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MODULE OUTLINE. The Project ManagerThe Project TeamThe Project OrganisationVarious Approaches to Project MgtProject Mgt Tools
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THE PROJECT MANAGER Year 3 Project Management Dr. Margaret Nelson MI-06 Ext 3431

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MODULE OUTLINE The Project Manager The Project Team The Project Organization Various Approaches to Project Mgt Project Mgt Tools & Techniques Project Risk Management Project Performance and Evaluation

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LECTURE OUTLINE PM Roles & Responsibilities PM Skills & Attributes Leadership Professional Associations

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WHAT IS PM? Extend administration is The utilization of learning, abilities, devices and strategies to venture exercises keeping in mind the end goal to live up to partner\'s needs and desires from a venture (PMBOK, In Burke, 2003) The teach of characterizing and accomplishing targets while enhancing the utilization of assets (time, cash, individuals, space, and so forth). Subsequently, it could be arranged into a few models: time, cost, extension, and intangibles (Wikipedia) Involves staying away from issues. It is about handling new ground, taking a gathering of individuals and attempting to accomplish some reasonable goal rapidly & productively (Reiss, 1995)

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WHAT IS A PROJECT? "A human action that accomplishes an unmistakable target against a period scale" (Reiss, 1995) " A complex, non-normal, one-time exertion restricted by time, spending plan, assets and execution particulars intended to address client issues" (Gray & Larson, 2006) Characteristics One clear goal A settled time scale A group of individuals No practice or practice Change

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Project Initiation Roles & Responsibilities Project Planning Estimating and Budgeting Managing Risk Controlling the Project Managing Quality Managing Change Reviewing the Project Background Defining the Project Planning the Project Implementing the Project Evaluation and Review PM ELEMENTS

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PROJECT MANAGER "the individual in charge of conveying the venture" (OGC) Single purpose of duty Leads and deals with the venture group, with the expert and obligation to run the venture on an everyday premise Essential that the abilities and experience of the Project Manager are coordinated to the necessities of the venture.

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PROJECT MANAGER (2) Manages brief, non-dull exercises and as often as possible acts freely of the formal association. Marshals assets for the venture. Is connected specifically to the client interface. Gives guidance, coordination, and mix to the venture group. Is in charge of execution and accomplishment of the venture. Must prompt the opportune individuals at the perfect time to address the correct issues and settle on the correct choices.

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THE PM TRIANGLE To be viable the Project Manager should have the capacity to control three parts of the venture: Delivers on time Within spending plan To the concurred quality Time Quality Cost

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PM ROLES Defining Project Mission Managing Stakeholders Managing Resources Physical People Financial Managing the Scope Managing Time Managing the Supply Chain Managing the Project Life Cycle Managing the Process Managing Conformance, H & S Managing Risk and Uncertainty Managing Project Information Managing Performance Project Evaluation Audit and Review

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RESPONSIBILITIES Designing and applying a proper venture administration system for the venture (utilizing applicable venture guidelines) joining the Gateway survey handle if required Managing the creation of the required deliverables Planning and checking the venture Resource Planning Adopting any assignment and utilization of venture affirmation parts inside concurred revealing structures Preparing and keeping up the Project Plan (or Project Execution Plan), Stage and Exception Plans as required Manage extend dangers, including the advancement of emergency courses of action Liaison with program administration (if the venture is a piece of a program) and related undertakings to guarantee that work is neither disregarded nor copied Overall advance and utilization of assets, starting restorative activity where fundamental

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RESPONSIBILITIES (2) Change control and any required setup administration Reporting through concurred announcing lines on venture advance through Highlight Reports and stage appraisals Liaison with selected venture confirmation parts to guarantee the general heading and uprightness of the venture Adopting specialized and quality methodology/Identifying and get any support and exhortation required for the administration, arranging and control of the venture Managing venture organization Conducting end extend assessment to survey how well the venture was overseen [nb \'post venture\' is not quite the same as \'end of project\'] and get ready and end-extend report Preparing a Lessons Learned report Preparing any take after on activity suggestions as required

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DIMENSIONS McGraw Hill/Irwin (2006)

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SKILLS & ATTRIBUTES Apply standard venture administration ways to deal with the particular necessities of the venture Direct, oversee and spur the venture group Develop and keep up a concurred extend arrange and itemized organize plan(s) Tailor master information to meet particular conditions Plan and deal with the sending of assets to meet venture turning points Physical People Financial

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SKILLS & ATTRIBUTES (2) Build and maintain viable interchanges with different parts required in the venture as required Apply quality administration standards and process. Have the capacity to suspect occasions Be ready to re-assess the arrangement to guarantee access to assets Arrange viable interfaces between the venture and base association Must have the capacity to arrange, arrange, rouse, move, and close

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PROJECT MANAGERS & THE STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS Changes in the association\'s central goal and methodology Project administrators must react to changes with fitting choices about future activities and acclimations to current tasks. Extend administrators who comprehend their association\'s technique can get to be distinctly powerful promoters of undertakings adjusted to the association\'s central goal.

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ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF A PROJECT MANAGER Leadership - the way and approach of giving guidance, executing arrangements, and persuading individuals. Administrative capacity (PM encounter?) Enthusiasm Commitment Tenacity Interpersonal/People Skills Motivator, communicator, facilitator and legislator, rouse and charge regard Flexible Expertise in the territory of the Project?

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TRAITS & SKILLS Systems mastermind Personal trustworthiness Proactive High anxiety resistance General business viewpoint Good communicator Effective time administration Skillful legislator Optimist (Gray & Larson, 2006)

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LEWIN\'S LEADERSHIP STYLES Autocratic When the pioneer tells representatives what they need done and how they need it done, without getting the counsel of their supporters Does exclude bossing individuals around Participative or Democratic Leader includes the general population in the basic leadership, despite the fact that the procedure for an official conclusion may fluctuate from the pioneer having the last say to them encouraging accord in the gathering. Free enterprise Minimize the pioneer\'s contribution in basic leadership, and subsequently permitting individuals to settle on their own choices, in spite of the fact that they may in any case be in charge of the result

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LIKERT\'S LEADERSHIP STYLES Exploitive Authoritative or Autocratic Leader has a low sympathy toward individuals and uses such techniques as dangers and other dread based strategies to accomplish conformance Benevolent Authoritative or Paternalistic Leader adds sympathy toward individuals to a definitive position, a \'considerate tyranny\' is shaped Consultative or Delegative The upward stream of data still mindful and rose-tinted Leader is trying certifiable endeavors to listen deliberately to thoughts Major choices are still generally halfway made Participative or Democratic pioneer makes most extreme utilization of participative strategies, connecting with individuals drop down the association in basic leadership

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CONSTRUCTION PROJECT LEADERSHIP The test : huge and scattered various in training and hierarchical culture the flow of the venture life-cycle Leader\'s qualities develop knowledgeable extravert, not contemplative person natural, not detecting considering, not feeling high passionate insight Source: Winch, G

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LEADERSHIP ATTRIBUTES Physical essentialness and stamina Intelligence and activity arranged judgment Eagerness to acknowledge duty Task fitness Understanding of adherents and their needs Skill in managing individuals Need for accomplishment Capacity to propel individuals Courage and determination Trustworthiness Decisiveness Self-certainty Assertiveness Adaptability/adaptability John Gardner (1989) On Leadership, New York: Free Press

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PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Association of Project Management - Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) – Project Management Institute (PMI) -

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READING LIST Anderson, E., Grude, K.V. furthermore, Haug, T. (1987), Goal Directed Project Management (2 nd Edition), London: Kogan Page. Burke, R. (2003), Project Management Planning and Control Techniques, 4 th Edition, Chichester, UK: John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Dim, C. F. what\'s more, Larson, E. W. (2006), Project Management: The Managerial Process, 3 rd Edition, NY: McGraw Hill/Irwin. Murray, M. also, Langford, D. (2004), Architect\'s Handbook of Construction Project Management, London: RIBA Enterprises. Reiss, G. (1995), Project Management Demystified: Today\'s Tools and Techniques, 2 nd Edition, London: Spon Press. Winch, G, Lecture Notes

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