 2003 Automotive/Electronics interest matches use Jewelry expanded Dental/Chemical stable

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Supply in 2003 More leaving SA Increased recuperations from auxiliary material

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PGM Prices Platinum & Palladium Price (LPPM) (in USD per ounce) Platinum/Palladium Price Ratio 3-year normal

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Palladium Sales in 2003 America Europe Palladium Production Palladium Sales Asia In 2003 we sold all the metal created Achieved deals cost without markdown to the yearly normal

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