The Pastor's Role .

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2. The part of the minister is not by and by to do the greater part of the required service of the congregation (like a shepherd),. in any case, to guarantee that the required service of the congregation is being done (like a farmer). .
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The Role of the Pastor

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The part of the minister is not by and by to do the greater part of the required service of the congregation (like a shepherd), however to guarantee that the required service of the congregation is being done (like a farmer) . " to prepare the holy people for the working up of the assemblage of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12)

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The Role of the Pastor The minister is to observe, elucidate, convey, and coordinate the gathering toward satisfaction of its "T.E.A.M." mission. T eaching E vangelism A doration M inistry

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The minister is to recognize, illuminate, convey, and coordinate the gathering toward satisfaction of its "T.E.A.M." mission by giving the accompanying: Vision Worship Model Leadership Evangelism

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Vision It is the minister\'s essential part to perceive and instruct the focal otherworldly vision and teacher assignment for the general service of the congregation.

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Worship The minister will profoundly guide the assembly to wealthier love life and long haul Christian development through scriptural announcement, instructing, supplication, and acclaim.

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Model The minister is to be an otherworldly model for assembly and group by displaying a rich individual reverential life, development in devotion and learning, and excellent Christian open lead.

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Leadership The minister should give supervisory administration to staff in the execution of their services, and lead by enabling the Church Council, elders, boards of trustees, and people to control the different assignments of chapel and Christian life.

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Evangelism The minister will take care of the development of the assemblage through creating searcher touchy church structures and creating suitable evangelistic connections inside the group, district, and division.

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Evaluation Questions (for surveying the execution of the minister) These inquiries depend on the minister\'s expected set of responsibilities and are therefore proper beginning stages for a yearly assessment of execution.

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Vision Has the minister seen plainly the focal mission God has called the congregation to attempt? Has the minister imparted this vision-mission unmistakably to the assembly?

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Worship Has the minister helped the congregation all in all to develop in its capacity to love with more profundity and broadness? Has the minister helped the assembly move toward more prominent corporate otherworldly wellbeing? Has the minister lectured, educated, and imparted scriptural truth in a steady and accommodating way that causes the assemblage to develop profoundly?

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Model Has the minister obviously demonstrated Christian living and development for the advantage of the assembly? Has the minister been a represetative speaking to the congregation to the bigger group? Has the minister been determined to accomplish more noteworthy development in individual supplication and dedication? Has the minister gone to proceeding with instruction and expert service advancement?

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Leadership Has the minister managed staff in a proper and accommodating way? Has the minister empowered boards to play out their obligations? Has the minister given profound and regulatory heading to individual church individuals so that the required services have been completed?

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Evangelism Has the minister created particular searcher delicate church structures? Has the minister associated fittingly with alternate ministers/places of worship and suitable systems?

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- lecture sermons and lead revere - get ready for squares of love and lecturing - show classes or courses - select pioneers - submersions, fellowship, weddings, funerals - appearance (prospect, part, doctor\'s facility( - advising (emergency or progressing) - exercises to arrange new individuals - consider, go to class, proceeding with instruction - purposeful relationship (tutor/protégé) - ask and hone the otherworldly controls - go to gathering and advisory group gatherings - the release - imagine/grow long-extend objectives and arrangements - update calls - direct or go to chapel wide gatherings - settle debate in chapel - work with the adolescent - set a case for chapel and group - arrange church supplies, wiggle the handle - open structures, turn on warmth, kill lights - prepare church laborers in profound abilities - go to denominational capacities - build up the gathering life of the congregation - inquire as to why so-as wasn\'t in chapel last Sunday Things Pastors Do... Presently, which ought to be the fundamental area of the minister? - Vision - Worship - Model - Leadership/supervision - Evangelism

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The Role of the Pastor Dr. John P. Chandler The Ray and Ann Spence Network for Congregational Leadership Copy right John Chandler, 2000

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