The Organization to Advance Adhering to a good diet and Dynamic Living, Inc..

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The Organization to Advance Adhering to a good diet and Dynamic Living, Inc. Mission: To advance solid sustenance and physical action way of life practices through an open/private multi-disciplinary association grounded on customer comprehension History of the Organization
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The Partnership to Promote Healthy Eating & Active Living, Inc. Mission: To advance solid sustenance and physical movement way of life practices through an open/private multi-disciplinary association grounded on buyer understanding

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History of the Partnership Could an open/private organization be an impetus for advancing sound ways of life? Could various controls add to a system to direct inventive methodologies by this organization and others? Could the attention be on purchasers ?

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Summit on Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living: Developing a Framework for Progress

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Secondary influence focuses Primary influence focuses Behavioral settings Lifestyle Enablers of decision Framework for determinants of physical action and eating conduct transportation framework construction modeling & building regulations sustenance industry Social political backing/campaigning activity, physical action & sports industry Cultural Psycho-natural Core nearby government nourishment stores amusement industry engineers family property proprietors sustenance stores wellbeing club human services industry eateries and nourishment outlets home work environment group action suppliers social patterns instruction framework diversion offices regularity eateries accommodation excitement industry non-government associations social parts religious, group and non-government associations propensities openness life stage philanthropic suppliers work sparing gadget industry self characters ethnic personalities L i f e s t y l e circumstance or connection – physical and social parks, entertainment focuses, senior focuses joy interpersonal connections chain of importance of necessities convictions group wellspring of data industry hereditary qualities vehicle of transport qualities physiology instructive accomplishment shopping center expense government shopping centers background medicinal services suppliers financial status time neighborhood security school load up, regions information day care neighborhood school manager April 20, 2000

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Lessens gained from past social change developments Tobacco control Auto restriction gadgets: safety belts, kid auto seats Recycling Breastfeeding International endeavors in nourishment, physical action, weight control

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Economics: The legislative issues of self-interest Detailed money saving advantage investigations Economic motivating forces/disincentives Economics of innovation Funding to create arrangements

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An Economic Analysis of Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors: Exploring compelling systems to battle corpulence Convened meeting in April 2003 125 specialists in financial aspects, general wellbeing, sustenance, physical action, group outline and different orders Developed a monetary structure for customer decisions re: eating and physical action Began investigating ways to deal with changing conduct through utilizing financial matters Will be distributed in American Journal of Preventive Medicine in Fall

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Measuring AOM Success: ROI New AOM individuals, subsidiaries, conveyance accomplices, patrons Reach and infiltration of message Changing dispositions Breadth of cooperation among group accomplices Indicators of steady environment Changing eating and action practices Changing wellbeing and personal satisfaction markers

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We are extraordinary We are a genuine multi-disciplinary organization, uniting people in general and private segments We supplement different activities with an incorporated structure others can use to have an effect on dietary and physical action conduct We have an unmistakable arrangement of activity that supplements other heftiness and solid way of life activities We concentrate on comprehension the shopper

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What is America On the Move? A national activity helping individuals of all ages build way of life action and eat all the more restoratively by rolling out little improvements signifying huge contrasts A fun, simple way to deal with stop yearly weight pick up, that effortlessly incorporates into our occupied lives An across the country system of grassroots associates making and supporting group change with projects, occasions, and arrangement changes An open private exertion conveying projects to the group - schools, worksites, religious gatherings, lawmakers, and so on. Tried projects with demonstrated results SIMPLE • FUN • FLEXIBLE • EFFECTIVE

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Small Changes = BIG Results We can stop the normal American’s weight increase of one to three pounds for every year and end the spread of heftiness

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AOM Partners and Supporters

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AOM in the Press

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How AOM Engages Americans National Public/Private Website/1-800# Affiliates Delivery Partners Partnerships America On the Move Programs The Consumer

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AOM Affiliate Network : 2004 California, Santa Barbara County  Colorado District of Columbia Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Kansas Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan New Mexico Nebraska New York New York, Saratoga County  Ohio Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia  Affiliate geographic range is restricted to region

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Affiliate Spotlight: Tennessee On the Move (TOM) Legislative Involvement: Congressman Zach Wamp secured $500,000 assignments and went to a few TOM occasions crosswise over state Media Outreach and Events: Partnered with Healthy Memphis for a noteworthy general wellbeing battle. More than 1,000 individuals took an interest in commencement occasion facilitated by Dave Price, CBS’ Early Show Weatherman. The Early Show additionally ran scope of occasion. Training: PSAs kept running amid broadcast University of Tennessee (UT) football games Programs at worksites: Entire UT framework executed TOM as a worksite program and sponsored the buy of stepcounters for representatives Programs for youngsters: TOM is working with the Girl Scouts to build up a TOM-particular identification advancing sound living

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AOM National Delivery Partners Like-minded philanthropies widen AOM’s achieve: Bring AOM projects to life in nearby groups the country over. Team up with AOM to enact redid programs - Academy of Family Physician’s (AAFP) - American Diabetes Association (ADA) - American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) - National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) - National Council of La Raza (NCLR) – being developed - National Urban League (NUL) – being developed

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AOM Programs 2004 Worksites/Organizations Companies include: PepsiCo, Mayo, Guidant Corporation, Cargill Health Professionals AOM “Kit” to achieve patients through Physicians and other Health Care experts Working with American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) to execute AOM for doctor office staff Schools Lesson arrangements showing basic and center school youngsters vitality equalization ideas Walking Groups Families and self-started neighborhood strolling clubs

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AOM Reaches Consumers with its Sponsors Examples of Sponsors making purchaser coming to programs together with AOM: Colorado On the Move is advanced through statewide Nick N Willy’s Pizza chain (sign up for AOM in store, instructive materials, stepcounter motivator with buy of sound pizza garnishes AOM is coordinated into PepsiCo’s 2005 national dispatch of SmartSpot items (i.e., FSCIs, in-store advancements and take-one materials, vicinity at Affiliate occasions) AOM enrollment is a piece of Quaker Oats Quakes strolling advancement (pedometer give-aways, 6 strolling destination fabulous prizes with AOM enlistment, consideration of AOM little change messages on bundle)

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AOM Long Term Vision Teach kids and grown-ups Energy Balance abilities and give devices expected to deal with their weight in the ebb and flow environment Create and actualize substantial, socially pertinent arrangements and items for all populaces, gatherings and people Drive logical examination around little switches that signify enormous contrasts Incorporate and perceive private and open segment endeavors tending to overweight and corpulence Create reasonable group endeavors that bolster individual changes

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Contact Information: Laura Simonds, M.S., M.Ed. Official Director The Partnership to Promote Healthy Eating & Active Living, Inc. 617-367-6886 lau

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