The Purchase Open Wizard and Server farm: Electronic Devices for Segment 508 Consistence.

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The Buy Accessible Data Center helps organizations that give E&IT items and administrations to the legislature: ... What E&IT organizations ought to consider when giving statistical surveying ...
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The Buy Accessible Wizard and Data Center: Web-based Tools for Section 508 Compliance

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Presentation Objectives Provide an outline of how the Buy Accessible framework (the Acquisition Wizard and the Data Center) attempts to help government and industry meet the expectation of Section 508 Data Center Demonstration How sellers can take part to make their E&IT openness data promptly accessible to government buyers Acquisition Wizard Demonstration How government purchasers make utilization of the merchant gave data to secure E&IT items and administrations

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Background Section 508 enactment makes elected offices in charge of getting open E&IT Any elected obtaining must meet material specialized, execution, and documentation benchmarks for openness The aim is to: Make government available to all natives Make government work more available to elected laborers with incapacities Provide a business sector impetus for organizations to deliver more open items and administrations And it is classified in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

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Responsibilities Under the Final FAR Rule For Implementing Section 508 "The requiring official must distinguish which norms apply to the acquirement, utilizing the Access Board\'s EIT Accessibility Standards at 36 CFR section 1194 ." 1 2 "Then the requiring official must perform statistical surveying to decide the accessibility of agreeable items and administrations; seller sites and the Section 508 site would be useful here."

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The Buy Accessible System Reduces This Complexity The Buy Accessible Data Center helps organizations that give E&IT items and administrations to the administration: Describe how their items and administrations adjust to the pertinent arrangements of the standard Maintain momentum and steady openness data about the accessibility of conformant items and administrations Influence government buyers amid their statistical surveying The Buy Accessible Wizard people groups with elected acquirement duty: Identify which particular arrangements of the standard apply Develop availability sales dialect Test items and administrations Demonstrate "due determination" (review trail for consistence) Document all strides taken for consistence Effectively, reliably, and productively

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The Buy Accessible System Overview Buyers and Requiring Officials Wizard The Law The Standard The FAR follow Section 508 in procuring E&IT Standard Reports Compliance Audit Trail Evaluation Guide Design Guide Market Research Information E&IT Companies Buy Accessible Data Center give openness data to items and administrations

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Data Center Demonstration How to enlist your organization with the Data Center How to connection government purchasers with availability data about your E&IT items and administrations How enrolled data is kept up and upgraded

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Wizard Demonstration How government purchasers meet their Section 508 obligations by utilizing the Wizard to: Determine particular arrangements of the standard that apply to their E&IT items and administrations Find openness data about accessible E&IT items and administrations What E&IT organizations ought to consider when giving statistical surveying data to the Data Center How organizations can likewise utilize the Wizard to decide particular arrangements of the standard the apply to their E&IT items and administrations

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Benefits to Companies Providing E&IT Products and Services Easy approach to give and keep up data to purchasers all through the legislature For micropurchases the Data Center is turning into the essential wellspring of business sector data Assures consistency in data crosswise over organizations, items and administrations Standardized configuration through the VPAT More predictable substance through "best practices"

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The GSA Sponsored Buy Accessible Wizard A Web-based application created and persistently enhanced by a Focus Group of partners Major partners incorporate government purchasers, industry sellers Participation by ATIA individuals, Accessibility Advocacy amasses The Wizard Guides government clients through a procedure of social occasion information and giving data about electronic and data innovation (E&IT) and Section 508 consistence Provides a rundown of the procedure and its outcomes

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The GSA Sponsored Buy Accessible Data Center A Web-based application that unites merchant data about: Company duty to availability and Section 508 Product conformance to particular specialized openness necessities Service ability, cases, or references for open results All of the data contained in the Data Center is claimed, enlisted, and kept up by the E&IT organizations The Data Center is accessible to anybody on the planet for recording statistical surveying data about E&IT items and/or administrations!

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Panel Discussion Helen Chamberlain, GSA Ken Salaets, ITIC Skip Crane, Accessibility Forum

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