The Religious Use of Drugs .

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The Religious Use of Drugs. Chapter 5: Lehmann et al Drugs by Francis Huxley Ritual Enemas by Furst & Coe On the Peyote Road by Mike Kiyaani. The Religious Use of Drugs. In the West Non-Western Societies Bates Definition: “almost all materials taken for other than nutritional reasons”
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The Religious Use of Drugs Chapter 5: Lehmann et al Drugs by Francis Huxley Ritual Enemas by Furst & Coe On the Peyote Road by Mike Kiyaani

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The Religious Use of Drugs In the West Non-Western Societies Bates Definition: "all materials taken for other than nutritious reasons" Every culture has a stock Western uses Shamans Situational variety of impacts

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L. Lewin\'s Toxicology

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Religious Use of Drugs Substance + environment + setting/setting Tea, Mate, LSD Mescal, Peyote, Marijuana & Hashish Shamanistic power Shamanistic treatment

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Drugs By Francis Huxley

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Drugs Homo Medicans Artificial Paradises Drug Problem Various Types of Ethnic Plants Mexico Brazil Andean Region

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The Religious Use of Drugs Man as a disappointed creature Human Nature Unsatisfied or lopsided perspective Drugs impacts = shamanistic strategies Tobacco Giddiness Drug issue Purpose of a custom setting Dogmatic arrangement inside the creative ability Events: Social psychological physical Spiritual S.E. Asia shamans utilization of opium

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Addict as had Lost his/her spirit Drugs for reflection Jena Cocteau – Opium Black Magic Freud Central Reasons "A Pact with the Devil"

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Separating Mind from Body Kogi of Colombia Male impotency Gain eternality In the Andes Coca utilize Unpleasant withdrawals

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Attacking the Self Hallucinogenic Plant Types: Banisteria, Amanita, & Datura Reactions Banisteria South America Amanita Viking Shamanic & sedate encounters "Awful trek"

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Drug of the Aztec Peyote\'s Power A holy observance to the Native American Church Used by Aztecs Tarahumara Huichol Adopted by Plain Indians

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The Search for Power West Drug Problem Drugs for inquiry of force Drug as god Opium Tobacco Wine & lager "Endowment of Nature & a Morality of its Own"

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Ritual Enemas By Michael Coe

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Ritual Enemas Types of medications Hallucinogenic mushrooms Morning glories Intoxicating douches S. American elastic tree sap

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During the Conquest Spanish were stunned with Indigenous mixed refreshments and stimulating plants. (seen as evil presences) Pulque was utilized as a purification Aztec clerics utilized peyote for customs Seeds of white-blossomed morning brilliance (LSD) Aztecs called mushrooms teonanacatl (God\'s tissue) Used for divination and mending even now in Oaxaca

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The Maya utilization of inebriating plants Bonanpak wall painting sketches indicating furious fights Various names for mushrooms Ritual utilization of inebriating douches Old world center was to clear guts/recuperating Enemas: speed inebriation handle Reduce symptoms (like an I.V.) Still rehearsed today in the Sierra Madre Occidental (W. Mexico).

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Peyote Way & On the Peyote Road By Mike Kiyaani & Thomas J Csordas

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The Peyote Way The Peyote Religion Peyote & Origin 250,000 American Indians Peyote as a holy observance motivation for individual pride, regard for nature and others Roadman 1940-1966 unlawful 1994 authoritatively lawful Use ensured for its significance in Healing Spirituality personality

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The Peyote Rite Peyote Rite 5 individuals administer the custom Eat Peyote Fresh entire plant Dried top of plant Infusion of peyote Myth Uses Illnesses (upchuck impact) Knowledge (powerful experience)

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Teachings of Peyote Heightens individual\'s sensibility Confession to God Mental clairvoyance Revelation, vision Physiological Effects Cure diseases, decreases weariness, builds affectability to pertinent jolts. Selectiveness/isolates Should it be just for the Indians and NOT the "White People"?

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