The Present Condition of Human services Change.

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The Present Condition of Social insurance Change Aiken Hackett Chief, Government Undertakings Human services Change Destinations 2010 Doctor Expense Plan Senate Medicinal services Change House Human services Change Medicare Doctor Charge Plan 2010 Proposed Standard End of Meeting Codes
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The Current State of Health Care Reform Aiken Hackett Director, Government Affairs

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Health Care Reform Objectives 2010 Physician Fee Schedule Senate Health Care Reform House Health Care Reform

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Medicare Physician Fee Schedule 2010 Proposed Rule Elimination of Consultation Codes Decrease of Infusion installments 25% Continuation of PQRI

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Medicare Physician Fee Schedule 2010 Proposed Rule What Is the ACR Doing? Submitting remarks to CMS Working with other restorative associations and support gatherings Submitted opinion piece articles to significant daily papers Encouraging individuals to submit remarks to CMS and contact Congress

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Medicare Physician Fee Schedule 2010 Proposed Rule What Can You Do? 1. Submit letter to CMS by 5pm ET August 31 Letter Template Online at and guidelines on accommodation Electronically at USPS Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services 400 Independence Ave, S.W Washington, D.C. 20201 2. Express your worries with your individuals from Congress Information can be found on the ACR Website at under News Flash

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ACR Position on Health Care Reform To guarantee access to mind, the ACR backings: Access to moderate wellbeing scope 2) Access to a sufficient human services workforce for joint inflammation, rheumatic and musculoskeletal maladies 3) Access to quality tend to these ailments 4) Cost-compelling consideration without decrease in quality social insurance ACR paper online at

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Major Players Administration President Obama HHS Senators HELP Committee Kennedy Dodd Finance Committee Gang Of Six Representatives Waxman (D-CA) Rangel (D-NY) Miller (D-CA)

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Senate Bills Background Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee passed the “Affordable Health Choices Act” on July 15. Senate Finance Committee as yet arranging bill. The Senate Finance Committee is talking about people in general protection choice among different recommendations. Senate will combine two advisory group bills and send to floor for a vote.

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Senate HELP Bill Estimated expense: $597B Coverage Includes an individual order on wellbeing protection Prohibits barring scope taking into account prior conditions Creates an open alternative (Community Health Insurance Option) Provider interest is intentional inside of the general population arrangement choice. The Secretary can arrange supplier rates.

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Senate HELP Bill Other Provisions Follow-on biologics Loan reimbursement program for pediatric sub-claims to fame

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H.R. 3200 Tri-Committee Bill Estimated expense: $1.042T Background Passed by Education & Labor Committee on July 17. Gone by Ways & Means Committee on July 17. Gone by Energy & Commerce Committee on July 31. Vitality & Commerce has 55-60 extra revisions to consider after August break.

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H.R. 3200 Tri-Committee Bill Coverage Creates a Health Insurance Exchange where people and head honchos can buy wellbeing scope Requires businesses to give scope or pay into a Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund Prohibits barring scope in light of prior conditions

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H.R. 3200 Tri-Committee Bill Provider Payment Eliminates 21.5% planned cut in Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Includes a 1% overhaul Establishes two administration classes which will get individual upgrades E/M administrations in one classification and volume development is at a rate of GDP + 2% Removes Part B drugs from computations Increases Medicaid installments to support supplier interest

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H.R. 3200 Tri-Committee Bill Access to Drugs Allows the Secretary to arrange medication costs with pharmaceutical producers Grants the Secretary power to focus a drug’s scope in people in general arrangement

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H.R. 3200 Tri-Committee Bill Includes procurements on take after on biologics Includes procurements identifying with HIT Includes procurements identifying with CER Removes brief pay rebates of up to 2% from the ASP estimation

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H.R. 3200 Tri-Committee Bill Imaging Calls for study on DXA usage

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H.R . 3200 Tri-Committee Bill PQRI Requires Secretary to create criticism system (no due date determined) and requests process for suppliers taking an interest in the PQRI program by January 1, 2011 Pending Amendment Workforce Loan Repayment for Pediatric Subspecialties

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What to Expect in September Energy & Commerce will consider the remaining alterations. House will blend 3 advisory group passed bills and will send to floor for a vote. Senate Finance Committee has set a September 15 due date to add to their bill. Senate must union two bills and send to floor. After going in both Chambers, Congress will go to “conference” to arrange last bill.

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What Can You Do? Contact you\'re Representative and Senators and express your suppositions on social insurance enactment. AMA Grassroots Hotline: (800) 833-6354 Visit your administrators at home: congressional break through September 7. Go to Annual Meeting Session with Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) on Monday, October 19, 2:30-4:00, to get a report on social insurance change.

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What Can You Do? Add to RheumPAC Q:What is RheumPAC? A: RheumPAC is a political activity advisory group committed to expanding the ACR’s vicinity on Capitol Hill. A: RheumPAC bolsters the ACR in its endeavors to fabricate contacts, impact and perceivability inside Washington, D.C. A: RheumPAC expands the ACR’s access to individuals from Congress and the chance to instruct them on issues of significance to rheumatology.

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Questions? ACR Government Affairs Department Patton Boggs LLP .:tsli

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