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Programming is an electronic part. It costs cash. It requires investment. TVs ... 20 minutes to attempt and get a contraption to work learn at Technical University of ...
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The Software is Free Reducing BOM Cost With Efficient Software Gopal Miglani President, BitRouter

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Software happens! Programming is an electronic segment It costs cash It requires investment TVs don\'t work without it OEMs would prefer not to pay for it

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How much does it cost? "80% of the building assets went into programming, not equipment" – Jukka Hamalainen, CEO Panasonic AVC, Sep 28 \'98 EE Times, alluding to Panasonic\'s first HDTV. half of contraptions returned are in immaculate working request. The normal American burns through 20 minutes to attempt and get a device to work – learn at Technical University of Eindhoven, May 2006.

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Where are we headed? Today Digital tuners Digital Cable Ready Built in DVD Tomorrow Bi-directional Cable (requires Java) DVR Downloadable restrictive access IPTV Digital Home Networking Blu-Ray & HD-DVD

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Bi-Directional DCR ATSC Analog Software Complexity is Exploding

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Modularity & Reuse are Key Same programming can take a shot at any SoC Same programming can deal with any working framework Can you permit singular modules? If not, there is an outline issue Mix authorized modules with in-house IP Reuse modules crosswise over item extend Digital modules, converter boxes, incorporated TV, DCR, DVR, DVD, bi-directional, IPTV… Innovative permitting Insist on all around characterized equipment reflection layer, APIs and configuration DVB & US gauges can share a typical code and API base

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Complete Designs Beyond reference loads up & SDKs OEMs are requesting finished plans Complete GUI is next huge differentiator Standards based way to deal with GUI – XML OEM does not require access to source code Only XML source required to "skin" the gadget Easy to make item separation ATSC converter box is just 2200 lines of XML based diversions offer extra income

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Modularity and Reuse

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Support Documentation Source code accessibility Training accessible Support originates from programming modelers Engineering administrations accessible Integration and affirmation administrations

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Risk Management Field tried Deployed Time to showcase Roadmap DVB Blu-Ray DVB-H Is there any open source content?

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