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Town Health Officer Appointment. 234 Cities and Towns216 Health OfficersTown Health Officers are named by the Department of Health and Human Services, Director of the Division of Public Health ServicesHealth Officers serve a 3 year term. City Health Officer Appointment. City Health Officers are selected by the City Council of their region.
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THE ROLE OF THE NH HEALTH OFFICER IN THE COMMUNITY Louise Merchant Hannan Health Officer Liaison Arsenic Consortium Meeting February 16, 2011

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Town Health Officer Appointment 234 Cities and Towns 216 Health Officers Town Health Officers are named by the Department of Health and Human Services, Director of the Division of Public Health Services Health Officers serve a 3 year term

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City Health Officer Appointment City Health Officers are named by the City Council of their district

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Health Officer Appointment Continued Deputy Health Officers are designated by the Health Officer in their group with the endorsement of the Selectmen and the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services The Board of Selectmen by and large go about as Health Officer in towns where there is no delegated Health Officer until such time as another Health Officer is named

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Health Officer Appointment Continued The Local Board of Health comprises of the Health Officer and the nearby Board of Selectmen The main state prerequisite for Health Officers is that they should be an inhabitant of the State of NH. There are no instructive and experience prerequisites for Health Officers Health Officers might get for the wellbeing officer\'s administrations, the pay settled by the Selectmen of the town, aside from as generally gave

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Health Officer Responsibilities According to Revised Statute Annotated 128, Health Officers implement the New Hampshire general wellbeing laws and standards Health Officers should make such clean examinations as might be coordinated by the nearby leading body of wellbeing, or as might be required by the branch of wellbeing and human administrations Health Officers are the essential masters of Revised Statute Annotated 147

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Health Officer Responsibilities Continued May, upon sensible data, individual learning or conviction, keeping in mind the end goal to defend general wellbeing or to counteract contamination of any aquifer or waterway, enter upon private property, however not into any living quarters, to investigate,and if fundamental, make suitable move to forestall facilitate contamination Serve as contacts between the state authorities and the neighborhood group on issues concerning neighborhood general wellbeing, for example, arsenic in private well water and private well testing

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Health Officer Responsibilities Continued Health Officers review cultivate homes, day mind offices, schools, septic frameworks, rental lodging, broken down lodging and aggravation protestations, for example, junk Health officers follow up on issues identified with EEE and WNV which could advise subjects on dead winged creature transfer and testing or irritation issues identifying with standing water in swimming pools or different territories of standing water on property

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Health Officer Responsibilities Continued The self-assessing groups Health Officers examine sustenance foundations Health Officers additionally manage nourishment borne and transmittable malady episodes as coordinated by the Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Disease Control Health Officers would be included in any issue that would affect the general soundness of the natives inside their groups

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Health Officer Infrastructure Challenges Inconsistency of installment for Health Officers Health Officers wear many "caps" Inconsistency of instructive foundations Inconsistency of sorts of general medical problems No state necessities for affirmation for Health Officers Moderate turnover of Health Officers

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Health Officer Liaison Responsibilities Act as a contact between the wellbeing officers, nationals and other state organizations Provide specialized support for Health Officers by means of phone and going with wellbeing officers on examinations Provide preparing openings by means of all inclusive gatherings and local wellbeing officer trainings over the state

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Health Officer Liaison Responsibilities Continued Respond to resident objections Provide singular introduction gatherings with Health Officers Represent Health Officers on different Task Forces and boards of trustees

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Engaging Health Officer Support for Outreach Efforts Provide instructive materials in connection to private well testing and arsenic in well water to the wellbeing officers for circulation inside their groups. Display instructive sessions at future Health Officers\' Association gatherings and preparing occasions Write specialized reports on private well testing and arsenic in well water for the Health Officers\' Manual

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The Big Picture – Putting It All Together The Health Officer has a one of a kind part of having a thorough comprehension of their group which may incorporate having the capacity to recognize those subjects who have private wells and can teach those natives about private well testing and arsenic in well water. The Arsenic Consortium can give instructive materials to the wellbeing officer to leave at open places in the group and to offer out to the private well proprietors inside the group.

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For More Information - Louise Merchant Hannan Health Officer Liaison, NH DPHS (603) 271-4781 (Office)

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