The perspective from here: Forward through the back perspective reflect A presentation to the Gateway Advisory Meeting .

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E is for Excitement . PLAR is by nature imaginative and exciting.PLAR respects development, experience, steadiness, and industry.PLAR facilitates the reasoning of John Dewey
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The view from here: F orward through the back view reflect… A presentation to the Gateway Advisory Meeting September 22, 2005 Dianne Conrad, PhD Director, Center for Learning Accreditation

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E is for Excitement PLAR is by nature imaginative and energizing. PLAR respects development, experience, tirelessness, and industry. PLAR facilitates the reasoning of John Dewey… "the start of guideline should be made with the experience learners as of now have… this experience and the limits that have been created amid its course give the beginning stage to all further learning" ( Experience and Education , 1938, p. 74) PLAR unmistakably perceives the way that all aptitude does not dwell in the heads of educating staff.

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PLAR: An issue of history and theory Liberal logic depends on "sage on the stage" hypotheses that advance education. Dewey, Lindeman, Moses Coady, Jimmy Tompkins, and Alfred FitzPatrick pushed for dynamic instruction. Progressivism comprehends learning as a piece of understanding.

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At Athabasca University… Who has the information? How is it spread around? Who is in charge of it? The uprightness of AU\'s PLAR framework is reliant on sound scholastic vision and process.

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Center for Learning Accreditation Key objectives: to convert and prepare to guide and mentor to draw in new scholastic skill to the procedure to cement ways to deal with and discover consistency among devotees

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E is for Enterprise: "activity" or out and out diligent work. PLAR includes a great deal of work. For learners For assessors For executives

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Innovative AU And advancement is a considerable measure of work as well – in its origination, in its usage and heading. Particularly in vast establishments…

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Athabasca University has been imaginative in its utilization of PLAR: Various models Centrally upheld Generous acknowledgment of learning Gateways has been creative in its appropriation of PLAR strategies and techniques: Partnerships Mentoring Holistic learning Distributed obligation

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Future Enterprise The Center for Learning Accreditation will be a hive of big business in: inspecting AU\'s PLAR forms approaches and methods with an eye to recognizing obstructions to learners. distinguishing boundaries to staff support. praising the vitality of examples of overcoming adversity from the relative seclusion of their projects into a bigger forum.

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E is for Engagement = cooperation = acknowledgment, understanding, advancement What adds to non-engagement?

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An Amazing Fact! PLAR\'s theory is not shared all around by all who work in academe. Some of their worries: thoroughness institutional uprightness validity the "instructive experience" "twofold plunging"

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Engaging the Non-connected with A reasonable order reinforced by focal support. A proficient structure/a center point of managerial duty that itself contains mastery. A solid item (PLAR prepare): regard for the learner meticulousness routine and consistency A powerful, multilateral interchanges stream that encourages data trade and educated basic leadership. A program of instruction, preparing, and coaching that elucidates rationality, ideas, and process. Inward advancement, profile (boards of trustees), and promoting (site, materials). Era of research and scholarly nearness. Esteeming and acknowledgment of PLAR support.

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Another Type of Engagement PLAR is a learning knowledge. The best PLAR triumphs emerge from learners\' acknowledgment of important learning encounters through the PLAR procedure. This happens ( disregarding them or to their extraordinary shock) when they go into a very much oversaw, all around recorded, and all around coached prepare.

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A Final Word… ... on portfolios. The portfolio is both item and process: "… as an efficient item, the portfolio empowers a person to "exhibit" important accomplishments in a talk style that is recognizable to the scholarly assessor(s)." (Wong, 2001, p. 166)

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But the heart of learning, of engagement, is making the portfolio. Citing Jerald Apps, in Teaching from the Heart (Krieger, 1996, p. 30): Learning at a more profound level requires some removing and some work. Gaining from the heart requires significant investment and regularly requires isolation. Adapting all the more profoundly takes practice and train. Such learning can summon alarm and also rapture.

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"Gaining from the heart consolidates the physical, the erudite person, the enthusiastic, and the otherworldly measurements of our being in a manner that we start to touch the embodiment of our mankind. We start to touch our souls."

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