The Republic of China (Taiwan).

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1885, Qing government elevated Taiwan from prefecture to region ... American Institute in Taiwan. Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Offices in US ...
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The Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Republic of China 1912 First republic in Asia First president: Sun Yat-sen (1866 - 1925)

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ROC Constitution (1946) First protected president (1948 - 1975): Chiang Kai-shek (1887 - 1975) Defeated by CCP in 1949 Retreated to Taiwan Authoritarian guideline for a quarter century

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ROC Government President (4-year term after 1996) The Five ``Yuan": Executive Yuan Legislative Yuan Judicial Yuan Examination Yuan Control Yuan 2 Provinces and 18 districts

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Taiwan before 1949 Immigration from terrain China for a considerable length of time (Fujian and Hakka) 1885, Qing government elevated Taiwan from prefecture to region 1895, surrendered to Japan 1945, came back to Republic of China ``Taiwanese" versus ``mainlanders" Fujian 70%, Hakka 15%, ``mainlanders" 13%

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Taiwan & Islands Area: 13,900 square miles Population: 23 million

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Chiang Kai-shek\'s Rule Popular races at the essential level Land change 9-year necessary instruction Economic take-off from 1960s Export handling zones draw in remote direct venture Industrialization fortifies assembling segment

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Chiang\'s One-China Policy ``Mainland was incidentally usurped by comrade highwaymen" ``Gloriously retake the territory" Refused conciliatory relations with any nation that perceived PRC ROC was a perpetual individual from UN Security Council until 1971

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Lee Teng-hui (1923 - ) Succeeded Chiang Kai-shek\'s child as president of ROC and administrator of GMD in 1988 Became the main prominently chose president of ROC in 1996 Helped Democratic Progressive Party pick up force in 2000

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Chen Shui-bian (1950 - ) Leader of the professional autonomous Democratic Progressive Party President of ROC 2000-2008 Prisoner #2630 since 2008-11-12

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Diplomatic Tug of War 162 nations perceive PRC as the genuine legislature of China 27 nations perceive ROC as the true blue administration of China

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Diplomatic Tug of War 162 nations perceive PRC (Beijing) as the true blue administration of China 8 (\'49) 32 (\'59) 49 (\'69) 113 (\'79) 129 (\'89) 29 nations perceive ROC (Taipei) as the honest to goodness administration of China

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US Official Policy US government moved political acknowledgment from ROC to PRC in 1979 US congress passed Taiwan Relations Act in 1979 American Institute in Taiwan Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Offices in US

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Economic Ties Trade and speculation extended quickly in spite of confinements by ROC government Workaround: Hong Kong & Macau ``Three joins": mail transportation exchange

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Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR

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Land & People 422 square miles Hong Kong Island Kowloon Peninsular New Territories Outlying islands 7 million occupants 95% Chinese

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Brief History HK Island was involved by UK in 1841 New Territories on 99-year lease in 1898 Occupied by Japan amid World War II Shanghai endeavors fled CCP powers in late 1940s industrialization of Hong Kong One of the four ``Asian Tigers"

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Negotiations with UK Deng Xiaoping: "1 nation, 2 frameworks" PRC Constitution of 1982: S.A.R. PRC & UK Joint Declaration in 1984

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Handover to PRC seventh National People\'s Congress embraced Basic Law of HKSAR in Beijing in 1990 Became Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of PRC in July 1, 1997

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Basic Law of Hong Kong SAR Stipulated in PRC-UK Joint Declaration in 1984 Drafted by a board of trustees with individuals from both Hong Kong and territory Adopted by seventh NPC in Beijing in 1990 Came into impact on July 1, 1997 Constitutional report for HKSAR

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3 Principles in the Basic Law ``One Country, Two Systems" Capitalist framework and lifestyle should stay unaltered for a long time (B.L. A5) ``High Degree of Autonomy" ``Hong Kong People Running Hong Kong"

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``One Country, Two Systems" Legal framework (British custom-based law) should be kept up, with the exception of any law that negate the Basic Law and subject to correction by the lawmaking body (B.L. A8)

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`` High Degree of Autonomy" HKSAR appreciates official, authoritative, and free legal force, including that of definite mediation (B.L. A2)

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``HK People Running HK" official powers and lawmaking body might be made out of lasting occupants of Hong Kong (B.L. A3) open hirelings must be changeless inhabitants of Hong Kong, with a few exemptions

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Central People\'s Government in charge of barrier and remote undertakings identifying with HKSAR (B.L. A13-14) approves HKSAR to direct important outer undertakings all alone (B.L. A13) HKSAR should be in charge of the support of open request 11 PRC laws apply to HK (B.L. A18)

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Rights and Freedoms the right to speak freely, of the press, of distribution, of relationship, of get together, of parade, of exhibition, of correspondence, of development, of heart, of religious conviction, of marriage.. the privilege and opportunity to frame and join exchange unions, and to strike

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3 Branches of Political Structure Chief Executive Donald Tsang Legislative Council Court of Final Appeal

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S/race of CE & Legco Shall be determined in the light of the genuine circumstance in the HKSAR and as per the guideline of steady and efficient advancement (B.L. A45 & A68) a definitive point is the race of the Chief Executive and every one of the individuals from the Legislative Council by all inclusive suffrage (B.L. A45 & A68)

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S/decision of Chief Executive 800-part Election Committee modern, business, and money related areas 1/4 the callings 1/4 work, social administrations, religious, & other 1/4 Legco, HK representatives to NPC, and so forth 1/4 Donald Tsang (2005 - 2012) close to two back to back terms

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S/race of 60-part Legco

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Since 1997 Freedoms and rights generously in place nonconformist gatherings Falun Gong Judicial framework continues as before Weak official and solid common administration Lack of political abilities Multiple political gatherings

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Hong Kong\'s Competitiveness Geographic area one of the best profound water ports on the planet dedicated accomplished workforce proficiency rate 94%

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``World\'s Freest Economy" trades & imports each (>US$300b) > GDP per capita: US$43,700 (PPP) no VAT, deals expense, or capital increases charge just 3 sorts of pay are saddled: benefits, pay rates, and property however 31% live openly lodging

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Influence on Mainland China US$220 billion direct venture every way Hong Kong groups of law and aptitude Hong Kong pulls in gifts from territory Hong Kong radios, TV, daily papers, magazines, and Internet on terrain

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