THE PRESENT Straightforward :.

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The third individual solitary is shaped by adding a s to the base verb. ...
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THE PRESENT SIMPLE : For activities which happen frequently, propensities, changeless circumstances and general truths.

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On Sundays, I work.

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On Mondays, I wash my auto .

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On Tuesdays, I go to the bank.

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On Wednesdays, I cook.

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On Thursdays, I heat.

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On Fridays, I purchase nourishment.

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On Saturdays, I rest !

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THE PRESENT SIMPLE work לעבוד To I work. You work . He work s . She work s . It work s . We work. You work. They work.

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THE PRESENT SIMPLE : HE - SHE - IT 3 rd individual solitary

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as a rule : The third individual particular is framed by adding a s to the base verb. To work He work s

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In verbs finishing in ss,x,ch,sh,o " Es " is included the third individual particular. To dress She dress es To settle He alter es To watch She watch es T.V. To wash She wash es To go It go es !

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In verbs finishing in consonant + y The y changes to " ies " To cry He cr ies .

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The present straightforward : negative structure

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Negative structure I, you, we, they wear " t +base verb He, she , it doesn " t+base verb I wear " t work. You wear " t work. He doesn " t work. She doesn " t work. It doesn " t work. We wear " t work. You wear " t work. They wear " t work.

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